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TaylorMade Gap Wedge is an indispensable golf club designed to provide golfers with the necessary versatility and control when playing from different lies on the course. This advanced wedge is designed to bridge the gap between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge, allowing for greater spin and accuracy in shots from tight lies. With its advanced design and construction, the TaylorMade Gap Wedge provides golfers with an easy-to-hit club that is great for both short game shots and full swings.The TaylorMade Gap Wedge provides a variety of benefits to golfers. The wedge is designed with a larger sole, which helps to reduce turf interaction and improve accuracy, while the unique shape of the clubface increases spin and control on shots. Additionally, the wedge has a higher loft than most irons for greater distance and trajectory control. This makes it easier to hit greens from longer distances or approach shots from tight lies. Furthermore, the non-offset hosel design promotes an easier swing path and improved accuracy. Finally, the TaylorMade Gap Wedge is very forgiving on off-center hits due to its wide sole design.

Overview of the TaylorMade Gap Wedge

The TaylorMade Gap Wedge is a versatile golf club that can be used to hit shots from a variety of different lies. The club features a wide sole, which allows it to easily slide through the turf and create consistent contact with the golf ball. The large head size also ensures greater forgiveness on off-center hits, allowing golfers to still hit accurate shots even when they don’t strike the ball perfectly. The Gap Wedge is available in a variety of loft options, ranging from 52 degrees to 64 degrees, giving golfers the ability to create customized gap wedge sets that match their individual needs and preferences.

The TaylorMade Gap Wedge also features an aerodynamic shape that helps reduce drag during the swing, resulting in faster clubhead speeds and more distance. The wedge also features grooves that help generate plenty of spin, allowing golfers to stop their shots quickly on the green. Additionally, its high-grade steel construction provides superior feel and feedback on every shot.

Overall, the TaylorMade Gap Wedge is an excellent option for any golfer looking for a versatile and reliable gap wedge that provides great performance and feel around the greens. Its wide sole and large head size offer great forgiveness on mis-hits, while its aerodynamic shape and grooves provide plenty of distance and spin off the clubface.

Types of TaylorMade Gap Wedges

TaylorMade is one of the most well-known names in golf, and it offers a wide variety of gap wedges to suit your golfing needs. Gap wedges are designed to provide an extra level of control and accuracy when playing from difficult lies or when needing to hit a shot with a specific trajectory. The types of TaylorMade gap wedges include the Milled Grind 2, Hi-Toe, Hi-Toe Big Foot, Milled Grind, Milled Grind Hi-Toe, Milled Grind 2 Hi-Toe Big Foot, and the Milled Grind 2 Raw Face.

The Milled Grind 2 is TaylorMade’s most advanced wedge yet. It features an advanced milling process that creates precision grooves with sharp edges for maximum spin and control on full shots. The unique sole grind has been designed to provide more versatility from tight lies or bunkers. The Hi-Toe model provides added loft and increased spin on high shots while the Big Foot model adds even more loft for those who need extra help getting their ball in the air.

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The Milled Grind wedge is designed to provide increased spin from all kinds of lies while its unique sole grind allows for increased versatility from tight lies or bunkers. The Hi-Toe version adds additional loft and spin on high shots while the Big Foot version adds even more loft for those who need extra help getting their ball in the air.

The Milled Grind 2 Hi-Toe Big Foot wedge is a combination of both the Hi-Toe and Big Foot models but with a slightly different sole grind that provides more shot options from difficult lies or bunkers. Lastly, there is the Milled Grind 2 Raw Face that features a raw face design for maximum spin potential with no camber whatsoever.

No matter what your golfing needs may be, TaylorMade has the perfect gap wedge for you! From its incredibly precise milled grinds to its versatile sole grinds and raw face designs, TaylorMade has everything you need to take your game to the next level!

Understanding the Purpose of a Gap Wedge

Gap wedges are an important part of any golfer’s toolkit. These clubs are designed to fill the gap between the short irons and the sand wedge. This allows players to have more options when it comes to attacking the green, as they can hit shots with more precision and control. It is also a great option for those who want to hit higher-lofted shots out of bunkers or deep rough. The gap wedge is designed to be a versatile club, making it an invaluable asset for any golfer.

Choosing the Right Loft

When selecting a gap wedge, one of the most important considerations is choosing the right loft. Generally speaking, gap wedges are available in lofts between 50-54 degrees, giving players plenty of options when it comes to determining how high they want their shots to go. As a general rule, higher-lofted wedges will give players more control over their shots while lower-lofted wedges will provide more distance. Understanding which type of shot you need will help you determine which loft is best for you.

Selecting the Right Shaft

Another important factor when selecting a gap wedge is choosing the right shaft. Most gap wedges come with either steel or graphite shafts, so it’s important to understand which one best suits your game. Steel shafts are typically heavier and offer more stability while graphite shafts offer lighter weight and increased feel. Understanding your swing and what type of shaft will offer you optimal performance will help you make the right decision.

Choosing the Right TaylorMade Gap Wedge

When selecting a TaylorMade gap wedge, there are several things that should be taken into consideration. First and foremost, it’s important to understand which type of shot you want to hit with this club so that you can select an appropriate loft. Additionally, understanding your swing and what type of shaft will offer optimal performance is also essential when making your selection. Finally, make sure that you select a club that feels comfortable in your hands so that you can perform at your best on every shot.

Optimized Loft and Sole Grinds

The TaylorMade Gap Wedge features optimized lofts and sole grinds designed to maximize performance around the green. It has three distinct sole grinds – WideLow, Mid, and Thin – that provide different turf interaction based on your swing type and course conditions. The optimized lofts range from 47° to 54°, providing the ideal gapping between the pitching wedge and sand wedge. This allows you to hit shots with greater accuracy and control from a variety of lies. The Gap Wedge also features a Tour-inspired shape for improved feel, feedback, and playability.

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Precision Grooves

The TaylorMade Gap Wedge is equipped with precision grooves designed to promote maximum spin and control on approach shots. The grooves are laser etched into the face of the wedge, providing consistent spin across all loft options. The laser etching process also ensures that each groove is perfectly spaced for optimal ball bite on every shot. This helps you generate more spin on full shots while still maintaining control during delicate chip shots around the green.

Versatile Bumpers

The TaylorMade Gap Wedge also features versatile bumpers that allow you to customize your setup to suit your individual game style. You can adjust the height of the heel or toe bumpers to optimize your preferred turf interaction or use them as a reference point when addressing your ball in order to maintain consistent contact between clubface and ball. Furthermore, the bumpers can be adjusted in 1° increments for even more precise shot-making capabilities.

Feel Balanced Shaft

The TaylorMade Gap Wedge is equipped with a Feel Balanced Shaft that helps ensure consistent contact between clubface and ball at impact. This shaft features an ultra-lightweight construction that provides superior feel while helping reduce fatigue during longer rounds of golf. The Feel Balanced Shaft also has an optimal weight distribution system designed to promote more stable swings for better results around the green.

How to Use a TaylorMade Gap Wedge

Gap wedges, also known as attack wedges, are specialized clubs designed to help golfers hit shots with greater accuracy and spin. The TaylorMade gap wedge is designed to help golfers hit shots from distances of 40-100 yards, allowing for greater control and greater accuracy on short-range shots. Using a gap wedge properly requires an understanding of stance, grip, and swing technique.

To use the TaylorMade gap wedge correctly, start by positioning your feet parallel to the target line. Always remember to keep your feet shoulder-width apart for balanced support. You should also keep your weight slightly favored on your front foot for extra power when hitting the ball.

Next, take a firm grip on the club with your left hand at the top of the handle and your right hand slightly lower. This will help you deliver more power on each shot while maintaining control over the clubface.

When swinging with a gap wedge, keep your arms relatively straight but still slightly bent at the elbows. This will ensure that you don’t lose control of the clubface during your backswing. As you swing down into the ball, make sure that you turn through with your hands and arms as they approach impact in order to deliver maximum power and spin on each shot.

Finally, finish each swing by following through until both hands are facing up towards the sky at waist level or higher. This will help ensure that you’ve delivered maximum power into each shot while still maintaining control over both trajectory and spin.

By keeping these tips in mind when using a TaylorMade gap wedge, you can ensure that you’ll be able to hit more accurate shots from distances of 40-100 yards with greater control and spin than ever before!

Proper Stance

Using a TaylorMade gap wedge requires proper stance in order to hit the ball with maximum accuracy and power. To get the most out of your wedge, you should make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and that your knees are slightly bent. Your weight should be evenly distributed between both feet, with your arms hanging comfortably at your sides. This will help ensure that you have a consistent swing each time you use the club.

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The grip is an important factor when using a TaylorMade gap wedge. You should grip the club so that your hands sit close together, with your top hand sitting slightly lower than your bottom hand. This will help you create maximum control over the club head throughout the swing. Additionally, try to keep your thumbs pointing down during the swing in order to keep the clubface square as you hit the ball.


Before taking a shot, it is important to take some time to set up correctly. Make sure that the clubface is square when it meets the ball and that it is lined up directly behind it. It can also be useful to take a few practice swings before hitting, as this will help you get used to the feel of the club and ensure that everything feels comfortable before striking.

Swing Path

When using a TaylorMade gap wedge, it is important to maintain an even tempo throughout the swing in order to achieve maximum accuracy and distance. To do this, focus on keeping your arms close together throughout and maintaining a steady rhythm as you move from backswing to follow through. Additionally, try not to rotate too much during either part of the swing – instead aim for more of an up-and-down motion.

Follow Through

Once you have made contact with the ball, make sure that you complete your follow through by finishing off with an even tempo and straightening out both arms at impact. This will help ensure that all of your power is transferred into hitting the ball rather than getting lost in unnecessary movement or rotation.

Pros of the TaylorMade Gap Wedge

The TaylorMade Gap Wedge is an excellent choice for golfers who are looking for a versatile club that can help them fill the gaps in their bag. The gap wedge offers a variety of loft and bounce options that make it easier to hit shots from a variety of lies. It also features a wide sole design that helps golfers get the ball up in the air quickly and easily. Additionally, the TaylorMade Gap Wedge is extremely durable, making it a great choice for players who want to invest in quality equipment that will last them many rounds of golf.

Cons of the TaylorMade Gap Wedge

One potential downside to the TaylorMade Gap Wedge is that it can be difficult to control distance with this club due to its wide sole design. This means that players may find themselves hitting shots that are too short or too long for their intended target. Additionally, the gap wedge can be difficult to use from bunkers or other difficult lies, as its wide sole makes it more susceptible to digging into the sand or turf. Finally, this club can be costly compared to other wedges on the market, making it an investment for more serious golfers who want top-of-the-line equipment.


The TaylorMade Gap Wedge is a great choice for golfers of all levels, from the beginner to the experienced. It is easy to hit and provides great control over your shot. The spin it produces creates a great chance to hit the green with accuracy and precision. With its feel and feedback, it gives you confidence to hit shots that will stick close to where you want them. The TaylorMade Gap Wedge is an excellent wedge for golfers looking for more control in their short game.

Overall, the TaylorMade Gap Wedge is an excellent choice for those who are looking for more control and accuracy in their short game. Not only does it provide good feel and feedback, but it also allows you to get close to the pin with precision and accuracy. With its durability and performance, it’s a great wedge that can help improve your game overall.

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