ping i20 irons

The Ping i20 irons are a mid-handicapper’s dream. These clubs offer the perfect blend of distance, forgiveness, and accuracy, allowing golfers of all skill levels to maximize their performance on the course. The i20 irons feature a sleek design with a progressive cavity structure that promotes optimal ball flight and spin control. The wider sole and perimeter weighting create a larger sweet spot that provides more forgiveness on off-center hits. With its unique technology, the Ping i20 irons offer exceptional feel and maximum performance for players of all abilities.The Ping i20 Irons provide numerous benefits to golfers of various skill levels. The irons feature a thin, variable face thickness that helps create more distance and forgiveness on off-center hits. Additionally, the Ping i20 Irons are designed with a low, deep center of gravity which helps produce a higher launch angle and added forgiveness. The irons also feature an elastomer CTP insert which helps to dampen vibration for a softer feel at impact. Finally, the progressive sole design provides excellent turf interaction and playability from all types of lies.

Types of Ping i20 Irons

The Ping i20 Irons are a great set of clubs for golfers of all levels. They feature a modern design that provides excellent performance and forgiveness on every shot. The Ping i20 Irons come in four distinct models: the Standard, Tour, Hybrid, and Crossover. Each model is designed with specific elements to maximize performance and accuracy for each type of golfer.

The Standard model is designed for the average golfer who is looking for an all-around iron that will provide consistency and accuracy on every shot. It features a classic head shape with a progressive sole width which helps reduce drag through the turf. The Standard model also has an enhanced sole design which helps get shots airborne quickly and easily.

The Tour model is designed specifically for experienced players who want to hit long, accurate shots with maximum control. It features a more compact head shape that helps reduce spin on off-center hits. The Tour also has an improved sole design which helps promote higher launch angles for increased carry distance.

The Hybrid model is designed to bridge the gap between irons and woods, offering golfers a versatile club that can be used from anywhere on the course. It features a larger head shape which helps promote higher launch angles and greater forgiveness on off-center hits. The Hybrid also has an enhanced sole design which helps get shots airborne more easily from any lie.

Finally, the Crossover model combines many of the best elements from both irons and woods into one club. It features a larger head shape with a shallow face to help launch shots quickly and easily from any lie, as well as an improved sole design which reduces drag through the turf for added accuracy and control.

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All four models of Ping i20 Irons feature high-quality components such as steel shafts and lightweight grips which help optimize performance for each type of golfer. No matter your skill level or preferred style of play, there’s sure to be a set of Ping i20 Irons that will fit your game perfectly!

Design Features of Ping i20 Irons

The Ping i20 Irons have been designed to offer a superior performance for golfers of all levels. The clubs feature a larger clubface and an improved sole design which provide more forgiveness on off-center hits as well as increased distance. The progressive offset allows for easier launch and increased workability while the center of gravity has been positioned to promote higher launching shots. The clubs are also equipped with an elastomer insert that provides a softer feel at impact and helps reduce vibration. The Ping i20 Irons also feature an optimized trailing edge which improves turf interaction for added control and workability.

The optimized head shape of the Ping i20 Irons provides a more consistent address position while the thinner top line gives the clubs a more classic look at address. The clubs are also equipped with an improved undercut cavity that increases perimeter weighting for greater forgiveness on off-center hits. In addition, the clubs have been designed with a slightly longer hosel which increases MOI and makes it easier to launch shots higher. Finally, the Ping i20 Irons feature variable face thickness technology which helps increase ball speed on off-center hits for greater distance and control.

Construction of Ping i20 Irons

The Ping i20 Irons are designed to provide golfers with maximum distance and better accuracy. The construction of these irons is based on the latest technology and design principles. The irons feature a progressive cavity design, which allows for increased ball speeds and improved forgiveness. The head of the iron is constructed from stainless steel, while the shafts are made from graphite for lightweight performance. The sole of the club is also designed to reduce turf interaction for improved accuracy. Additionally, the face of the iron is designed with variable thickness technology for improved feel and trajectory control.

The clubs also feature a “tour-inspired” look, with a modern shape and minimal offset to enhance playability. They also come in both right-handed and left-handed models for added convenience. The Ping i20 Irons are designed with progressive loft angles, which allow golfers to fine tune their shots for maximum distance and accuracy. All in all, these irons offer great performance at an affordable price point, making them an ideal choice for golfers of all levels.

Cost of Ping i20 Irons

Ping i20 Irons are premium set of golf irons designed for recreational and professional players. The Ping i20 Irons are crafted with the latest technologies and materials to provide high distance, accuracy and forgiveness. The cost of Ping i20 Irons is around $800, which is worth the price considering the quality and performance they offer. The clubs are available at most golf stores and online retailers. They come in a variety of sizes, grips, shafts and lofts to suit your individual needs. You can also customize your set to make sure you get the best performance out of your clubs. With these clubs, you can expect to improve your game significantly, as they will help you hit the ball straighter and farther than ever before.

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Overall, the Ping i20 Irons are a great investment for any golfer looking to improve their game. The cost may be a bit high for some but it is worth it considering what you get in return – improved accuracy, distance, forgiveness and control over every shot you take on the course. With these clubs in hand, you can be sure that you’ll be on your way to becoming a better golfer in no time.

Customization Options for Ping i20 Irons

The Ping i20 irons offer golfers the opportunity to customize their clubs to fit their individual needs and preferences. These irons feature a variety of adjustable features that allow players to tailor their clubs to their specifications. From loft, lie angle and length adjustments to shaft flex, swing weight and grip size customizations, the Ping i20 irons provide a wide range of options for golfers.

Loft Angle Adjustment

The loft angle of an iron can be adjusted by as much as 1.5 degrees in either direction for a total of 3 degree range on each club. This feature allows players to adjust the trajectory of shots, helping them achieve greater accuracy and distance control when playing.

Lie Angle Adjustment

The lie angle of an iron can be adjusted by up to two degrees in either direction, allowing players to tailor the club’s center line alignment with their own body shape or swing style. This adjustment helps ensure that shots are struck consistently square on the club face for maximum distance and accuracy.

Length Adjustment

Players can also customize their Ping i20 irons by adjusting the length of each club in half-inch increments from standard length up to one inch longer than standard length. This allows players with different body types or swing styles to find a comfortable fit that helps maximize performance on every shot.

Shaft Flex Customization

The Ping i20 Irons are available with a variety of shaft flexes ranging from regular flex all the way up to extra stiff flex, allowing golfers to choose the shaft that best suits their swing speed and tempo.

Swing Weight Customization

Players also have the option to customize the swing weight of each iron in half-ounce increments throughout the set, allowing them to fine-tune their clubs for maximum performance and control on every shot.

Grip Size Customization

Golfers can also customize their Ping i20 irons by selecting from a range of grip sizes ranging from standard size all the way up to midsize grips for added comfort and control when playing shots from any lie or condition.

Comparison of Ping i20 Irons with Other Brands

The Ping i20 irons are some of the most popular golf clubs on the market today. They provide a great blend of power, accuracy and control, making them an ideal choice for all levels of golfers. However, when it comes to choosing the right set of irons, it can be difficult to know which ones to select. In this article, we will take a look at how the Ping i20 irons compare to other brands on the market.

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When it comes to distance and power, the Ping i20 irons are designed to help golfers get maximum benefit from each shot. The club faces are larger than usual and feature a unique grooved pattern that helps generate more backspin for greater accuracy. Additionally, these clubs have an internal weighting system that allows for more control over ball flight. This makes them ideal for players who need extra distance and accuracy in their shots.

The Ping i20 also features a unique design that helps reduce vibration upon impact. This helps create a more comfortable feel and helps reduce fatigue during play. Additionally, the club’s sole is curved slightly upward to help prevent digging into the turf during impact. These features make these clubs easier to hit consistently without sacrificing performance and feel.

When compared with other brands on the market, the Ping i20 irons stand out as some of the best in terms of power, control and feel. The larger club face provides maximum benefit from each shot while also helping reduce unwanted vibration upon impact. The internal weighting system helps maintain ball flight while also providing greater control over shot direction. Finally, the curved sole design helps prevent digging into turf during impact while also providing a comfortable feel throughout play.

Overall, the Ping i20 irons offer great performance benefits that make them suitable for all levels of golfers looking for improved distance and accuracy in their game. They provide a great blend of power, accuracy and control that are sure to help any golfer take their game up a notch or two!

Common Issues with Ping i20 Irons

The Ping i20 irons are popular golf clubs, but there are some common issues that can arise with these clubs. One of the most frequent complaints about the Ping i20 irons is that they may feel heavier than other irons. This can be due to the center of gravity being lower than expected, making them feel harder to hit. Additionally, some users report that they have difficulty controlling the ball flight. This can be due to the clubface having a more closed angle than other irons, making it more difficult to hit a draw or fade. Another common issue is that the Ping i20 irons may suffer from excessive vibration when striking the ball. This is due to their thin faces not having enough mass behind them to dampen vibrations. This can make it uncomfortable for some players to use them.

Overall, while these issues may sound daunting, they can all be easily addressed with the proper adjustments and/or modifications. With a few tweaks, you can get your Ping i20 irons feeling and performing great!


The Ping i20 irons are a great choice for many golfers. They offer improved accuracy and forgiveness to help lower your scores. The clubhead design, weighting, and shaft options all provide the ideal combination of distance, feel, and control. The Ping i20 irons also provide a great look and sound at address that will help inspire confidence in your game. With an appealing price point, these clubs are definitely worth giving a try.

Overall, the Ping i20 irons offer a great combination of performance and value that should appeal to many different types of golfers. Whether you are looking for a new set of clubs to improve your game or just want to upgrade what you currently have, the Ping i20 irons should be on your radar.