titleist 704 cb year made

The Titleist 704 CB irons are a classic set of clubs from 2003 and feature a traditional shape, feel, and performance. The 704 CBs have been designed with maximum forgiveness and control in mind while still maintaining a classic look. These irons feature a “CB” cavity back design that delivers enhanced ball speeds off the face for greater distance control. The set also features dynamic sole widths for more consistent turf interaction from any lie, as well as progressive offset to help reduce the amount of slice or fade on shots. Titleist’s patented “Vibration Reduction Technology” is also present in the 704 CB irons to help reduce club vibration for improved feel and sound at impact.The Titleist 704 CB irons are a classic forged cavity back iron set that provides control and workability in a traditional shape. These irons are designed to be played by low to mid-handicap players who prefer the feel of a forged iron and want to control the ball flight. The 704 CB irons feature a slightly larger head size than the previous model, which helps to increase forgiveness and launch the ball higher. The cavity back design raises the center of gravity, making it easier to get the ball airborne with less effort. Additionally, the set comes with 4-iron through 9-iron, plus a pitching wedge and sand wedge. The 704 CB irons are an excellent choice for golfers who prefer a classic look and feel with added forgiveness.


The Titleist 704 CB irons feature a classic, traditional design. The irons have a compact shape with minimal offset and a relatively thin topline. They also have a slightly thicker sole than other Titleist irons, which helps to provide more forgiveness on off-center hits. The grooves are designed to help promote consistent ball spin and trajectory control.


The Titleist 704 CB irons offer excellent performance for golfers of all skill levels. The combination of the compact shape and thick sole helps to create a high launching ball flight with increased spin rate. This enables players to be able to work the ball more effectively when needed. Additionally, the grooves allow for better control of ball spin and trajectory, allowing for greater accuracy when hitting approach shots.


The Titleist 704 CB irons offer a soft yet solid feel at impact. The heads are made from soft carbon steel which gives the clubhead a very soft feel at impact that is preferred by many players. Additionally, the thick sole helps to dampen vibration at impact, resulting in improved feel and feedback from the clubhead.

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The Titleist 704 CB irons offer excellent performance for golfers of all skill levels. They feature a classic, traditional design that promotes consistency and accuracy while also providing increased forgiveness on off-center hits. Additionally, they have great feel due to their soft carbon steel construction and thick sole design. These features make them an ideal choice for players looking for an iron set that offers great performance in all aspects of the game.


The Titleist 704 CB irons feature a classic cavity back design, with a shallow cavity that creates a sweet spot for maximum forgiveness and improved control. The cavity back also helps increase the moment of inertia (MOI), providing more stability on off-center shots. The sole is slightly wider than most irons and has less bounce, helping players to better control their shots and get the ball to stop quickly on the green. The head shape is rounded and classic, with a slightly larger face than many other cavity back irons. This helps create a larger sweet spot and makes it easier to launch the ball high into the air. The Titleist 704 CB irons have been designed with a classic look that appeals to better players who want performance without sacrificing looks.

Titleist 704 CB: Performance

The Titleist 704 CB irons are a great choice for golfers looking for enhanced performance on the course. The irons have an aerodynamic design that helps reduce drag and increase ball speed, making them a great option for mid- to low-handicap players. The compact head design also gives the golfer more control and accuracy. Additionally, the irons feature a thin top line and sole that help promote a lower center of gravity, allowing for better launch angles and improved spin rates. The Titleist 704 CB irons also offer a multi-material construction that adds stability and forgiveness. With its combination of performance, design, and construction, the Titleist 704 CB irons are an excellent choice for golfers who are looking to maximize their distance and accuracy on the course.

Titleist 704 CB Year Made

The Titleist 704 CB irons were released in 2004 as an upgrade to the Titleist DCI 762 irons. These clubs feature a cavity back design which creates a larger sweet spot on the clubface and allows for more forgiveness on off-center shots. The clubs also feature an improved sole design which reduces turf interaction for better contact with the ball. The head shape is slightly larger than the DCI 762 while still providing a classic look at address. The clubs also feature progressive offset technology which helps to reduce the amount of drag during the swing. The Titleist 704 CB irons come in 3-PW and are available in various lofts and shaft flexes to suit any golfer’s needs.

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The Titleist 704 CB irons feature a forged 1020 carbon steel construction which provides excellent feel and feedback at impact. This material is also extremely durable, allowing these clubs to last through many rounds of golf. The CG (Center of Gravity) position on these clubs has been moved lower in the clubhead to produce higher launch angles and reduce spin rates for more distance off the tee. The grooves on these clubs have also been designed to conform to USGA regulations, allowing them to generate maximum spin on approach shots for improved accuracy around the green.

Quality Assurance Procedures

At Titleist, we take great pride in delivering the highest quality products to our customers. To ensure our products consistently meet the highest standards of quality, we have implemented a rigorous quality assurance process. We use the latest testing methods and technologies to ensure that each and every Titleist 704 CB manufactured meets all of our stringent requirements. Our quality assurance process includes a comprehensive series of tests that are designed to assess the performance, durability, and safety of each product. We also take into consideration how our products interact with other components, such as golf clubs and other pieces of golf equipment. In addition, we inspect all parts for any signs of wear or damage before they are used in the manufacturing process. To further ensure that each product meets our stringent standards, we employ trained professionals who conduct regular inspections throughout the entire production process. By doing so, we can guarantee that all Titleist 704 CBs are built to last and provide years of reliable service.

At Titleist, we understand how important it is for our customers to have confidence in their purchase. That is why we take great care to make sure that every product meets or exceeds our strict quality standards. From the initial design stages through to final inspection and delivery, every step is taken with an eye toward providing superior quality golf equipment. We never cut corners when it comes to ensuring the quality of our products; rather, we focus on delivering excellence no matter what.

Ultimately, it is through this commitment to excellence that Titleist has become one of the leading names in golf equipment worldwide. Our dedication to delivering superior quality products ensures that each and every customer is entirely satisfied with their purchase no matter what type of golf club they choose from us.

Titleist 704 CB

The Titleist 704 CB irons are some of the most popular clubs produced by the brand. The design is timeless, and the craftsmanship is second to none. These irons were first introduced in the late 90’s and have been a favorite among golfers ever since. The Titleist 704 CB irons are made using advanced manufacturing processes that ensure high quality and consistent performance. The clubs feature a deep undercut cavity back design that provides increased forgiveness and improved ball flight. Additionally, they feature an offset hosel for added control and a higher center of gravity for greater accuracy.

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Year Made

The Titleist 704 CB irons were first introduced in 1998 and have been produced ever since. Since their introduction, these irons have become an integral part of many golfer’s sets due to their superior performance and classic design. Although they may be slightly outdated compared to modern technology, the Titleist 704 CB irons remain one of the most reliable and consistent clubs available on the market today.

Manufacturing Processes

The Titleist 704 CB irons are manufactured using advanced forging processes that ensure consistency in size, weight, shape, material composition, and overall quality. The forged heads of these irons are created from 1020 carbon steel for added strength and durability while maintaining soft feel at impact. Additionally, each club is machined with precision to create optimal spin rates for improved performance on off-center shots. The stainless steel shafts are also made with precision to ensure proper flexing depending on the swing speed of the golfer for maximum distance and accuracy.

Titleist 704 CB Year Made

The Titleist 704 CB irons were released in 2004 and remain a popular option for golfers today. The clubs feature a classic cavity back design that delivers solid feel and improved accuracy. The clubs have a medium-large head size and are designed to optimize the trajectory of shots. The clubs are made from 1020 carbon steel, making them durable and forgiving.

Testing Protocols

In order to ensure quality control, all Titleist 704 CB irons go through rigorous testing protocols. The clubs are tested for accuracy, distance control, spin rate, trajectory, and shot shape consistency. Clubs are also tested for impact sound and feedback on each shot to ensure that they meet Titleist’s high standards of quality control. The testing protocols allow Titleist to ensure that their clubs consistently perform as expected for all golfers.


The Titleist 704 CB is a classic club that has stood the test of time. Its timeless design, excellent performance, and long-lasting quality make it an ideal choice for long-term use. It provides great feel and feedback for experienced golfers, while also offering increased forgiveness to those just beginning their golfing journey. The Titleist 704 CB is a great club for all types of golfers and will provide years of enjoyment on the course.

Overall, the Titleist 704 CB is an amazing option for anyone looking to purchase a quality set of clubs. With its classic look and high performance features, it is sure to please any golfer who takes it out on the course. With its timeless design, excellent performance, and long-lasting quality, the Titleist 704 CB will be a great addition to any golfer’s bag.