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Sungjae Im is a professional golfer from South Korea who is currently a member of the Korn Ferry Tour. He began his professional golf career in 2016 and has since become one of the top players on the tour. He has achieved remarkable success in his career, winning four tournaments and achieving numerous top-10 finishes. He has also represented South Korea at various international events, including the 2018 Asian Games, where he won gold. In 2021, he earned his first PGA Tour card, becoming the first player from South Korea to do so. His strong work ethic and dedication to improving his game have made him one of the most promising young golfers in the world today.Sungjae Im has won two events on the PGA Tour. He won the 2019 Sanderson Farms Championship and the 2020 Honda Classic. He also finished runner-up at the 2021 Valero Texas Open and had four other top-10 finishes in 2020.

Sungjae Im’s Career on the Tour

Sungjae Im is a South Korean professional golfer who has had tremendous success on the Tour. He first burst onto the scene in 2017 when he won the Chitimacha Louisiana Open at only 17 years old, becoming the youngest winner of a Tour event ever. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most successful players on the tour, recording four victories in total and becoming one of only three players to have won more than one event in 2018 and 2019.

In addition to his impressive record on the tour, Sungjae Im also became the youngest player ever to qualify for the FedEx Cup Playoff at only 19 years old. He finished in 11th place in his first appearance, making him just one of six players to finish inside the top 20 in their debut season since 2007. He also earned an exemption into The Masters Tournament, becoming only the second South Korean to do so after Byeong Hun An.

As well as his success on the Tour, Sungjae Im has also had some success on the PGA Tour. In 2019 he made five cuts out of 10 starts and recorded top-25 finishes in two events; The Players Championship and The Honda Classic. In 2020 he achieved his best finish on tour so far when he finished tied for fourth place at The RBC Heritage tournament which was held during August 2020.

In conclusion, Sungjae Im has had a remarkable career so far on both the and PGA Tours and looks set to become one of golf’s brightest stars over the next few years. With his already impressive list of accomplishments at such a young age, it seems like there is no limit to what this talented player can achieve in golfing world in years to come!

Sungjae Im’s Record in Major Championships

Sungjae Im is one of the most promising young golfers in the world. He has made a name for himself by competing and excelling in several major championships. In 2019, he became the youngest golfer to compete in four majors, and he has consistently shown his talent and skill on the course.

Im has achieved some impressive results in major championships. He finished tied for 10th place at the 2019 Masters Tournament, and he was only two shots away from making it into a playoff. He also finished tied for fourth at the 2020 PGA Championship, and his final round score of 66 was the lowest final round score by any player in that tournament.

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Moreover, Im has had some strong performances at The Open Championship. In 2018, he finished tied for 13th place, and he followed this up with a tie for 22nd place in 2019. Furthermore, Im won two consecutive European Tour events just before The Open Championship in 2020, which showed his readiness to compete at a high level on that stage.

In 2021, Im will be looking to build on his impressive record in major championships. With his skill and determination, there is no doubt that he will continue to make an impact on the biggest stages of golf.


Sungjae Im is a professional golfer from South Korea and a member of the PGA Tour. He has performed well on the Tour since joining in 2019, and his statistics reflect this. His best finish in a major tournament was at The Masters, where he tied for second place. He has also had several top-10 finishes in other tournaments, and is currently ranked fourth on the Official World Golf Ranking list. Sungjae Im’s overall record on the PGA Tour is impressive, and he looks to continue to improve in 2020.

Driving Distance

Sungjae Im ranks ninth on the PGA Tour in driving distance, averaging 301.1 yards per drive. This places him above average for the tour, as most players average around 295 yards per drive. This can be attributed to his strong swing and powerful drives off the tee. In addition, he has excellent accuracy off of the tee, with an average of 63% of fairways hit.

Greens In Regulation

Sungjae Im’s greens in regulation (GIR) percentage is slightly above average at 68%. This means that he hits around two-thirds of greens when playing rounds on the PGA Tour. This is an important statistic for any professional golfer as it gives them an idea of how often they are able to land their shots close enough to get onto the green. Additionally, it shows his consistency in hitting greens during tournaments.

Scoring Average

Sungjae Im’s scoring average on the PGA Tour is 69.6 strokes per round, which ranks him 19th overall on tour. This statistic reflects his ability to make shots during rounds and score well overall. His strong driving distance helps him to set up good approach shots into greens for birdie opportunities and low scores.

Overall, Sungjae Im has demonstrated great ability since joining the PGA Tour in 2019 and looks set for further success this year. His impressive statistics clearly show his skill level as a professional golfer and make him a serious contender for future major titles.

Sungjae Im’s Success With His Golf Equipment

Sungjae Im is a professional golfer who has achieved great success with his golf equipment. He has won several tournaments, including the 2019 PGA Tour and the 2020 Masters Tournament. Im has also been a consistent performer on the world stage, finishing in the top 10 in several major championships. The success that Im has achieved is largely due to his choice of golf equipment and his ability to use it effectively.

Im’s golf clubs are designed with an emphasis on accuracy, control, and feel. He uses clubs made of premium materials such as titanium and carbon fiber, which offer superior performance on the course. Im also relies on shafts made of graphite or steel depending on the type of shot he is attempting to make. His selection of golf balls depends on the conditions of the course but typically he prefers balls that are soft and have a low spin rate.

In addition to using quality equipment, Im also relies on his own practice and preparation to give himself an edge over his competition. He spends countless hours perfecting his swing mechanics and honing in on areas where he can gain an advantage over other players. Additionally, he is constantly working to improve his mental approach to the game by developing strategies for playing under pressure situations.

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The combination of quality equipment and hard work has allowed Sungjae Im to consistently perform at a high level over the years. Even as younger players have emerged onto the scene, Im has been able to stay competitive due to his experience and dedication to improving himself as a golfer. As long as he continues to use quality equipment while remaining dedicated to improving himself, there is no reason why Sungjae Im cannot continue achieving success in professional golf for years to come.

Sungjae Im’s Swing Analysis

Sungjae Im is a professional golfer from South Korea. He has made a name for himself on the PGA tour by consistently performing at a high level and making it to the top of leaderboards around the world. His swing is one of the best in the game, and studying it can help golfers of all levels improve their own swings. In this article, we will take a look at some of the key components of Sungjae Im’s swing analysis and how you can use it to improve your own game.

The first thing to note when looking at Sungjae Im’s swing is his setup. He stands in a balanced position with his feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and his weight evenly distributed between his feet. His hands are held up high and close together, and his arms are straight but relaxed. This setup position allows him to make a powerful yet consistent swing that produces great results.

The second key component of Sungjae Im’s swing analysis is his backswing. He takes a wide turn away from the ball with his shoulders, arms, and hands all moving together in sync to create an arc-like motion that leads to maximum power on the downswing. He also keeps his head still throughout this phase, which helps him stay focused on the target line as he moves through the backswing.

Finally, Sungjae Im’s downswing is perhaps one of the most impressive parts of his swing analysis. He starts with a short but powerful shift forward as he moves into impact before initiating an aggressive release with his hands and arms that creates tremendous clubhead speed through impact. This combination helps generate plenty of distance off the tee while still keeping accuracy high thanks to its stability throughout each phase of the swing.

By looking closely at Sungjae Im’s swing analysis, golfers of all levels can learn how to incorporate some key elements into their own game for improved performance on the course. From focusing on proper setup positioning to mastering efficient backswing mechanics and learning how to create maximum clubhead speed through impact, there are plenty of lessons that can be taken from analyzing Sungjae Im’s swing technique.

Develop Mental Toughness

Sungjae Im is an example of a player who has developed mental toughness. He is able to stay focused on the task at hand and not be distracted by any of the external factors that could affect his performance, such as the gallery or the other players on the course. He also manages his emotions well and is able to identify when he needs to take a break and re-focus. By developing mental toughness, you can become more consistent in your performance and reduce the chances of making mistakes during a round.

Practice Smart

Sungjae Im has become one of the best players in the world by practicing smart. This means focusing on specific areas that need improvement and not just hitting balls aimlessly at a range. He also works hard to improve his fundamentals, such as his grip, stance, setup and swing path, which are all essential for consistent ball striking. By committing yourself to practice with purpose and focus, you can make significant improvements in your game.

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Work on Your Short Game

Sungjae Im is widely regarded as one of the best short game players in golf today. He has an excellent touch around the greens and is able to manufacture shots from all sorts of lies and positions. Working on your short game is essential if you want to lower your scores since it will enable you to get up-and-down more often from difficult lies. Spend some time chipping and putting each day to give yourself a better chance of shooting lower scores.

Improve Course Management

Course management is an important factor in determining how successful you are on the golf course. Sungjae Im excels at this aspect due to his knowledge of yardages, club selection and shot selection depending on wind conditions or other factors that could affect how he plays each hole. Improving your course management skills will help you make smarter decisions on each hole so that you can consistently shoot lower scores.

Best Courses for Playing Like Sungjae Im

Golfers around the world have been inspired by the incredible talent of Sungjae Im, and now they can learn how to play like him with the best courses available. There are a variety of courses that offer great instruction on how to play golf like Im. From beginner to advanced, there are courses that will help you improve your game and learn how to play like this PGA Tour pro.

For those just starting out, there are plenty of online tutorials and learning resources that will help you understand the basics of golf and how to optimize your swing for maximum distance and accuracy. Once you have a basic understanding of the game, you can move on to more specialized courses that focus on certain aspects of the game such as driving, chipping, putting, or course management. These courses will help you refine your skills and become a better golfer.

If you’re looking for more comprehensive instruction from a professional instructor, there are a number of instructor-led classes available that focus on playing like Sungjae Im. These classes feature personalized instruction from experienced teachers who can help you develop your skills in all areas of the game. From mastering the basics to understanding advanced techniques, these classes offer an in-depth look at how to play like Im on tour.

Finally, if you want to take your game up a notch then there are private lessons available with some top instructors who specialize in teaching players how to play golf like Sungjae Im. Private lessons give students one-on-one attention from an experienced professional who can provide personalized advice and feedback tailored specifically for their individual needs.

No matter which route you choose, with dedication and practice anyone can learn how to play golf like Sungjae Im! The best courses will give you all the knowledge and tools needed to become a great golfer just like him.


Sungjae IM has proven himself to be a formidable force in the world of golf. He has earned multiple accolades, including the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Award, and has consistently ranked among the top players in the world. His career is still young, but his achievements thus far demonstrate that he is capable of becoming one of the greatest golfers ever. With his impressive skillset and immense potential, Sungjae IM will continue to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

He is an inspiration to many young aspiring golfers, and his success story encourages all players to strive for greatness. Sungjae IM is paving the way for a new generation of Korean golfers on the international stage, and his accomplishments so far have been nothing short of remarkable. He has certainly made a name for himself on the PGA Tour, and it will be exciting to see what he can achieve in the future.

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