ping k15 driver

Table of Contents

High Launch and Low Spin

The Ping K15 Driver is designed to provide high launch and low spin, allowing you to hit longer, more accurate shots. The clubhead is designed with an aerodynamic shape to reduce drag and improve overall launch performance. The face also has a variable thickness design which helps to reduce spin, resulting in more distance off the tee. Additionally, the clubhead features a lightweight titanium construction which helps to further reduce spin while also increasing clubhead speed for increased performance.


The Ping K15 Driver also features adjustability options to help golfers customize their club for their specific needs. The driver has adjustable loft settings from 8-12 degrees which can be adjusted using the included wrench. Additionally, the adjustable hosel allows you to make changes to the lie angle of the clubhead for improved accuracy and control. This adjustability feature makes it easy for golfers of all levels and handicaps to dial in their perfect setup.

Straight Flight Technology

The Ping K15 Driver also utilizes Straight Flight Technology which helps golfers achieve more consistent ball flights. This technology works by reducing side spin on off-center hits, resulting in straighter shots with less curve or slice off the tee. Additionally, this technology also provides improved accuracy and control when hitting into the wind or on tight fairways.

Premium Shaft Options

Finally, the Ping K15 Driver offers premium shaft options from top manufacturers such as Aldila and Fujikura which help golfers get maximum performance out of their clubs. These shafts are designed for different swing types and swing speeds so golfers can find one that best suits their game. Additionally, these shafts are lightweight yet durable so they can stand up to regular use without breaking down over time.

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