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ping i irons specs

The Ping i irons are designed to provide golfers with maximum performance and forgiveness. Featuring a deep cavity back, progressive weighting and a larger sweet spot, the Ping i irons are designed to deliver consistent ball striking and greater accuracy. The irons also feature an elastomer insert in the center of the face for a softer feel at impact. With a low center of gravity, an offset hosel design and perimeter weighting, the Ping i irons are ideal for players seeking maximum forgiveness and distance control.Ping i Irons combine precision, feel and forgiveness in a premium forged design to help golfers of all abilities hit more greens. The irons feature a C300 maraging steel face for increased ball speeds and distance, while progressive hosel lengths and toplines create a powerful look at address. The tungsten toe weighting provides forgiveness, while allowing for workability in the mid-irons and wedges. The elastomer insert in the cavity dampens vibrations for improved feel and feedback.

Dimensions of Ping i Irons

The Ping i irons are one of the most popular golf clubs on the market, and for good reason! They offer a unique combination of precision, power, and feel. The dimensions of the Ping i irons are designed to maximize performance and accuracy. The clubhead size is larger than many other irons, allowing for more forgiveness on off-center shots. The face has a slight curvature to it which helps launch the ball higher and adds spin for added control. The sole of the club is wider than other irons, helping to keep it from digging too deeply into the ground at impact. Finally, the weight distribution is slightly rearward which helps to increase control and stability during your swing.

In addition to its physical dimensions, Ping also offers several different shaft options for their i iron series. These range from lightweight graphite shafts that provide maximum speed and distance to heavier steel shafts that promote greater accuracy and control. No matter what your skill level or playing style is, there is sure to be a perfect combination of head size, face profile, sole width, weight distribution, and shaft flex that will help you get the most out of your Ping i iron game.

Weight of Ping i Irons

The Ping i irons feature a hollow-body construction which helps to deliver an increased level of forgiveness, a higher launch angle, and more ball speed. The average weight of the i iron clubhead is slightly heavier than the average weight of other clubs in the set. The overall design is focused on achieving maximum performance for a wide variety of players. The toe and heel weights are slightly heavier than the center weight, which helps to create more stability and control on shots hit towards the toe or heel. Additionally, the face of the club has been designed with a thinner profile to help increase ball speed on impact while maintaining optimal spin rates for improved accuracy and distance. The Ping i irons offer an ideal combination of forgiveness, launch angle, ball speed, control, and consistency, making them an ideal choice for players at all levels.

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The average weight of each iron in the Ping i set varies depending on the size and material used to construct the clubhead. Generally speaking, they range from 265g (9-iron) up to 300g (3-iron). Longer clubs like drivers typically have lighter clubheads due to their larger size and higher loft angles. However, in this case, it is important to remember that lighter head weights can often lead to a decrease in accuracy since they require more handwork and timing from players in order to achieve optimal results.

Loft and Lie Angle of Ping i Irons

The loft and lie angle of Ping i irons are an important factor to consider when buying golf clubs. The loft is the angle between the clubface and the vertical plane, while the lie is the angle between the shaft and the sole of the clubhead. It is important to understand how these two angles work together to find a set of irons that best fits your swing.

The loft on Ping i irons range from 20° to 45° depending on the model. The higher lofts are typically found in wedges, and lower lofts are found in longer irons. The lie angle on Ping i irons range from 59° to 64°, with higher numbers indicating a flatter lie angle.

Players should be aware that these angles can have a significant effect on ball flight trajectory. A higher loft will result in a higher launch angle, while a lower loft will result in a lower launch angle. A flatter lie angle will help promote straighter shots, while a more upright lie will help promote a draw or fade off the tee or fairway.

It’s important to note that these angles may be adjusted by a qualified golf professional to better fit your individual swing characteristics. The goal is to find an optimal combination of loft and lie angles that will allow you to achieve maximum performance from your clubs.

Ping offers several different models of their i iron line that have slightly different lofts and lies for each club within each set. This allows golfers to find clubs with lofts and lies that best fit their individual swings, rather than settling for an “off-the-rack” set of clubs with standard measurements.

In addition, Ping offers several aftermarket adjustable hosel adapters for their i iron line that allow golfers to fine-tune their clubs’ lofts and lies even further if necessary. These adapters can be installed by an experienced club-fitter or certified golf professional who can help you find the perfect combination of loft and lie angles for your game.

Overall, it is important for players to understand how their Ping i iron set’s loft and lie angles affect ball flight trajectory so they can make informed decisions when selecting their equipment. Knowing what kind of adjustments can be made through custom fitting or aftermarket hosel adapters can also help players get maximum performance from their clubs so they can play their best round ever!

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Launch Angle of Ping i Irons

Ping i irons are designed to maximize the launch angle of the golf ball. This helps the golfer to get more distance and accuracy from their shots. The company has specifically designed these irons to have a higher launch angle than other clubs for improved performance. The higher launch angle means that the ball will stay in the air longer, which results in greater distance as well as increased control over the flight path of the ball. Additionally, a higher launch angle also reduces spin, which helps to reduce side-spin and improve accuracy.

The Ping i iron has a higher loft than most other irons, which helps it achieve its high launch angle. The loft of an iron is measured in degrees and is typically between 21 and 25 degrees. The Ping i iron has a loft of 24 degrees, which is significantly higher than most other irons on the market today. This allows it to achieve a launch angle of around 17 degrees, which is much higher than most other clubs.

In addition to optimizing the loft of these irons, Ping has also added some additional technology to help improve the performance even further. The irons have an elastomer insert in them that is designed to help dampen vibrations during impact and increase feel at impact. They also have CFS (Control Flight Stabilization) technology that helps reduce side-spin for more accurate shots with less effort from the golfer’s swing.

Overall, the Ping i iron is designed specifically for golfers looking for more distance and accuracy out of their shots by maximizing their launch angle with an optimized loft and advanced technology features. With its high launch angle and improved feel at impact, this club can help any golfer improve their game on the course.

Offset and Shaft Length of Ping i Irons

The Ping i iron series offers a range of clubs with varying offset and shaft length. Offset refers to the distance between the leading edge of the clubface and the center of gravity in a golf club. This feature helps golfers to square up the clubface more easily at impact, which can lead to better shot accuracy. It also helps reduce slices, which is when a shot curves too much to the right. The Ping i irons come in three different offsets, including Standard, Half, and Maximum. The shaft length in the Ping i irons is also adjustable and can be set from standard (37 inches) or up to 41 inches for taller players. For players who prefer longer shafts for extra distance, custom-fitted shaft lengths are available. In addition, all Ping i irons feature lighter swing weights than traditional irons for increased speed and power.

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The result is a set of clubs that can be tailored to a player’s individual swing characteristics and preferences, helping them play their best golf consistently. By adjusting the offset and shaft length of their Ping i irons accordingly, players can maximize their performance on the course.

Construction Material of Ping i Irons

Ping i Irons are constructed with a combination of stainless steel and carbon fiber. The use of stainless steel in the construction of these irons provides superior durability and feel. It also features a unique flex profile that helps the golfer generate more distance without sacrificing accuracy. The carbon fiber used in the construction helps to reduce vibration, allowing for better feel and control. This combination of materials creates an iron that is both lightweight and durable, making it a great choice for golfers looking for improved performance on the course.

The Ping i Irons also feature a unique face design that maximizes ball speed and forgiveness on off-center hits. This face design works hand-in-hand with the club’s construction materials to provide maximum distance and accuracy for golfers of all skill levels. The Ping i Irons are also designed with an optimized sole design that prevents turf digging and helps improve playability from all surfaces. With this combination of features, the Ping i Irons provide a great blend of performance and forgiveness.

Trajectory Control

The Ping i Irons offer excellent trajectory control for all levels of golfers. The Ping i irons feature a unique sole design that helps reduce turf interaction and provide more consistent ball flight. The club head is also designed to provide optimal launch conditions, allowing golfers to hit higher, longer, and straighter shots. The Ping i Irons also have an offset hosel design that helps reduce slicing and increase accuracy.


The Ping i Irons provide excellent forgiveness for all levels of golfers. The club head is designed with a wide sole and low center of gravity to help golfers get the ball airborne more easily on off-center hits. The design also helps promote a higher launch angle which will help shots carry farther. Additionally, the offset hosel design helps reduce slicing and improve accuracy on mis-hits. All in all, the Ping i Irons are an ideal choice for the golfer looking for maximum forgiveness and trajectory control.


The Ping i iron series is an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels. The irons offer a combination of forgiveness, accuracy, and distance that will help you improve your game. The irons have a large sweet spot that helps to reduce mis-hits and the tungsten weighting helps to increase your distance. The new True-Temper shafts provide a more consistent feel and better control. The combination of features make the Ping i iron series an excellent choice for any golfer looking to lower their scores.

Overall, the Ping i iron series is a great choice for any golfer looking for more consistency and accuracy in their iron shots. The combination of features make this an excellent option for golfers who want to improve their game without making big changes to their setup or swing. If you are looking for new irons that will help you take your game to the next level, then the Ping i iron series should be at the top of your list.

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