rickie fowler witb 2022

Rickie Fowler is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He has been a dominant force on the golf course since turning professional in 2009. His impressive list of accomplishments includes four PGA Tour victories, four runner-up finishes, and multiple appearances in major championships. In 2022, Fowler will look to continue his impressive track record with an even stronger showing on the golf course. As one of the top players in the world, Fowler is sure to be a factor in all the major tournaments he enters this year.Rickie Fowler’s 2022 WITB consists of a driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges and putter. His driver is TaylorMade SIM Max, fairway woods are TaylorMade M5 and M6, irons are Titleist T100S, wedges are Titleist Vokey SM8 and his putter is an Odyssey Toulon Madison.

What Clubs Are in Rickie Fowler’s 2022 Bag?

Rickie Fowler’s 2022 bag is packed with the latest and greatest golf clubs. He is currently using a full set of Callaway clubs, including the Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver, Steelhead XR Pro Fairway Woods, Apex MB Irons, Mack Daddy Forged Wedges, and an Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter. The driver and fairway woods are both equipped with Project X HZRDUS Smoke shafts for extra distance and forgiveness.

Fowler has long been a fan of Callaway products, so it comes as no surprise that he’s chosen to stick with the brand for his 2022 bag. The Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver is one of the most popular drivers on Tour right now due to its low-spin design and ability to launch the ball high in the air. The Steelhead XR Pro Fairways are also ideal for players looking to hit longer off the tee while maintaining accuracy.

The Apex MB irons provide a classic look while incorporating modern technology for improved feel and performance. They feature an advanced Flash Face Cup technology that helps generate more ball speed on off-center hits compared to other irons in this category. The Mack Daddy Forged Wedges provide excellent spin control and feel around the greens, making them perfect for playing from different lies in any conditions. Finally, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter provides enhanced stability and balance throughout your stroke to help increase accuracy on every putt.

Overall, Rickie Fowler has put together an impressive bag of clubs that should help him continue his success on Tour in 2022. With such a well-rounded collection of clubs at his disposal, there’s no telling what kind of results he’ll be able to produce this year.

TaylorMade SIM Driver in Rickie Fowler’s WITB

Rickie Fowler is one of the world’s top professional golfers and he has been using TaylorMade’s SIM driver for some time now. The TaylorMade SIM driver is a high-performance club that features a revolutionary aerodynamic shape and an ultra-lightweight design, allowing for more speed and forgiveness off the tee. It also features an adjustable hosel, allowing Fowler to customize its loft and lie angle to his liking. The SIM driver produces a low spin rate, which helps to increase distance off the tee. Additionally, it has an adjustable sole weighting system that further increases forgiveness and provides a more consistent ball flight. Overall, the TaylorMade SIM driver is an excellent choice for any golfer looking for improved performance off the tee.

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Fowler has been using the TaylorMade SIM driver as part of his WITB (Weapons of Tournament Bag) since 2019. He has had great success with this club, winning tournaments such as The Memorial Tournament in 2020 and The Players Championship in 2021 with it in his bag. In addition to its impressive performance, Fowler also appreciates the adjustability of the club, as this allows him to dial in his preferred settings for each round he plays. As such, there is no doubt that Fowler will continue to rely on his TaylorMade SIM driver for many more tournaments to come.

TaylorMade SIM Max Fairway Wood in Rickie Fowler’s WITB

Rickie Fowler recently admitted to the golfing world that he had been using TaylorMade’s SIM Max fairway wood since the start of 2021. He made this announcement during the 2021 Arnold Palmer Invitational, where he used the club to finish in a tie for 11th place.

The TaylorMade SIM Max fairway wood is one of the more popular clubs in golf, thanks to its improved forgiveness and distance capabilities. It features a speed pocket design that helps launch the ball higher and farther, while its face slot technology ensures maximum ball speed on shots struck lower on the face.

The club is available in both a three-wood and five-wood option, making it perfect for any golfer looking to improve their game off the tee or from the fairways. The three-wood has a shallow profile and comes with a 15-gram adjustable weight, allowing golfers to customize their launch conditions. The five-wood has a deeper face profile and is designed to deliver more forgiveness and help players get more distance out of their shots.

Rickie Fowler likely chose this particular club because of its performance capabilities off the tee and from the fairways. He has already seen great success with it, as evidenced by his strong performance at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

It’s no surprise that TaylorMade’s SIM Max fairway wood has become such an integral part of Rickie Fowler’s WITB (bag). With its improved forgiveness and distance capabilities, it’s no wonder why Fowler decided to put this club in his bag for 2021.

TaylorMade P770 Irons in Rickie Fowler’s WITB

Rickie Fowler is known for having some of the best gear in golf. His equipment choices are always top-of-the-line and he never settles for anything less. One of his mainstay clubs are the TaylorMade P770 irons. These clubs have been a part of his bag since 2021 and have helped him win multiple tournaments.

The TaylorMade P770 irons feature a classic muscle back design that has a thin topline, minimal offset, and a slightly shorter blade length than other irons on the market. The set also comes with some innovative technology that helps maximize distance and accuracy. The SpeedFoam injected into the clubhead helps increase ball speed off the face while the ThruSlot technology helps enhance feel and launch conditions.

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The TaylorMade P770 irons have proven to be incredibly popular among golfers of all skill levels, but especially among better players like Rickie Fowler who can take full advantage of their performance benefits. The combination of classic styling, modern performance, and low spin makes these clubs incredibly versatile and allows golfers to shape shots with ease.

In addition to their great performance, the TaylorMade P770 irons also look fantastic at address thanks to their sleek black finish. The set also comes with stunning KBS Tour shafts that help give them an even more premium look that will appeal to many players out there who enjoy having quality equipment in their bag.

If you’re looking for a set of high-performance irons that will help you get the most out of your game, then you should definitely check out the TaylorMade P770 irons like Rickie Fowler does every week on tour. With their classic looks, modern performance features, and low spin capabilities, these clubs will be sure to improve your game no matter what level you’re playing at.

TaylorMade MG2 Wedges in Rickie Fowler’s WITB

TaylorMade has recently released the new MG2 wedges, which are featured in Rickie Fowler’s bag. The MG2 wedges are designed to provide better spin control and distance than ever before, with a variety of loft and bounce options to suit your game. With its tour-level performance, the MG2 wedges will help players of all skill levels get more out of their shots.

The MG2 wedge also features a redesigned sole grind that helps reduce turf interaction, allowing for greater consistency from all lies. The grooves are deeper than previous generations for improved spin control on all shots, while the increased surface area of the face gives it more forgiveness on off-center hits. Additionally, TaylorMade’s patented Speed Groove Technology gives you extra spin on shots from difficult lies.

The unique design of the MG2 wedge also features a classic shape that looks great at address and provides a confidence-inspiring look that makes it easier to hit your shots with precision. The grooves are laser etched for improved performance and durability, while the ZTP grooves offer maximum spin for short game control.

With all these features combined, it’s no wonder why Rickie Fowler has been using the new TaylorMade MG2 wedges in his bag since their release. For players looking to improve their short game performance and get more out of every shot, the TaylorMade MG2 wedge is an excellent choice for any golfer’s bag.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Putter in Rickie Fowler’s WITB

Rickie Fowler is one of the most iconic golfers on the PGA Tour and his iconic look is partly due to his high-quality equipment, which includes the Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Putter. The Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Putter is a high-performance putter that has been designed with the help of tour players like Rickie Fowler. The putter features a precision milled face and neck for optimal feel and control, while its Tour-proven shape allows for easy alignment. The putter also has a lightweight aluminum shaft and it comes with several different headcover designs to fit any golfer’s style. With its tour-level performance, the Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Putter is the perfect choice for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

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Rickie Fowler’s use of this putter has been seen on numerous occasions on the PGA Tour and it’s clear why he chose this club as part of his WITB arsenal. With its precision milled face, lightweight aluminum shaft, and tour-proven shape, it’s easy to see why this putter would be an ideal choice for any golfer wanting to hit their best shots on the greens. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, you can be sure that you’ll get great performance from this Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Putter in Rickie Fowler’s WITB lineup.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls in Rickie Fowler’s WITB

Rickie Fowler, a five-time PGA Tour winner, has been playing with Titleist Pro V1 golf balls for many years. His current WITB (bag of clubs) includes the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x models which have become the gold standard in golf ball performance. The Pro V1 is designed to provide a soft feel with low spin off the tee and is preferred by many of the world’s best players. The Pro V1x is designed to provide maximum distance off the tee and is preferred by many mid-to-high handicap players.

The Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are designed with a high-energy core that provides more ball speed off the driver for increased distance, while also providing excellent greenside spin control due to its advanced urethane cover formulation. The Pro V1 also features a unique dimple pattern which helps reduce drag during flight for a more penetrating ball flight, resulting in longer carry distances.

In addition to their superior performance, Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are also incredibly durable and long-lasting. They feature a high-grade ionomer formulation which helps reduce scuffing and increase durability on harder surfaces like the fairways and greens. This ensures that your new set of golf balls will last much longer than those from other brands.

Rickie Fowler’s choice of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls speaks volumes about his commitment to finding the best equipment available in order to maximize his performance on the course. With their superior feel, distance, control, and durability, it’s no wonder why they are a favorite among professional golfers like Fowler.

If you’re looking for an edge on your game, look no further than Titleist Pro V1 golf balls – as used by Rickie Fowler himself!


Rickie Fowler has had an incredible career so far and the 2022 season looks set to take his game to even higher levels. He has improved his technique and approach, and is now a consistent top finisher on the PGA Tour. His strong performance in 2020 gives him confidence going into the 2021 season and gives us a glimpse of what’s possible in 2022. With the right work ethic and dedication, there is no reason why Rickie Fowler can’t achieve great things in 2022.

Overall, Rickie Fowler is on a path of success that shows no signs of slowing down. He is well-positioned to have another great season in 2022, and with his determination and drive he will be able to take his game to new heights and possibly win some major championships along the way. As golf fans, we can all look forward to seeing what Rickie Fowler can accomplish in 2022!