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titleist 704 cb

The Titleist 704 CB irons provide the ultimate in feel, performance and control for the discerning golfer. The 704 CB irons feature a high-tech multi-material construction that combines Titanium and Stainless Steel to create an incredibly responsive clubface with a deeper center of gravity. The result is a more accurate, consistent ball strike with optimal spin and control for exceptional distance and accuracy from any lie. The shorter blade length and thinner top-line also provide a sleek look at address. With its classic lines, superior feel and unparalleled control, the Titleist 704 CB Irons offer the best of both worlds – performance and playability.The Titleist 704 CB irons are high-performance cavity back irons designed for players seeking maximum workability and shot control. The 704 CB irons feature a full undercut cavity for added forgiveness, a thin top line and sole for versatility and playability, and a traditional muscle back design. The club head has a slightly larger profile than most cavity backs and has been designed to be extremely forgiving on off-center hits. The stock True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel shafts are lightweight and provide exceptional feel and control. The swingweight is D2, delivering an ideal combination of power and accuracy. The Titleist 704 CB irons offer the best of both worlds, with the workability of a muscle back iron combined with the forgiveness and playability of a cavity back iron.

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The Titleist 704 CB Irons feature a classic blade-style design with a slightly oversized head for increased playability and forgiveness. The clubface is constructed from stainless steel for added durability and the sole of the club has been designed to reduce turf drag for improved contact with the golf ball. The undercut cavity of the club creates an optimal center of gravity, allowing for an easy launch and increased distance. The sole weighting also helps to improve accuracy and control while also providing players with more feel on their shots. Overall, the design of the Titleist 704 CB Irons offers players a great combination of distance, accuracy, feel and forgiveness.

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The Titleist 704 CB Irons feature several advanced technologies that help to improve performance. The clubface is constructed from 17-4 stainless steel which provides maximum durability and increased ball speed off the face at impact. Additionally, there is a variable thickness face insert that helps to create more consistent ball speeds across the face for improved accuracy and distance. To further enhance performance, there is an undercut cavity that moves the center of gravity lower in the clubhead which helps to launch shots higher with less spin for improved distance without sacrificing control.

Michael Piko
Michael Piko

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