sabertooth putter

The Sabertooth putter is a revolutionary golf club that has been designed to help golfers of all levels improve their game. It features an innovative design that combines multiple technologies to make it easier for players to hit the ball with accuracy and consistency. The club has a unique blade shape that helps make putting more natural, while a precision-crafted face ensures maximum spin and control on the green. Additionally, the Sabertooth putter is equipped with a weight-balanced shaft and an adjustable hosel, allowing golfers to fine-tune their setup for optimal performance. With its cutting-edge design and performance features, the Sabertooth putter is sure to help golfers take their game to the next level.The Sabertooth Putter offers golfers a number of benefits, including improved accuracy, greater control and enhanced feel. Its unique two-piece design features a stainless steel face and body that reduces spin for a more consistent roll. The putter also has a variable sole weighting system that helps golfers optimize the weight of the putter based on their personal preferences. Additionally, its 3-piece soft rubber grip provides superior feel and control, helping golfers further refine their putting stroke. The Sabertooth Putter is designed to give golfers better performance on the green.


The Sabertooth Putter is designed with a unique blade-style body, featuring a modern and unique look. The blade is made from a high-grade stainless steel and features a deep milled face, which creates an optimal striking surface for a consistent feel and better accuracy. The putter also has an innovative sole design, which helps to reduce drag and optimize spin rate on the ball. The club also features an adjustable weighting system, allowing for custom weighting to suit any player’s individual needs.


The Sabertooth Putter is constructed from high-grade stainless steel and features an innovative sole design for optimal performance. The club also features adjustable weights in the heel and toe, allowing players to customize the weight of the club to fit their individual needs. Additionally, the putter has a deep milled face which helps create an optimal striking surface for added accuracy.


The Sabertooth Putter is constructed using precise welding techniques that ensure the club remains strong and durable over time. The head of the putter is designed with a unique blade shape that provides improved accuracy while also reducing drag on the ball during impact. Additionally, the sole of the putter has been designed to optimize spin rate on the ball for improved control over shots.


The Sabertooth Putter offers exceptional performance when it comes to accuracy and consistency on shots. The deep milled face helps create an optimal striking surface while also helping to reduce drag on shots for improved accuracy and distance control. Additionally, the adjustable weights in the putter head allow players to customize their weighting according to their individual needs for better performance overall.

Ergonomic Design

The Sabertooth putter is designed to provide an optimal ergonomic experience, with a unique offset design for reduced wrist movement and more accurate contact. The putter’s curved shape provides a comfortable grip and the lightweight aluminum body ensures a clean release through impact. The Sabertooth putter also features a balanced weighted head, allowing for a more consistent stroke and greater accuracy.

Enhanced Performance

The unique design of the Sabertooth putter provides enhanced performance on the green. The offset design helps reduce wrist movement, resulting in improved accuracy and better contact with the ball. The curved shape of the putter also allows for greater control when making short strokes, while the balanced weighting ensures consistent tempo and power throughout your swing. This combination of features makes the Sabertooth ideal for golfers looking to consistently make accurate strokes.

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The Sabertooth putter is constructed from durable aluminum alloy, making it highly resistant to wear and tear. This robust construction ensures that your putter will remain in top condition for years to come, providing you with reliable performance on the course. Additionally, the lightweight construction of the Sabertooth allows you to carry it comfortably throughout your round without putting any strain on your back or shoulders.


The Sabertooth putter is designed to accommodate all styles of play, from traditional face-on putting techniques to modern-day “clawed” styles that allow you to rotate your wrists during the stroke. This versatility makes it easy for all golfers to find their perfect putting style with ease. Additionally, it’s compatible with most standard sized grips, giving you even more options when customizing your clubs.

Overall, the Sabertooth Putter offers golfers an ergonomic design that provides enhanced performance and durability. Its versatile design allows golfers of all skill levels to find their perfect putting style while its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry around without fatigue or strain.

How to Use a Sabertooth Putter

Using a Sabertooth putter is a great way to improve your golf game. The unique design of the putter makes it easier to line up shots and get a better feel for the ball. Here are some tips on how to use a Sabertooth putter for the best results.

Firstly, when setting up your stance, make sure to keep your arms straight and your shoulders parallel with the target line. This will help you hit consistent shots and get more accuracy out of your putts.

Secondly, use the toe-heel weighting system that is featured on the Sabertooth putters. This allows you to customize the weight of the head in order to create different levels of spin when you strike the ball. This can be helpful when trying to control distance and direction.

Thirdly, take practice strokes with your Sabertooth Putter before making contact with the ball. This will help you get used to how it feels in your hands so that you can make more consistent shots. It will also help you develop a better sense of touch for distance control.

Finally, focus on keeping your head down throughout the stroke and maintain good posture while putting. This will ensure that you have a good follow through and can consistently make solid contact with the ball. It is also important to keep your eyes focused on the target as this helps with accuracy.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to get more out of your Sabertooth putter and improve your golf game overall. With practice and dedication, you’ll be sinking more putts in no time!

The History Behind the Sabertooth Putter

The Sabertooth putter is one of the most iconic clubs in the game of golf. Developed in the early 2000s, this putter has been used by some of the greatest players in the history of the sport. It has become a favorite for many golfers due to its unique design and innovative technology. The Sabertooth putter is made from a special alloy that is designed to provide a smooth and consistent roll on any type of surface. This allows golfers to make accurate and consistent putts, no matter what type of course they are playing on.

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The Sabertooth putter was developed by Bob Bettinardi, a renowned club designer who has been making some of the best golf clubs for more than 25 years. He wanted to create a putter that would give players more control over their shots and provide them with an improved feel when striking the ball. After months of experimenting, he came up with an innovative design that has become one of the most successful putters in history.

The Sabertooth putter features a unique “blade” style head that is designed to reduce skidding off-center hits, as well as providing increased forgiveness on mis-hits. The clubface also features grooves which help reduce backspin and provide better control over the ball’s trajectory. The club’s lightweight construction also helps players make longer and more accurate shots with less effort.

In addition to its excellent performance, the Sabertooth putter has also become popular due to its aesthetic appeal. Its sleek black finish adds an element of sophistication to any golfer’s bag and gives it an air of professionalism on the course. The unique shape also stands out from other clubs and makes it easy to identify while out on the links.

Since its introduction, the Sabertooth putter has become one of the most popular clubs in golf history and has been used by top players like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott and Jordan Spieth. Its combination of performance and style makes it an ideal tool for all levels of golfer looking for an edge on their game

Sabertooth Putters

The Sabertooth putter is one of the most sought-after golf clubs in the game. It is renowned for its craftsmanship, performance, and durability. The Sabertooth putter has been used by many professional golfers to find success on the course. But what materials are used in a Sabertooth putter?

The head of a Sabertooth putter is made from stainless steel. This strong metal allows for the clubhead to be lightweight while still providing a powerful feel when striking the ball. The face insert is also constructed from stainless steel, offering great feedback and control when making contact with the ball.

The shaft of a Sabertooth putter is usually made from steel or graphite. Steel shafts offer great stability and control, but can be quite heavy. Graphite shafts are lighter than steel and provide a softer feel during contact with the ball, but can lack stability when compared to steel shafts.

The grip of a Sabertooth putter is usually made from rubber or synthetic materials. Rubber grips offer great cushioning and comfort when using the club, while synthetic materials provide better durability over time.

Overall, the materials used in a Sabertooth putter make it one of the best clubs on the market today. From its stainless steel head to its rubber grip, every element has been carefully crafted to ensure optimum performance and longevity on the course.

Pros of the Sabertooth Putter

The Sabertooth Putter is a popular putter among golfers due to its unique design. It has a large, oversize head that helps golfers get the most out of their putting stroke. The putter also features an adjustable weight system, allowing players to customize the weight and feel of the club. Additionally, the Sabertooth Putter is extremely durable and has a good grip for better accuracy and control.

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Cons of the Sabertooth Putter

One of the main drawbacks to the Sabertooth Putter is its cost. It is generally more expensive than other putters on the market, making it out of reach for some golfers. Additionally, some users have reported that the putter can be difficult to line up correctly due to its larger head size. Finally, while durable, some users have reported that the club head can become loose over time with regular use, which can lead to inaccuracy and inconsistency in your putting stroke.

What Are the Different Models of the Sabertooth Putter?

The Sabertooth Putter is a popular putter used by amateur and professional golfers alike. It is known for its forgiveness, accuracy, and consistent feel. There are several different models of the Sabertooth Putter available, each with its own unique features.

The Original Sabertooth Putter was designed with a classic look and feel in mind. It has an aluminum face insert that helps create a soft feel when striking the ball, while still providing enough feedback to help golfers know how well they hit their putts. The shaft is made of lightweight carbon steel, which gives it an excellent balance between power and control.

The Sabertooth Carbon Putter is a newer model that incorporates an innovative carbon fiber body construction. This allows for an incredibly lightweight design that can still provide plenty of feel and accuracy on the green. The face insert is made from stainless steel, giving it a solid-but-forgiving contact with the ball for improved accuracy and distance control.

The Sabertooth Pro Putter has been designed specifically for professional golfers who need to make precise shots on the green in competition play. It has a precision milled face insert which provides enhanced feedback on every shot and helps golfers adjust their technique more easily to get better results. The shaft is made from lightweight aircraft-grade titanium for improved stability at impact and maximum accuracy on long putts.

The Sabertooth Tour Putter combines classic styling with modern technology to give golfers a high-performance putter that can help them hit consistent shots on the course. The face insert features precision milling to help increase response off the clubface, while the shaft is constructed from lightweight aircraft aluminum for improved stability at impact and maximum distance control on long putts.

For those looking for a traditional look but modern performance, there’s also the Sabertooth Classic Putter which combines vintage styling with modern materials to provide an effortless putting experience every time you step onto the green. The stainless steel face insert helps give this model great feedback off every shot, while its shaft is constructed from lightweight graphite composite material to provide maximum distance control during your game.

No matter what type of golfer you are or what kind of game you play, there’s sure to be a model of Sabertooth Putter that will suit your needs perfectly!


The Sabertooth putter is a great choice for golfers looking for a high-quality, reliable putter. It is well-balanced and offers a consistent roll off the face. The unique design allows golfers to customize the weight of the head to suit their individual needs. The soft feel of the insert helps to reduce vibrations and improves accuracy. With its sleek look and outstanding performance, it is sure to improve your game on the green.

The Sabertooth putter was designed with the golfer in mind, offering a club that will help you play your best on the course. Whether you are an experienced golfer or just starting out, this putter has something to offer every golfer. With its superior design and performance, it is a great choice for any golfer looking for an exceptional putter that will last for years to come.