six figure sneakerhead

Six Figure Sneakerhead is a documentary series that follows the lives of some of the world’s most passionate sneaker collectors. The series explores the business and culture of the surging ‘sneakerhead’ phenomenon, following those who have made it their business to buy and sell rare and sought-after sneakers. From exclusive launches to high-stakes auctions, we get an inside look at this multi-million dollar industry, and a unique insight into the lives of those who are passionate about sneakers.Six Figure Sneakerhead: The Basics is a comprehensive guide to understanding the sneakerhead lifestyle and to becoming a successful collector. In the book, readers will learn the history of sneaker collecting, tips for becoming an informed consumer, and strategies for creating and maintaining a successful collection. The book also offers advice on how to maximize profits when buying and selling sneakers. Additionally, readers will be provided with an overview of the different types of sneakerheads, as well as a look at some of the most influential figures in the sneakerhead community. By following this book’s guidance, readers will have the

What is a Six Figure Sneakerhead?

A six figure sneakerhead is someone who invests in sneakers as a form of asset. They use market knowledge to predict which sneaker models will go up in value, and buy them as investments. This means they can sell them at a higher price later on. It’s similar to investing in stocks, except the asset is sneakers instead of stocks.

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Where Do You Start?

The first step to becoming a successful six figure sneakerhead is

Building a Six Figure Sneaker Collection

For sneakerheads, building a collection of rare and highly sought-after sneakers can be an incredibly rewarding experience. With the right strategy and dedication, you can build a six-figure portfolio of shoes that will not only be an impressive display piece but also serve as a smart investment.

The first step to building your collection is to decide what type of shoes you want to focus on. This could involve researching the latest trends and styles as well as looking for classic silhouettes that have been around for decades. Once you


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Six figure sneakerhead is a fascinating subculture that celebrates the intersection of fashion, art, and commerce. Collecting sneakers is a way to express one’s style, support a brand or artist, and potentially make money. While it’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to be part of this community, many people are willing to invest in rare and limited edition shoes. Sneaker collecting can be fun and lucrative but also potentially hazardous if not done responsibly. It’s important to research the shoe you are considering buying before you commit to