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Rick Shiels is one of the leading golf professionals in the world. He has been playing and teaching the game of golf for over 25 years, and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience regarding golf instruction. Rick is a PGA Professional, a Golf Channel Instructor, and the host of the popular YouTube channel “Rick Shiels Golf”. He is highly regarded for his ability to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language and visuals, making it easier for anyone to start learning and improving their game. His expertise on all aspects of golf makes him one of the most sought after instructors in the world.Rick Shiels is an accomplished golf professional who currently plays on the European Tour. His current clubs of choice are: TaylorMade M6 driver, TaylorMade P790 4-iron, TaylorMade P750 5-7 irons, TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges, and a Scotty Cameron Putter.

Rick Shiels: What’s in the Bag?

Professional golfer Rick Shiels is always looking for an edge on the course, and having the right tools for each round is essential. That’s why he takes the time to carefully select his clubs and equipment, with each piece designed to help him play his best game. But what exactly does Rick Shiels have in his bag?

At any given time, Rick has 14 clubs in his bag. This includes a driver, three woods, two hybrids, four irons and four wedges. He also carries a putter and a ball retriever. His selection of clubs changes from time to time depending on what he needs for that particular round or tournament.

In addition to his clubs, Rick also packs a few extras that help him stay competitive. He has several towels on hand to keep his grips dry and clean during wet rounds. He also carries several tees for teeing off every hole. And he keeps several different types of balls in his bag, from practice balls to high-performance tournament balls.

Rick also packs some essential items for taking care of his clubs during the round. He carries a brush or two for cleaning off dirt from the grooves of his irons and wedges. He also brings along some club wax so he can maintain the performance of his golf club faces over time.

Finally, Rick always has some snacks and drinks tucked away in his bag as well. On hot days, he likes to keep hydrated by packing plenty of water bottles and electrolyte drinks. On longer rounds, he brings along energy bars or other light snacks to keep himself fueled throughout the day.

By carefully selecting each piece of gear that goes into his golf bag, Rick Shiels is able to ensure that he has everything he needs for any given round – no matter where it takes him!

An Overview of Rick Shiels’ Clubs

Rick Shiels is a professional golfer who runs a popular YouTube channel dedicated to golf instruction. He has also created his own line of golf clubs. The Rick Shiels signature line includes driver, woods, irons, wedges, and putters. Each club is designed to provide optimal performance and control when hitting the ball.

The driver is designed to help golfers achieve maximum distance off the tee. It features a titanium face and sole for added power and forgiveness on off-center shots. The woods are also constructed with titanium faces and soles for more distance and accuracy when hitting from the fairway or rough.

The irons are designed with game improvement in mind, featuring wide soles for increased forgiveness on off-center hits. The wedges feature an aggressive sole design for better contact with the ball on chips and bunker shots. The putters feature a classic blade design with alignment aids for improved accuracy on the greens.

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Rick Shiels’ clubs are designed to be high performing but are also affordable for golfers of all levels. They come with a variety of custom shafts options, which can be tailored to fit any swing type or playing style. Additionally, each club comes with an exclusive playability guarantee – ensuring that you get optimal performance out of every club you purchase from Rick Shiels Golf.

What Does Rick Shiels Carry in His Bag?

Rick Shiels is a professional golfer and YouTube sensation, so it’s no surprise that he carries some of the best golfing gear around. He is often seen on the course with his trusty clubs, but what other items does he carry in his bag? Let’s take a look at some of the items Rick Shiels carries in his golf bag.

First and foremost, Rick carries an array of clubs to suit every situation. He carries a few different sets of irons, from muscle-back blades to game improvement clubs—he’s got something for every shot. He also has a selection of hybrids and fairway woods, along with a driver and putter. This ensures that he has all the tools he needs to hit any shot on the course.

Aside from his clubs, Rick also keeps plenty of other items in his bag. His essentials include tees, ball markers, extra grips, divot tools, cleaning supplies, rangefinders, gloves and sunglasses. He also carries snacks such as protein bars or nuts to keep him fueled throughout the round.

Finally, Rick packs some extra clothes for those rainy days on the course. He often carries an extra pair of shoes as well as rain gear such as waterproof trousers or jackets. This allows him to stay dry and comfortable when playing in wet conditions.

In short, Rick Shiels’ golf bag is packed with all the necessary items for a great round of golf. From clubs to snacks and rain gear—he has everything he needs to stay prepared for any situation on the course.

A Look at the Clubs in Rick Shiels’ Bag

Rick Shiels is one of the most popular golfers in the world. He has a wide variety of clubs that he uses in his game, and each one plays an important role in his success. From drivers to putters, he has a variety of clubs that he uses to help him play his best. Here is a look at the clubs in Rick Shiels’ bag.

Drivers: Rick Shiels relies on a driver to help him hit long, straight shots off the tee box. He uses several different models and brands of drivers, depending on what course he is playing and what conditions he is playing in. Each driver he uses has its own unique characteristics that help him achieve maximum distance and accuracy.

Fairway Woods: Fairway woods are important for helping players hit high, long shots from the fairway. Rick Shiels has several fairway woods with different lofts and lengths to choose from depending on the situation. He also uses these clubs for approach shots when he doesn’t have a great lie or needs to get the ball up quickly over an obstacle such as a bunker or water hazard.

Irons: Irons are essential for helping golfers get out of trouble and back onto the fairway or green. Rick Shiels uses several different irons ranging from wedges to long irons for different types of shots around the course. He chooses his irons based on how far away from the hole he is, as well as what type of shot he needs to hit in order to get close enough for a makeable putt.

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Wedges: Wedges are important when it comes to hitting short shots around the green or getting out of trouble spots such as bunkers or deep roughs. Rick Shiels carries several wedges with him when playing; each wedge having its own unique loft and bounce characteristics which help him hit accurate short shots with maximum spin control around greenside hazards such as bunkers or water hazards.

Putters: Putters are essential for helping golfers accurately roll the ball into the hole from distances under 10 feet away from it. Rick Shiels carries several putters with him when playing; each putter having its own unique feel and style which helps him read greens more accurately and make more consistent putts overall during rounds of golf.

The Putter That Rick Shiels Uses

Rick Shiels, one of the most accomplished golfers in the world, has been playing with a putter that he’s been using for a long time. The putter is an Odyssey White Hot Pro 2-Ball and it’s become synonymous with his game. The Odyssey brand of putters has a reputation for being among the best on the market and the White Hot Pro 2-Ball putter is no exception. It features a unique double-ball design that helps to reduce skidding on off-center strikes and provide more consistent contact. The face is milled from stainless steel and designed for a soft yet responsive feel. The shaft is also made from stainless steel, which provides a great balance between power and accuracy.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2-Ball putter has been around for quite some time now and Rick Shiels has been using it since he first started playing golf. He’s seen tremendous success with this putter, winning multiple tournaments and consistently producing great scores on the course. The combination of its unique design features, high quality materials, and Rick’s precision make this one of the most sought after putters in golf today. It’s certainly worth taking a closer look at if you’re looking for an upgrade to your game.

Rick Shiel’s Bag

Rick Shiel is a professional golfer who has had some success on the PGA Tour. He plays with a bag full of clubs that he has carefully selected to give himself the best chance of success on the course. His bag contains several woods, including a driver, fairway woods, and hybrid clubs. In this review, we will take a look at the woods in Rick Shiel’s bag and discuss why they are important to his game.

The driver is one of the most important clubs in Rick Shiel’s bag. It is used to hit long tee shots that can set up an easier approach shot to the green. The driver that Rick chooses must be able to launch the ball high and straight with plenty of distance. He opts for a TaylorMade M4 model that has low spin and a large face area which helps him achieve maximum distance off the tee.

Rick also carries two fairway woods in his bag – a three wood and five wood – which he uses for hitting off tight or difficult lies from the fairway or rough. The three wood is designed to help him hit longer shots off the ground while the five wood is better suited for short approach shots into greens. Both clubs have low center of gravity heads which help generate more power and accuracy when needed.

Finally, Rick carries two hybrid clubs – an 18-degree hybrid and a 21-degree hybrid – which can replace longer irons in his arsenal if necessary. The 18-degree hybrid is designed for hitting high shots off tight lies while the 21-degree model can be used as an alternative when hitting into par 4s or par 5s from farther out in the fairway or rough. Both hybrids have adjustable shaft weights that can be tweaked to suit different playing conditions or styles of play.

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In conclusion, Rick Shiel’s selection of woods provides him with all he needs when playing on different courses and in varying conditions on tour. The combination of his driver, fairway woods, and hybrids make it possible for him to hit consistent long drives off tees as well as accurate approach shots into greens from various distances away from it.

Analyzing the Irons in Rick Shiel’s Golf Bag

Rick Shiel is a professional golfer and is well known for his diverse golf bag. His irons are no exception as he has chosen the best clubs for his game. He has chosen a variety of irons that will give him the distance and accuracy needed to play at a high level.

The first set of irons in Rick’s bag are his Titleist T-MB 718 irons. This set is designed for players who need a combination of distance and forgiveness. The design of these irons uses progressive blade length, sole width, offset and CG height to optimize ball flight for every iron. They also feature an ultra-thin face which promotes fast ball speed and increased distance on off-center hits.

The second set of irons in Rick’s bag are TaylorMade P790 UDI 2 Irons. These are designed for low handicap players who demand maximum workability from every shot. They feature a compact head shape with minimal offset that promotes easier launch conditions and increased control during flight. The thin face also helps promote maximum ball speed for increased distance on off-center hits.

The third set of irons in Rick’s bag are the Callaway X Forged 2018 Irons. These are designed to combine performance, feel, and look into one clubhead design. They feature an advanced multi-material construction which provides enhanced perimeter weighting, improved sound and feel, and superior workability from any lie on the course. The 360 Face Cup technology creates more flex across the face to promote increased ball speeds for greater distance on off-center shots.

Finally, the last set of irons in Rick’s golf bag are his Mizuno JPX 919 Tour Irons. These are designed to provide tour level performance with enhanced feel and feedback at impact for better players who need precision control over their shots from any lie on the golf course. The Grain Flow Forging process creates soft yet solid feel while also promoting higher launch angles with lower spin rates to maximize carry distance with each shot.

Rick Shiel obviously puts a great deal of thought into selecting his equipment which is why he has been successful as a golfer for so many years now. His selection of various kinds of irons allows him to have many options depending on what type of shot he needs to hit, giving him extra confidence when playing on any course or in any tournament situation regardless of whether it’s long or short holes or tight fairways or open links courses like those found in Scotland or Ireland!


Rick Shiels WITB has proven to be a useful resource for many golfers. His expertise in the sport of golf, along with his ability to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language, makes him an excellent teacher and mentor for those looking to improve their game. He is also a great source of advice on equipment and accessories, providing a wealth of knowledge that can help any golfer become more informed and better equipped. His passion for the game shines through in every video he produces, and he provides a great service for those looking to take their game to the next level.

In conclusion, Rick Shiels WITB is an invaluable resource for all golfers looking to get better at the game. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced pro, his videos offer something for everyone. With his dedication and enthusiasm, there is no doubt that his lessons will continue to help golfers around the world reach their goals and continue to enjoy the game of golf.

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