stop early extension golf

Stop Early Extension Golf is a unique and innovative approach to the game of golf that encourages players to pay close attention to their swing mechanics and stop their extension at the point of impact. This technique helps golfers to create more consistent shots, generate more power, and reduce their risk of injury. Using Stop Early Extension Golf can help players improve their overall game in a variety of ways, from gaining greater control over their shots to improving their ability to make long drives. Stop Early Extension Golf is an ideal way for players of all levels to gain confidence in their swings and make the most out of each shot.Early stopping golf extension is a technique employed by golfers to increase the distance of their drives. This technique involves taking an extra few steps at the end of the swing, allowing for more power and momentum to be created, thus resulting in a longer drive. Benefits of employing this technique include increased control over the golf ball, improved accuracy in shot placement, and increased distance covered by the drive. Additionally, early stopping can help golfers to achieve greater consistency on their swings and reduce the risk of physical strain caused by over-swinging.

Early Stopping Golf Extension

Early Stopping Golf Extension is a technique for improving the accuracy of golf shots. It was developed by golf instructor and teaching pro Alan Brookes. The goal of the extension is to help golfers hit the ball more consistently and with less effort. The technique involves using a longer backswing, extending the arms out past parallel, and allowing for more time to get into the correct position before hitting the ball. This gives golfers more time to assess their shot, set up properly, and make any necessary adjustments before they swing. Additionally, the extra time gives them a better chance of making a good shot as it allows them to adjust to any changes in wind speed or angle of attack.

The extension also helps reduce fatigue on the body since it requires less effort from the golfer to complete their swing. It also reduces stress on joints as well as reduces wear and tear on muscles due to fewer repetitions needed during practice sessions. Overall, this extension can help improve accuracy and consistency while reducing fatigue and stress during practice and play sessions.

How to Stop Early Golf Extension

Early extension in golf is a common issue that can make it difficult to hit the ball with accuracy and power. To correct this issue, golfers need to focus on keeping their weight balanced and centered throughout their swing. Additionally, they should ensure that their arms and hands move together in unison. By taking the time to practice proper technique, golfers can reduce the likelihood of early extension and maximize their performance on the course.

The first step for improving technique is to understand the concept of “stacking.” This term refers to the process of keeping one’s weight centered over the feet during a golf swing. To do this effectively, it is important to maintain a consistent posture with the chest facing forward and the arms directly below it. By maintaining this position throughout the entire swing, golfers can keep their weight balanced and avoid early extension.

Next, it is important to ensure that both arms and hands move in unison during a swing. When one arm or hand moves ahead of the other, it can cause early extension, leading to an inaccurate shot. To reduce this risk, practice swinging with both arms extended in front of you instead of bending at the waist or hips. This will help keep your arms connected throughout your swing.

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Finally, practice proper technique regularly to ingrain good habits into your swing. Take time before each round or practice session to focus on maintaining balance and keeping your arms connected throughout your entire swing motion. Additionally, consider recording yourself on video or using a launch monitor during practice sessions so you can evaluate your form in real-time and make corrections as needed.

By taking time to address early extension issues in your golf game, you will be able maximize your performance on the course. With consistent practice and an understanding of proper form, you will be able to hit more accurate shots with greater power than ever before!

Golf Swing Extension

Golf swing extension is an important factor for improving a golfer’s game. It is the ability to extend the backswing and follow-through phases of the golf swing to their full potential. Achieving a full golf swing extension will help increase power and accuracy of the shot, as well as allow for better control over where the ball goes. However, there are several factors that can affect a golfer’s ability to achieve a full golf swing extension.

Body Strength

The first factor that affects early stopping in golf extension is body strength. A golfer needs to have strong muscles in their arms, shoulders, back, and core in order to be able to make a full backswing and follow-through without losing momentum or balance. Without adequate body strength, a golfer will not be able to generate enough power in their swing to reach their full potential.


Flexibility is another factor that affects early stopping in golf extension. A golfer needs to be flexible enough so that they can rotate their body smoothly throughout the entire swing sequence without any restrictions or restrictions on motion. If they are too stiff or inflexible then they will not be able to reach their maximum potential with the club head speed and accuracy of their shots.


Balance is also an important factor when it comes to achieving a full golf swing extension. Without proper balance, it is difficult for a golfer to maintain proper posture throughout their entire backswing and follow-through phases of the golf swing sequence. Poor balance can also lead to inconsistent shots due to having difficulty controlling where the ball goes or how far it goes when hit off the tee or fairway.


Finally, technique plays an important role in achieving early stopping in golf extension as well. Proper technique ensures that a golfer is making use of proper grip and stance for maximum power and accuracy while maintaining good posture throughout the entire swing sequence. It also helps them maintain control over where they want the ball to go when hit off of the tee or fairway so that they can consistently achieve good results on every shot taken during play on the course.

How to Maximize Benefits of Early Stopping Golf Extension

Early stopping golf extension is an effective technique for players to improve their golf game. By using early stopping, players can gain better control of their swing, resulting in better accuracy and improved distance. The key to maximizing the benefits of early stopping is to practice regularly and use proper technique. With regular practice and proper technique, players can expect to see an increase in both their accuracy and power without sacrificing accuracy. Here are some tips on how to maximize the benefits of early stopping golf extension:

1. Practice regularly – It is important for players to practice regularly if they want to maximize the benefits of early stopping golf extension. Practicing regularly will help players become more comfortable with the technique and make it a natural part of their swing. This will also help them develop better timing when executing the shot.

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2. Use proper technique – Proper technique is essential when using early stopping golf extension. Players should ensure that they keep their wrists relaxed during the swing, as this will help them gain better control over their clubhead speed and direction. Additionally, players should focus on keeping the clubhead low during the swing, as this will generate more power for longer shots.

3. Vary your stance – To maximize the benefits of early stopping golf extension, it is important for players to vary their stance depending on the situation. For example, if they need more accuracy or control over their shot, they should adopt a more closed stance; if they need more power, then they should adopt an open stance.

4. Work on your tempo – Tempo plays a huge role in maximizing the benefits of early stopping golf extension. Players should focus on maintaining a consistent tempo throughout their swing so that they can generate greater clubhead speed without sacrificing accuracy or direction.

5. Practice visualization – Visualization plays an important role in mastering any skill in golf, including early stopping golf extension. Players should spend time visualizing themselves executing perfect shots using this technique before actually attempting it on the course or driving range.

By following these tips and practicing regularly with proper technique and varying stances, players can maximize their benefits from early stopping golf extension and improve their game significantly.

1. Risk of Injury

Extending your golf swing beyond your natural range of motion can lead to significant injury. When you use too much force, you risk tearing muscles and ligaments in your arms and shoulders, as well as putting undue stress on your back. This can result in chronic pain and even require surgery. It’s important to understand that early extension is a common cause of golf injuries, so it’s best to avoid it to remain healthy and safe.

2. Loss of Distance

Early extension can also lead to a loss of distance on your shots. When you extend too far before impact, the clubhead won’t reach its maximum speed until after it passes through the hitting area. This causes the ball to travel shorter distances than it would otherwise have gone had you kept your swing within its normal range of motion. As a result, it’s important to focus on keeping your body in balance throughout the entire swing for maximum distance off the tee.

3. Poor Contact

Early extension can also lead to poor contact with the ball, resulting in hooks or slices that could otherwise have been avoided with proper technique. When you extend too far before impact, the clubhead will often follow an outside-in path rather than the desired inside-out path that leads to better ballstriking and more consistent results from your shots.

4. Inconsistent Swing

Early extension can also lead to an inconsistent swing plane which can make it more difficult to hit consistent shots from one round to another. If you’re constantly extending too far before impact, it will be hard for you to repeat that same motion consistently which will make it difficult for you to maintain accuracy throughout your rounds.

5. Poor Posture

Extending your golf swing beyond its natural range of motion can also lead to poor posture during the swing which can put unnecessary strain on your body over time. When you extend too far during a shot, it’s easy for your torso and arms to become disconnected leading to poor posture throughout the rest of the swing which can cause discomfort and even injury if not corrected quickly.

Understanding the Risks of Not Stopping Early Golf Extension

Golf extension is a technique used to gain extra distance off the tee. Golfers extend their arms and legs at the point of impact in order to create a more powerful swing. It is important to remember that, while this technique may help you achieve greater distances, it can also have negative effects on your game if not done correctly.

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The main risk associated with golf extension is the increased risk of injury. By extending your body further than it is used to, you are putting yourself in a position that can cause strain and injury to your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Additionally, if you do not stop your extension at the right time, you can create an imbalance in your swing which will lead to inaccurate shots and poor ball control.

Another risk associated with golf extension is loss of accuracy. By extending too far beyond the point of impact, you are creating a much wider arc with your clubhead which can lead to shots going wide or long depending on how far you extend. This will make it difficult for you to hit consistent shots as the ball will be travelling in different directions each time.

Finally, if you do not stop early enough during golf extension, it can also cause fatigue as your body has been pushed beyond its normal limits. This can lead to decreased power as well as poor technique due to tiredness or lack of concentration which will have an impact on accuracy and distance achieved from each shot.

By understanding the risks associated with golf extension and stopping early enough before reaching full extension, golfers can ensure they remain safe while still achieving greater distance off the tee. Stopping early will also help maintain accuracy and power levels so that golfers can continue to enjoy their round without risking any injury or fatigue.

Improving Early Stopping Technique

Early stopping is an important technique for golfers looking to improve their game. It involves stopping the swing before the clubhead reaches the ground, resulting in a more controlled shot. To become a better golfer, it is important to practice this technique and make sure it becomes second nature. Here are some tips on how to improve early stopping technique:


Gripping the club correctly is essential for creating a good swing. Making sure your grip is loose enough will help you be able to stop your swing at the top of the backswing but still maintain control of the clubhead. If your grip is too tight, it can cause you to overswing and lose control of your shot.

Weight Distribution

The weight distribution in your swing plays an important role in determining how well you can stop early. Making sure your weight is shifted slightly towards the target on your backswing will help you be able to stop at the right time. If your weight isn’t distributed correctly, it can cause you to lose balance and create an inconsistent swing.


Timing is key when learning how to stop early in golf swings. You should practice counting as you take each step of your swing so that you know when it’s time to stop. This can help ensure that you don’t rush through the process, which can lead to an inconsistent shot.

Follow Through

Once you have stopped at the top of your backswing, make sure that you follow through properly with your arms and body. This will ensure that all of your power goes into hitting the ball instead of being wasted on extra motion that can lead to an inaccurate shot.

By following these tips and practicing regularly, golfers should be able to improve their early stopping technique and get more consistent shots out on the course.


In conclusion, stop early extension golf can be a great way to improve your golf game. By focusing on the proper mechanics and proper tempo, you can take strokes off your game and hit the ball further than ever before. The best way to learn and practice this technique is by finding a professional instructor that can help you understand the correct techniques and movements. With practice, you can improve your accuracy, distance, and overall golfing performance.

Stop early extension golf is a great way to improve your game without having to invest in costly equipment or make major changes in your swing mechanics. With focus and practice, you will be able to hit the ball with greater accuracy and longer distances. Allowing yourself to stop early will help you become a better golfer in no time.