r11s 3 wood

The R11S 3 wood is an exceptional golf club from TaylorMade. It is designed for maximum distance and accuracy when hitting off the tee or fairway. This club features a low and deep center of gravity, helping golfers achieve a higher launch angle and more spin control. The Speed Pocket technology helps reduce spin, giving players greater distance with every shot. The R11S also offers adjustable face angle technology, allowing golfers to adjust the face angle to optimize shot shape and trajectory. With its sleek black finish, the R11S 3 wood looks stunning while delivering incredible performance on the course.The R11s 3 Wood offers golfers a number of benefits. It has an ultra-low and deep center of gravity, which allows for a higher launch angle and more spin on shots. This helps to produce greater accuracy and distance when hitting the ball. The club face also features a larger sweet spot, which helps to increase forgiveness on off-center hits. The club head is designed with an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag, allowing for faster swing speeds and improved accuracy. Additionally, the adjustable sole plate allows golfers to customize the club’s launch conditions for their swing type and course conditions.


When looking to buy an R11s 3 wood, one of the most important factors to consider is flexibility. It’s important to look for a club that will allow you to make adjustments to your swing in order to maximize your distance and accuracy. Look for a club that has adjustable weights and settings so you can customize the club to fit your swing. You should also look for clubs that have adjustable lie angles and loft angles so you can further customize it for your personal swing.


Another key factor when buying an R11s 3 wood is loft. The loft of the club can have a big impact on how far you can hit the ball, as well as the accuracy of your shots. Generally speaking, higher lofts are better for players who want more control over their shots, while lower lofts are better for players who want more distance off the tee. Make sure that the club you choose has the correct loft angle for your swing style and desired outcome.


The weight of an R11s 3 wood is also important to consider when purchasing one. A heavier club will provide more stability during swings, which can help with accuracy and distance. However, a lighter club may provide more speed through impact, which could help with generating more power on shots. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual player’s preference as to which weight they prefer in their clubs.


Finally, it’s important to make sure that the grip on your R11s 3 wood fits comfortably in your hands. Make sure that the grip is neither too big nor too small and provides a comfortable feel when swinging the club. A good grip can help improve your accuracy by providing better control over where you hit the ball.

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Overall, there are many factors that need to be considered when buying an R11s 3 wood. From flexibility and loft angles to weight and grip size, each factor plays an important role in improving performance with this type of golf club. Make sure that you take all of these factors into consideration before making a purchase so that you get a quality golf club at a great price!

Different Types of R11s 3 Woods

The TaylorMade R11s 3-wood is a great club for players of all levels. It features a larger head than traditional fairway woods and can be used off the tee or from the fairway. The R11s 3-wood is available in three different models: Standard, Tour Issue, and TP. Each model has its own unique features that make it ideal for different types of golfers.

The Standard model is designed to be easy to hit from any lie and offers maximum forgiveness. It has a slightly larger head size than traditional fairway woods, which helps launch the ball higher with increased spin. The Standard also has an adjustable loft sleeve, allowing players to change the loft of their 3-wood quickly and easily.

The Tour Issue model offers a more traditional look with a smaller head size than the Standard version. It also has an adjustable soleplate that can be adjusted for maximum performance from any lie. This model is great for skilled players who want more control and workability out of their 3-wood.

Finally, the TP model is designed with tour pros in mind and provides ultimate performance on every shot. It has a slightly smaller head size than the Tour Issue version and offers maximum workability for experienced players who need to shape their shots around obstacles or hit specific distances on approach shots.

No matter what type of golfer you are, there’s an R11s 3-wood that’s perfect for your game. Whether you’re looking for maximum forgiveness or tour-level performance, you’ll find it in one of TaylorMade’s three models of the R11s 3-wood.

Shafts for R11s 3 Wood

The shaft of the R11s 3 wood is designed to optimize the performance of the club, while providing golfers with a range of options. The standard shaft is a Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black HBP 60-gram stiff flex shaft, which offers players a low torque and mid-high launch. If players are looking for something different, they can opt for an Aftermarket Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution shaft. This shaft offers a medium-high launch and low spin rate with an even lower torque than the standard shaft.

Flex Options for R11s 3 Wood

The R11s 3 wood is also available in different flexes to suit golfers’ needs. The standard flex is stiff, but other options include regular, senior, ladies, and extra stiff. Depending on the golfer’s swing speed and ability to control the club, they can choose which flex will work best for them. For players with slower swing speeds, opting for a regular or senior flex may be advantageous as it will help them generate more clubhead speed and distance on their shots. However, if a player has a faster swing speed they may want to go with an extra stiff flex to help them control their shots better.

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Loft Options for R11s 3 Wood

The TaylorMade R11s 3 wood features a wide range of loft options, allowing golfers to customize their club to their own individual game. The standard loft option is 15 degrees of loft, but the club is also available in 13, 14, 16 and 18 degrees of loft. Each degree of loft creates a different ball flight, so it’s important to choose the right one for your swing. The 13-degree option will produce a higher launch angle and less spin than the higher lofts, while the 18-degree will launch the ball lower with more spin. It’s important to consider both your swing speed and your desired ball flight when selecting the right loft for you.

The TaylorMade R11s 3 wood can also be adjusted with a moveable weight system which allows golfers to customize their club even further. The moveable weights can also be used to adjust the shape of your shot trajectory by shifting weight from one side of the clubhead to another. This feature gives players even more control over their golf game and helps them tailor their clubs to their individual needs.

Overall Performance

The TaylorMade R11s 3 wood is a solid performing club, offering a great combination of distance and accuracy. The club features a low center of gravity, which helps get the ball up in the air quickly and easily. The club also has a large face area for increased forgiveness on mis-hits. Overall, golfers can expect good distance and accuracy with this club.

Feel and Control

The TaylorMade R11s 3 wood provides good feel and control for golfers. The club has a mid-weight shaft that promotes a smooth swing with good control over the ball. Additionally, the head feels solid at impact and provides good feedback regarding how well you’ve hit the shot. Golfers can expect to get good control over their shots with this club.


The TaylorMade R11s 3 wood features a sleek black finish which adds to its overall appeal. The clubhead is designed with an aerodynamic shape to reduce drag during the swing, resulting in more speed and power at impact. Additionally, the sole of the club is designed to provide stability when hitting from various lies on the course. Overall, the design of this club is aesthetically pleasing and functional for golfers looking to get maximum performance out of their woods.


The TaylorMade R11s 3 wood offers great value for golfers looking for an affordable option in their bag. The combination of distance, accuracy, feel and design make it an attractive option for golfers at any level of experience or skill level. Additionally, it’s affordable price tag makes it an even better value compared to other clubs on the market today.

Adjust the Settings to Maximize Your Distance

The TaylorMade R11s driver is designed to help you maximize your distance off the tee. With the adjustable loft sleeve, you can adjust the loft from 8° to 12°, giving you up to 20 more yards on each drive. This allows you to fine-tune your shot shape and get more out of each drive. Additionally, the adjustable sole plate helps you customize your launch angle for more accuracy and distance.

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Utilize Movable Weight Technology

The TaylorMade R11s driver also features movable weight technology that allows you to move a heavy weight from toe-to-heel or front-to-back. This provides greater control over shot shape and trajectory. By adjusting this weight, you can get more backspin or less spin depending on your preference and swing characteristics.

Choose the Right Shaft

Choosing the right shaft for your TaylorMade R11s driver is an important part of optimizing performance. The driver is available with several different shaft options, including graphite and steel options in both stiff and regular flexes. Depending on your swing speed and personal preference, selecting a shaft that provides optimal launch conditions will help you get more out of each drive.

Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, using the TaylorMade R11s driver properly requires practice and experimentation. Taking time to hit balls with different settings until you find what works best for you is essential for maximizing performance off the tee box. Once you’ve found a combination of settings that work best for your game, stick with it and practice as much as possible to see even greater improvements in your distance off the tee!

Comparing the TaylorMade R11S vs. The Cobra S3 Driver

When it comes to golf, everyone wants to have the best clubs available. Two of the most popular drivers on the market today are the TaylorMade R11S and the Cobra S3. Both drivers offer excellent performance and can help take your game to the next level. So, which one should you choose?

The TaylorMade R11S driver is a great choice for golfers who want a club that offers maximum forgiveness and distance. The adjustable loft-sleeve technology allows you to customize your launch angle and trajectory while also increasing ball speed off the face of the club. It also features an adjustable hosel for more precise control over your shots.

The Cobra S3 driver is a great option for those who prefer a more traditional look and feel in their clubs. It features an oversized titanium head that provides a larger sweet spot for more consistent shots off the tee. The driver also utilizes Cobra’s E9 face technology which helps promote faster ball speeds across all parts of the face for maximum distance.

In terms of performance, both drivers offer excellent distance and forgiveness. However, it really comes down to personal preference as to which one you should choose. If you’re looking for maximum accuracy and forgiveness, then the TaylorMade R11S might be your best bet. If you prefer a more traditional look and feel with plenty of distance, then give the Cobra S3 driver a try.


The TaylorMade R11s 3 wood is a great option for golfers of all skill levels. It offers a great combination of distance, accuracy, and control that will help golfers get the most out of their game. The adjustable head can be tweaked to match each golfer’s swing and the aerodynamic design helps create maximum ball speed. The lightweight construction also allows for easy swings and improved accuracy. Overall, the TaylorMade R11s 3 wood is a great club that can help any golfer improve their game.

The R11s 3 wood has proven itself to be a reliable club with plenty of performance to offer. With its adjustable head and aerodynamic design, it’s a great choice for players looking to optimize their game. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to use while still offering plenty of power and accuracy off the tee or fairway. The TaylorMade R11s 3 wood is an excellent option for any golfer who wants to improve their performance on the course.