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PXG One and Done is a revolutionary new golf club from Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG). It offers golfers of all skill levels the ability to customize their club to match their own unique swing. The One and Done has been engineered with an adjustable hosel that can be adjusted to five different lie angles, allowing players to dial in the perfect fit for their game. With the One and Done, you can get maximum distance and accuracy with every hit. The lightweight design of the club also makes it easier to swing, giving you more control over your shots. So no matter your skill level, the PXG One and Done will help you take your game to the next level.PXG One and Done is a golf club fitting program offered by PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf). It is designed to help golfers optimize their performance by using the latest in golf club technology. Through PXG One and Done, golfers are matched with a set of clubs that are specifically customized to their individual swing characteristics. The program also provides personalized club recommendations, as well as detailed swing analysis and feedback to ensure that each golfer is getting the best possible performance from their clubs.

The Benefits of PXG One and Done

PXG’s One and Done system is an innovative approach to golf club technology that offers a number of benefits to the golfer. The system is designed to simplify the club selection process by allowing golfers to purchase a single set of clubs that can be used in any situation, from tee shots to approach shots. With this system, golfers don’t have to worry about selecting the right club for each shot, as they can just rely on one set of clubs for all their needs.

One of the biggest advantages of PXG’s One and Done system is that it eliminates the need for multiple sets of clubs. This saves golfers both time and money, as they don’t have to spend time researching which clubs are best suited for their game or purchase multiple sets of clubs. Instead, they can simply focus on using one set that can handle any situation they may find themselves in on the course.

Another benefit of PXG’s One and Done system is its customizability. Golfers can choose from a range of shaft options, lofts, lie angles, and more when ordering their clubs, giving them complete control over how their clubs will perform on the course. This level of customization ensures that each golfer has a set of clubs specifically tailored to their game, providing an extra edge on the course.

Finally, another benefit of PXG’s One and Done system is its durability. All components are designed with premium materials that are built to last for years, so golfers don’t have to worry about replacing their clubs anytime soon. This makes it easy for golfers to invest in quality equipment without having to worry about buying new clubs every few years.

Overall, PXG’s One and Done system offers a number of benefits that make it an attractive option for any golfer looking for a simple yet effective solution for their club selection needs. With its customizability and durability, golfers can rest assured knowing that they have a set of clubs that will perform well on the course while also lasting them through many rounds in the future.

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Golf Irons

Golf irons are the most important clubs in a golfer’s bag and choosing the right set is essential for improving your game. Irons come in various sizes, types and lengths, so it’s important to understand the differences when selecting the right set for you. Different types of irons can be used in different situations on the golf course, so it’s important to know which ones will work best for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the right irons for your game.

Consider Your Handicap

Your handicap is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a set of golf irons. Beginner golfers should look for a set that is designed for higher handicaps, while more experienced players should opt for sets that are designed for lower handicaps. Generally speaking, if you have a higher handicap, you will want to look for a set that has larger club heads and more forgiving features such as wider soles and offset shafts. If you have a lower handicap, then you can opt for smaller club heads with less forgiveness.

Choose Your Shaft Flexibility

Choosing the right shaft flexibility is another important factor when selecting your golf irons. There are three main types of shafts available: regular, stiff and extra stiff. Regular flex shafts are ideal for amateur players who swing with moderate speed; stiff shafts are better suited to golfers with faster swing speeds; and extra-stiff shafts are designed for professionals or highly skilled amateurs who generate maximum clubhead speed. It’s important to select a shaft that matches your swing speed so you can get maximum distance and accuracy from your shots.

Test Drive Irons Before Buying

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it’s time to test drive them before making a purchase. The best way to do this is by hitting shots at a driving range or playing a round on the course with them. This will give you an idea of how they feel in your hands and how they perform when hit in different conditions. It also gives you an opportunity to compare different models side-by-side so you can make an informed decision about which set is best suited to your game.

Choosing the right type of golf iron can be tricky but following these simple tips should help ensure that you get the most out of every shot on the course!

How to Get Fitted for Your PXG One and Done Irons

Choosing the right set of golf irons is an important decision for any golfer. PXG’s One and Done irons are designed to provide maximum performance, versatility and forgiveness on every shot. The company offers a free fitting service that will help you find the perfect set of their irons for your game. Here’s how to get fitted for your PXG One and Done irons.

The first step in getting fitted for your PXG One and Done irons is to book an appointment with an authorized PXG Fitting Partner. You can find a list of locations on the company’s website, or by calling their customer service line. During your fitting, the fitter will measure your swing speed, launch angle, spin rate and other factors to determine the best set of irons for your game.

The fitter will then use a launch monitor to test different combinations of shafts, lofts and clubs until they find one that works best for you. They will also consider things like head weight, grip size and length of club when making their recommendations. It’s important to have realistic expectations during your fitting – there may be some changes that you don’t necessarily agree with or understand right away, but trust that the fitter knows best.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect set of PXG One and Done irons, the fitter will order them for you from the factory. You should expect to receive your new clubs within two weeks from the date of purchase. You can also choose to have them custom-fitted at an additional cost if you prefer.

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At PXG, they understand that choosing the right set of golf clubs is a very personal decision – one that requires time, research and expert guidance. That’s why they offer a free fitting service with every purchase of their One and Done Irons – so that golfers can find exactly what works best for them without breaking the bank in the process. So take advantage of this great opportunity today!

PXG One and Done: What Type of Player Will Benefit?

PXG One and Done is a revolutionary golf club designed to provide maximum performance with minimal effort. It is an ideal choice for amateur golfers looking to improve their game without having to invest in multiple clubs. The club combines the best features of a driver, hybrid, and iron into one club, making it easy to hit straight shots off the tee or from the fairway. Additionally, the club has been designed to reduce spin off the face for added distance and accuracy. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced golfer, PXG One and Done will help you improve your game.

The key benefit of PXG One and Done is its versatility. It can be used for any type of shot from tee to green, so it is ideal for players who want to have just one club in their bag that can do it all. Additionally, the club has been designed to be forgiving on off-center hits, so even those with less than perfect technique can benefit from this club’s design. It is also great for players who don’t want to purchase multiple clubs as they progress in their game since this one club will do it all!

Overall, PXG One and Done is an excellent choice for any golfer looking for a versatile and forgiving golf club that can help them reduce spin off the face for added distance and accuracy. Beginners who are just learning the game will benefit greatly from this single-club design while more advanced players can rely on PXG One and Done as an invaluable addition to their bag.

Is PXG One and Done Worth It?

PXG One and Done is a golf club customization service that allows golfers to customize their clubs to their exact specifications. The service has become increasingly popular in recent years, due to its convenience and affordability. But is it really worth the money?

The answer to that question depends on the individual golfer. For some, the convenience and accuracy of PXG’s One and Done service may be worth the extra cost. For others, the cost may not be worth it.

For starters, PXG’s customization process is extremely precise and accurate. The company uses advanced computer software to analyze each golfer’s swing data and make precise adjustments to the clubs. This allows golfers to get precisely fitted clubs that are tailored specifically for their game.

In addition, PXG’s One and Done service offers an impressive range of options for customizing clubs. Golfers can choose from a variety of materials, shafts, grips, lengths, weights, and heads. This gives golfers a level of control over their equipment that is not available with other services.

However, PXG’s One and Done service is not cheap – it typically costs several hundred dollars per club set – so it may not be worth it for recreational golfers who don’t need such precise customization. For serious golfers who want the best equipment possible, however, PXG’s One and Done may be worth the extra money.

Ultimately, whether or not PXG One and Done is worth it comes down to personal preference. Some golfers may find that the accuracy of the customization process justifies the cost; others may find that they don’t need such precise equipment for their game. In any case, PXG’s One and Done service provides an impressive range of customization options for those looking to get exactly what they need from their golf clubs.

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Differences Between the Original PXG Irons and the New One and Done Models

PXG has released their new line of One and Done irons, which represent a significant change from their original line of irons. The biggest difference between the two lines is that the One and Done irons are designed to be a “one size fits all” option, while the original PXG irons are more customizable to fit the individual player’s needs.

The One and Done irons have been designed with a larger head size than the original PXG irons, making them easier to hit. They also feature a lower center of gravity for increased forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the new face technology in these clubs is designed to produce more consistent ball speeds across the face of the club for better accuracy.

The original PXG irons allow for more customization than their One and Done counterparts. For instance, they come with adjustable weights which can be used to fine-tune trajectory, as well as interchangeable sole plates that can be adjusted to suit different playing styles and turf conditions. Additionally, they come in many different head shapes and sizes so that players can find one that best suits their game.

In summary, while both lines of PXG Irons offer great performance on the course, there are some significant differences between them. The One and Done Irons offer a “one size fits all” option for players who don’t want to customize their clubs, while the original PXG Irons provide more options for those who want full control over every aspect of their equipment.

Pros of PXG One and Done Irons

The PXG One and Done irons offer a variety of benefits for golfers of all levels. The clubs have a unique, low-profile design that allows them to be used in virtually any terrain. This allows golfers to play on courses they may not otherwise be able to due to their limited range or swing speed. Additionally, the clubs provide excellent forgiveness and accuracy due to the use of advanced technology such as spin control, loft adjustability, and face milling. The clubs also feature an adjustable hosel that allows golfers to dial in the perfect lie angle for their swing. Furthermore, they are lightweight and designed with a large sweet spot, making them easier to hit accurately from any distance.

Cons of PXG One and Done Irons

The PXG One and Done irons come with some drawbacks as well. Although they are designed with a low profile for easier use in different terrains, this can also make them difficult to hit from tight lies or longer distances due to the smaller head size compared to other irons. Additionally, while the irons feature adjustable hosels and lofts for improved accuracy, they can still be difficult for beginner or intermediate players who may not know how best to adjust their clubs. Lastly, the cost of these irons is higher than some other options on the market due to their use of advanced technology and quality materials.


PXG One and Done is a great way to get into golf without spending a lot of money. It allows players to learn the basics of the game while having fun. The clubs are designed with quality materials, and they offer a wide range of products that can help players improve their game. The clubs are also easy to use, so even beginners can pick up the sport quickly. The online community provides support and advice to players, making it an ideal environment for learning the game. With all these benefits, PXG One and Done is an excellent choice for those looking to take their golf game to the next level.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, PXG One and Done has something for everyone. It’s an affordable way to get into the game without having to commit too much money upfront. With its easy-to-use products and supportive online community, PXG One and Done is a great option for anyone looking to improve their golf skills.

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