scotty cameron circa 62 1

The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putter is a classic design that has been engineered to perfection. With its timeless look, it provides incredible feel and accuracy on the green. The precision milled stainless steel head and soft carbon steel face provide increased stability and performance, while the distinctive sole design helps to reduce turf interaction for a consistent roll. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, the Circa 62 is an ideal choice for your game.The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 putter is a classic design for the modern golf game. Featuring a timeless blade-style head with a milled stainless steel face, the Circa 62 1 delivers a soft feel and outstanding performance. The mid-slant neck adds toe flow for stability and control, while the precision milled face combines with the deep center of gravity (CG) to promote consistent roll and distance control. The deep CG also helps absorb vibration for improved feel on every stroke. The soft Tour Velvet grip offers an excellent connection between hands and club, while the silver mist finish provides an impeccable look to complement any golf bag. With its classic design and modern features, the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 putter is sure to become a favorite of discerning players everywhere.

History of the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1

The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 putter has a long and illustrious history in the world of golf. It was first designed in 1962 by legendary golf club designer, Larry Mize, and has been a mainstay on tour and in amateur circles ever since. The putter was designed with a unique blade shape that optimizes trajectory and feel, making it one of the most sought-after putters in golf.

The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 is also known for its distinctive 30-degree toe hang. This allows for more consistent contact between the ball and the clubface, resulting in more accurate shots when putting. The design also provides an extremely soft feel when striking the ball, which helps with control on short putts. The club features a classic plumber’s neck hosel that fits into the heel of the putter to provide stability during backswing and follow-through.

The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 is made from 303 stainless steel for maximum durability and long-lasting performance. It also comes with a variety of different shaft options including steel shafts, graphite shafts, and even adjustable shafts to accommodate different putting styles. Additionally, the head is available in a variety of finishes including copper, black oxide, nickel chrome, and even raw stainless steel to help match any golfer’s style.

Since its introduction more than fifty years ago, the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 has become one of the most popular putters on tour and among serious amateurs alike. With its unique blend of performance characteristics and classic design elements, it is no wonder why this putter continues to be at the forefront of golf technology today.

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The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putters are made from high-grade stainless steel which makes them durable and long-lasting. The putters have a rust-resistant finish that helps protect the club from wear and tear. The shafts of these putters are also made from high-grade materials, ensuring maximum durability and strength. Additionally, all components of the Circa 62 are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance required.


The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putters offer exceptional performance on the golf course. The face of the putter is precision milled for a soft feel and consistent ball roll. The grooves on the face help reduce skidding and provide better contact with the ball for a straighter line off the clubface. The design of the head also helps maintain a consistent path through impact for more accurate putting.


The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putters offer an outstanding feel when striking the ball. Thanks to its well-crafted design, players get an excellent response when striking their shots with this club. This provides excellent feedback so that players can adjust their technique as needed to make more accurate shots every time they hit the ball.


The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putters come in a range of stylish designs that look great on any golf course. They feature classic styling complete with beautiful paint finishes that help give these clubs an attractive appearance that stands out from other clubs in your golf bag. With its classic look, these putters also help inspire confidence in your game as you take aim at each hole.

Design & Construction of the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1

The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 putter is an iconic design from the well-known putter designer. This putter is designed with precision and craftsmanship to provide golfers with a high quality and reliable putter. The design of this putter is based on the classic blade shape, with a modern twist. The head of the putter is made from stainless steel, and it features an alignment line which helps golfers to accurately line up their shots. The face area of the putter is milled to provide a smooth surface for golfers to make contact with the ball. The neck area of the putter is slightly curved, which allows golfers to rotate their wrists more easily during putting. The sole of the club also features heel-toe weights, which help stabilize the clubhead through impact and promote a consistent swing path.

The construction of this putter is also top notch. The shaft of this club is made from lightweight graphite, which provides golfers with increased control over their shots. The grip end of the shaft features a soft rubber material, which helps reduce fatigue during long putting sessions. Additionally, the face insert on this club is designed using an elastomer material, which helps reduce spin on off-center hits for better distance and accuracy control.

Overall, the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 Putter offers golfers superior design and construction that will help improve their game on the green. This high quality club provides golfers with improved accuracy, control and feel that can help them make more consistent shots in their game.

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Versatility of the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1

The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 putter is one of the most versatile clubs in a golfer’s bag. Designed with a classic, timeless look and feel, the putter features a 303 stainless steel construction for maximum stability and control throughout the stroke. The offset hosel design provides a clean look at address, while the milled face ensures precision and accuracy on each putt. The head weight can be adjusted to fit any golfer’s preferences, allowing for greater control and feel when putting. Additionally, the Circa 62 1 has an adjustable sole plate that enables golfers to customize their lie angle based on their setup. With its classic design and modern innovations, the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 is an ideal choice for any golfer looking for maximum versatility from their putter.

In addition to its versatile design, the Circa 62 1 also offers superior performance on the greens. The milled face provides consistent speed and accuracy on each stroke, while the adjustable sole plate ensures proper lie angle alignment for more precise putting control. Additionally, the offset hosel helps reduce twisting during the stroke for improved accuracy and consistency. The lightweight construction also allows golfers to swing with ease and confidence, resulting in better overall performance on the course.

Grip & Feel of the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1

The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 putter has a unique feel and grip that make it perfect for golfers of all levels. The grip is designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, allowing the player to get a good feel for the clubhead while also providing a secure hold. The putter features an oversized grip that is slightly thicker than other putters, making it ideal for those with larger hands or those who prefer a more substantial grip. Additionally, the clubhead is weighted to provide a solid feel when striking the ball. This weighting helps the player get feedback from their swing so they can refine their technique and become more consistent in their putting. Overall, the grip and feel of this putter make it an excellent choice for any level of golfer looking for a reliable putter.

The Circa 62 1 also features a classic shape that will please traditionalists. The head shape is sleek and rounded, with no distractions or unnecessary lines to catch the golfer’s eye while addressing the ball. This design allows players to focus on their putting stroke rather than what their club looks like when they’re standing over it. The shape also provides excellent balance, which helps create an even stroke when making contact with the ball. Finally, this classic design gives players confidence in knowing that they are using one of Scotty Cameron’s most iconic models when playing on the course.

Performance & Control of the Scotty Cameron Circa 62

The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putter is known for its performance and control. It is designed with advanced technology to give golfers enhanced feel and accuracy on the green. The clubhead has a unique design which features an ultra-wide sole and low profile to help promote consistent contact with the ball. The toe-weighted design also provides a higher MOI for improved stability and forgiveness. The face of the putter is CNC milled from 304 stainless steel to create a precise and consistent roll off the clubface.

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The grip on the Circa 62 is designed to provide optimal feel and control. It has a distinct shape that fits comfortably in your hands while promoting even pressure throughout your stroke. The grip also features an anti-slip surface that helps you keep a solid hold on the club during your stroke, allowing for more consistent contact and performance.

The Circa 62 also comes with an adjustable shaft length option, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your swing. This added feature gives golfers greater control over their putting stroke as well as enhancing their overall performance on the green.

Overall, the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putter offers golfers superior performance and control when playing on the green. With its unique design, adjustable shaft length, comfortable grip, and precise face milling, it provides a great combination of feel, accuracy, forgiveness, stability, and control that will help you take your game to new heights.

Price & Availability of the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1

The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 putter is a high-quality golf club that is designed to provide golfers with the highest level of accuracy, control, and feel. This putter is available at most major golf retailers and online stores, and its price range can vary depending on the retailer. Generally, the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 putter can be found for around $400. This price range may seem a bit steep for some golfers, but the quality of this putter makes it well worth the investment.

The availability of this putter can also vary from retailer to retailer. In general, it is easy to find at most major golf stores and online retailers. It’s also worth noting that this putter has become increasingly popular in recent years, so it’s likely that more retailers will begin stocking it in the near future.

Overall, the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 1 putter is an excellent choice for any golfer looking for a high-quality club that will provide them with improved accuracy and control on the course. The price may be a bit high for some players, but its quality and availability make it well worth considering if you’re in the market for a new putter.


The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality putter that will give them the accuracy and control they need to get the ball in the hole. The classic design and craftsmanship make it a timeless piece of golf equipment. The precision milled face offers a smooth and consistent roll, while the balance ensures that every stroke is perfectly weighted for maximum distance control. This putter is a great option for all types of players, from beginners to experienced pros. With its stylish design and superior performance, the Circa 62 is sure to become a favorite among golfers everywhere.

The Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putter is an outstanding choice for anyone looking to improve their game or just add some style to their bag. With its classic look and modern performance, this putter offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for accuracy, consistency or distance control, you can be sure that the Circa 62 has you covered. So don’t wait any longer – pick up your new Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putter today!