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pub golf forfeits

Pub Golf is an exciting game that involves visiting multiple pubs and enjoying a beverage at each one. The aim of the game is to visit all the pubs and achieve the lowest score possible. If a player fails to adhere to the rules, they will be subject to a forfeit. These forfeits can range from singing a song or performing a dance, to dressing up in an outlandish outfit or telling a joke. No matter what type of forfeit you choose, it’s sure to provide plenty of laughs for players and onlookers alike!Pub Golf Forfeits Ideas are activities that players must do as a punishment for not completing the Pub Golf challenge. Some common ideas for forfeits include having to wear embarrassing clothing or costumes, singing a song in front of the group, doing a dare or challenge set by another player, or buying a round of drinks for everyone at the pub. Other creative Pub Golf Forfeits Ideas could be having to make up and tell a joke, do an impersonation of someone in the group, or even playing a game of mini golf with another player.

Creative Pub Golf Forfeits

Pub golf is a popular game amongst friends and can be great fun. It involves visiting different pubs and each person playing has to ‘hit’ a specified number of drinks at each pub. The person who completes the course with the fewest drinks is the winner. To make things more interesting, you can assign creative pub golf forfeits to each player who fails to finish the course with the lowest score. These forfeits are designed to add an extra element of fun and competition to the game, as well as making it more enjoyable for all involved.

One creative pub golf forfeit could involve having to sing a song in front of everyone at one of the pubs on the route. You could also assign forfeits such as having to do a dance or tell a joke in front of everyone at one of the pubs. If you are feeling brave, you could even assign forfeits that involve embarrassing costumes or funny hats!

Another great way to make pub golf even more interesting is by setting creative drinking rules for each player on the course. For example, you could assign a rule such as ‘the first drink must be downed in one go’. This will definitely add an additional challenge for all players involved! Similarly, you could set rules such as ‘the last drink must be finished without touching it’ or ‘each round must be completed in under two minutes’.

Regardless of what creative pub golf forfeit ideas or drinking rules you decide upon, they are sure to make your pub crawl even more enjoyable and memorable!

Fun Pub Golf Forfeits

Going out for a night of pub golf is one of the most fun and unique ways to have a great evening with friends. It involves heading out to different pubs, completing challenges, and having a few drinks along the way. But what happens when someone loses or fails the challenge? That’s where the forfeits come in! The forfeits are a fun way to add an extra element of excitement and competition to your pub golfing adventure. Here are some fun pub golf forfeits that you can use on your next night out:

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– Have someone wear an embarrassing costume for the rest of the round
– Make someone purchase a round of drinks for everyone
– Do a silly dance in front of everyone
– Sing an embarrassing karaoke song
– Wear silly hats or accessories for the remainder of the game
– Tell a joke in front of everyone

Inventive Pub Golf Forfeits

Pub golf is a fun game that involves visiting multiple establishments, drinking certain beverages and wearing a silly costume. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening with friends, but what happens when one of them fails to comply with the rules?

That’s where inventive pub golf forfeits come in. Forfeits are a way to add a bit of humour into the game and make it more interesting for everyone involved. Here are some creative ideas for inventive pub golf forfeits:

• The player must do a shot with their eyes closed – no peeking!

• The player must do a “truth or dare” style challenge at each pub.

• The player must dance on top of the bar in their costume.

• The player must sing karaoke at the next pub.

• The player must ask someone out on a date at each pub (must be genuine!).

• The player must take part in an impromptu quiz at each pub.

• The player must guess everyone’s favourite beer or spirit at each pub.

These inventive pub golf forfeits will make for an entertaining evening and will give everyone plenty of embarrassing memories to look back on!

Unusual Pub Golf Forfeits

Pub golf is a fun drinking game played in pubs and bars. The aim of the game is to visit as many pubs or bars as possible in one night, and drink a pre-determined beverage at each one. The player who completes the course and drinks all of their drinks the fastest is the winner. But if you don’t win, you’ll have to face up to some unusual pub golf forfeits!

One popular forfeit is to wear an embarrassing costume for the rest of the night. This could be anything from a giant banana suit to an inflatable dinosaur costume. The more outrageous, the better! Other creative forfeits include having to do silly tasks like singing karaoke while standing on a table, or having to answer trivia questions while wearing a blindfold.

If you want your pub golf forfeit to be truly unique, why not try something like having to order something weird and wonderful from the bar menu? This could include ordering a deep-fried mars bar or some other crazy concoction. If that doesn’t seem too appealing, then perhaps you could always try your hand at learning how to do an unusual dance move, like ‘the robot’ or ‘the sprinkler’.

No matter what kind of pub golf forfeit you choose, it’s sure to be an entertaining night for everyone involved. So why not give it a go next time you’re out with your friends? You never know what kind of outrageous requests they might come up with!

Eccentric Pub Golf Forfeits

Pub golf is a popular drinking game where players are assigned to different pubs and have to drink a certain amount of alcohol at each location. As with any drinking game, there are certain rules and regulations in place, and it’s important that all players abide by them to ensure a safe, fun night out. One of the rules is that all players must complete a forfeit if they fail to complete the course in the allotted time. These forfeits can range from having to buy a round of drinks for everyone else to having to perform an embarrassing dare or song. There are plenty of outrageous forfeits that can be used for pub golf, so here are some eccentric pub golf forfeits for your next outing.

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Wear an Outrageous Costume

One of the most popular forfeits for pub golf is wearing an outrageous costume. This could include anything from wearing a silly hat or wig, dressing up as your favorite superhero, or wearing something completely outlandish like a banana suit or sumo wrestler outfit. No matter what costume you choose, it’s sure to bring plenty of laughter and good times! Your friends will never forget your commitment to this forfeit!

Sing a Song on the Table

Another classic forfeit is singing a song on top of the table in front of everyone at the pub. This can range from singing one of your favorite songs or belting out an old classic like “Sweet Caroline” or “Don’t Stop Believing”. It’s sure to bring plenty of laughs and create some great memories! Just make sure you don’t break any glasses while you’re up there!

Answer Trivia Questions

If you want something more challenging than singing or wearing costumes, why not challenge yourself with some trivia? You could ask questions about sports, pop culture, movies, TV shows – anything you can think of! This will keep everyone entertained while also testing people’s knowledge – just make sure you don’t get too competitive with it!

Take Part in Crazy Challenges

Finally, why not add some extra fun by taking part in crazy challenges? These could include anything from doing ten push-ups in one minute to eating five pieces of food without using your hands. These types of challenges will definitely make for an entertaining night out and will be sure to create some hilarious memories that you’ll never forget!

Amusing Pub Golf Forfeits

Pub golf is a classic drinking game that’s been around for centuries. It involves visiting different bars or pubs and taking a shot or a drink at each one. The goal is to complete the course in the fewest number of drinks. While some people take the game very seriously, others prefer to have some fun with it. If you’re looking for an amusing pub golf forfeit, there are plenty of options to choose from.

One popular option is to make the loser wear something ridiculous or funny. This could be anything from a silly hat or wig to an outrageous costume. They may also be required to perform a silly dance or song as part of their forfeit. Another common pub golf forfeit involves making the loser do something embarrassing or outrageous in public, such as singing karaoke in front of strangers or reciting Shakespeare in the middle of the bar.

For those who prefer something more physical, there are plenty of forfeits that involve physical activities. These can range from eating gross foods (such as anchovies) to doing push-ups in public. Or, if you want something less strenuous, you could make the loser do something silly like walk around with an inflated balloon on their head or do 10 laps around the bar while balancing a book on their head!

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If you’re looking for something more creative, why not challenge the loser to come up with their own unique forfeits? This can be anything from writing and performing an original song about pub golf to coming up with creative and amusing challenges for other players.

No matter what type of pub golf forfeit you choose, one thing is certain: it’ll be sure to bring plenty of laughs and entertainment for everyone involved! So don’t forget to have some fun with your next pub golf outing – just make sure you have some amusing forfeits ready!

Quirky Pub Golf Forfeits

Pub golf, or bar golf, is a fun drinking game that is becoming increasingly popular. It takes the traditional game of golf and turns it into a pub crawl. The object of the game is to visit several bars and drink an alcoholic beverage at each one. With each bar visited, players can accumulate points and as the night progresses they can compete for the highest score. To make the game even more interesting, there are quirky pub golf forfeits that can be given to players who fail to complete certain tasks or have too much to drink.

One example of a quirky pub golf forfeit is having to recite a nursery rhyme while standing on one foot. This can be quite amusing for onlookers as players attempt to stay balanced while reciting their chosen nursery rhyme. Another popular forfeit involves singing a song while wearing a silly hat or wig. This is sure to get some laughs from other players as well as passersby.

Players may also be asked to perform an impromptu dance routine in the middle of the pub or take part in a trivia quiz about local history and culture. These tasks are sure to add an extra layer of fun and excitement to any pub golf session, making it all the more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Finally, players who have had too much to drink may be required to do something embarrassing such as wear outrageous clothing or do impressions of famous people in order for them to stay in the game. These forfeits are sure to bring plenty of laughs as well as help keep everyone safe by ensuring that no one has had too much alcohol before continuing with their pub crawl adventure!

Overall, there are many different types of quirky pub golf forfeits that can be used during a night out with friends or family members. Adding these forfeits into your own personal version of pub golf will not only make it more entertaining but also help ensure everyone stays safe by monitoring how much alcohol they consume throughout their journey. So why not try adding some quirky forfeits into your next session? You never know what kind of fun you might have!


Pub golf is a fun and exciting game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is an easy way to bring together friends and family for a night of fun. Not only does it provide a great way to pass the time, it also encourages people to get creative with their forfeits. With some imagination and a few simple rules, you can turn any pub crawl into an unforgettable experience.

No matter what kind of forfeits you decide to use, it’s important that everyone involved has fun and plays safely. Pub golf is a great way to bring people together and have some laughs, so don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

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