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point judith country club membership cost

The Point Judith Country Club is a premier golf and social club located in the heart of Rhode Island. For over 100 years, the Club has been providing members with the ultimate in recreation, leisure and social activities. Membership provides access to exceptional golf courses, tennis courts, fitness centers, swimming pools and a wide variety of dining experiences. The Point Judith Country Club offers several membership options to accommodate varying needs and budgets. Our membership fees are competitively priced to ensure each member gets the most out of their experience with us.The Point Judith Country Club offers a variety of membership benefits to its members. These benefits include exclusive access to the club’s championship golf course, clubhouse, bar and grill, and pro shop. Members also receive discounts on green fees, cart rentals, practice range use, and other amenities. In addition, members enjoy special pricing on food and beverages at the club’s restaurant as well as access to member-only social events like weddings, holiday parties, and fundraisers. Members also benefit from exclusive use of the club’s outdoor swimming pool and fitness center along with discounts on tennis court rentals.

Membership Cost for Point Judith Country Club

Point Judith Country Club offers a wide variety of membership options to accommodate the needs of every individual. Membership costs vary depending on the type of membership, age, and other factors. The following is a breakdown of the different types of memberships and associated costs:

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Full Membership: A full membership allows access to all club activities and services, including golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts, and restaurants. The cost for this type of membership is $2,500 per year.

Types of Membership at Point Judith Country Club

Point Judith Country Club offers a variety of Membership options to meet the needs of all potential members. There are Full Memberships, Social Memberships, Young Executive Memberships, and Corporate Memberships available.

Full Memberships provide access to all of the club’s amenities and services including golf, tennis, swimming, dining and special events. These types of members also have the option to purchase additional amenities such as boat slips or beach cabanas.

Social Memberships offer access to all non-g

Family and Individual Memberships at Point Judith Country Club

Point Judith Country Club offers a variety of Family and Individual Membership packages to meet the needs of our members. Our Family Memberships include a range of benefits such as access to our golf courses, swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness center and more. Our Individual Memberships are tailored to meet the individual’s needs and include access to all the same amenities as our Family Memberships. Our members also enjoy exclusive discounts on green fees, pro shop purchases, food & beverage purchases and more. We strive to provide an exceptional experience

Joining the Point Judith Country Club

The Point Judith Country Club is a prestigious social club located in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Founded in 1896, it is one of the oldest and most renowned clubs in the region. The club offers its members a variety of recreational activities, including golf, tennis, swimming, and dining. For those interested in joining the Point Judith Country Club, there are several steps that must be taken.

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First and foremost, potential members must obtain an application form from the club’s website or by

Payment Options for Point Judith Country Club Membership

At Point Judith Country Club, we understand that paying for a membership is a major decision. That’s why we strive to provide our members with several payment options to make their experience with us as convenient as possible.

Our primary payment option is to pay the one-time initiation fee and annual membership dues in full upon joining. This method is the most straightforward and cost-effective option, since it avoids additional costs associated with other payment methods.

If paying in full is not an option for you, we

Renewal Options for Point Judith Country Club Membership

The Point Judith Country Club offers a variety of membership renewal options that provide members with the opportunity to continue their membership at an affordable rate. Members can choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual renewal plans. The monthly and quarterly plans offer the most flexibility, allowing members to renew their membership on a regular basis. The semi-annual and annual plans offer the greatest savings, with lower rates than the monthly and quarterly plans. In addition to these renewal options, members can also take advantage of special discounts

Dues and Assessments for Point Judith Country Club Membership

Point Judith Country Club offers a range of membership options, all of which come with a variety of associated dues and assessments. The various dues and assessments are designed to help the club maintain its facilities and provide the best possible experience for members. All members are expected to pay their dues and assessments in full on an annual basis.

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The primary dues and assessments for membership at Point Judith Country Club include initiation fees, monthly dues, special assessments, food & beverage minimums, and other charges


The Point Judith Country Club is a great place to spend time with family and friends. The membership cost is well worth the amenities and services you will receive in return. Everyone can enjoy the swimming pool, golf course, tennis courts, and other activities that the club offers. With so much to do, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Although the membership cost may seem expensive at first glance, it will be worth it in the end. You will have access to great facilities and a fun atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else.

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