titleist 716 t mb

The Titleist 716 T-MB irons are designed for players seeking added distance and forgiveness. Crafted with maximum performance technologies, including a fast and forgiving hollow-body construction and high-density tungsten sole weighting, the 716 T-MB irons deliver explosive distance with superior control. This iron set features a progressive set design with a thin, fast face for increased ball speed and explosive distance across the entire set. The long and mid irons feature an even higher MOI for enhanced forgiveness on off-center hits while the short irons feature a more traditional design for improved shotmaking versatility.The Titleist 716 T MB Irons are a top-of-the-line set of irons designed to deliver tour-level performance. The muscle-back design provides a superior feel and classic look, while the progressive blade lengths and sole widths provide precise distance control and maximum shot-making ability. The mid-size design offers a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness on off center shots, and the new High Density Tungsten weighting increases MOI for more consistent distance on every shot. With premium forged 1025 carbon steel construction, the Titleist 716 T MB Irons provide players with the ultimate combination of feel, control, and workability.

Design & Construction

The Titleist 716 T MB Irons feature a traditional muscle back design and construction. The heads have a classic look, with minimal offset and a slightly thicker top line. The irons have been constructed using high-grade stainless steel, which provides excellent feel and feedback. The use of tungsten weighting in the sole of the club helps to increase launch angle and add forgiveness to shots hit off-centre. The grooves have also been designed to promote increased spin on full shots, helping to maintain control and accuracy. With these features, the Titleist 716 T MB Irons provide a great combination of feel, control and forgiveness for the better player.

The irons come in four different lofts as well as left-handed options; 8, 9, PW and GW. Along with these loft options, they also come in two different shaft flexes; Regular (R) or Stiff (S). Each club is fitted with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel shaft for optimal performance.

Weight & Balance

The Titleist 716 T MB Irons feature a multi-material design that helps to provide excellent weight and balance. The head of the iron is made from stainless steel for a soft, responsive feel at impact. The sole of the club is constructed from tungsten, which provides outstanding stability and balance. This combination of materials creates a powerful and forgiving iron that will help golfers hit their shots with consistent accuracy and distance. The center of gravity is lower in the head of the club, allowing golfers to launch their shots higher with more spin for added control.

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The Titleist 716 T MB Irons also feature an adjustable weighting system that allows golfers to customize their clubs for improved performance. The weights can be adjusted to create a slightly lighter or heavier head, which can help players dial in their preferred swing speed and ball flight trajectory. With its multi-material construction and adjustable weighting system, the Titleist 716 T MB Irons are designed to provide golfers with exceptional performance on every shot.

Titleist 716 T MB Irons – Shaft Options

The Titleist 716 T MB irons offer golfers a variety of shaft options to suit their individual playing styles and swing characteristics. The standard offering is the True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT shaft, a mid-weight steel shaft that provides a consistent feel throughout the set. For players seeking a lighter weight option, Titleist offers the True Temper XP95 steel shaft and the Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage TiNi graphite shaft. Both of these premium shafts provide an exceptionally lightweight feel and optimized trajectory for maximum distance and control. Additionally, Titleist offers a variety of aftermarket shafts from top brands such as Fujikura, Aldila, Graphite Design, Project X and Matrix to further customize the performance of the 716 T MB irons.

No matter what your playing style or swing preference is, Titleist has you covered with the 716 T MB iron set. With an array of premium shaft options available from both Titleist and aftermarket manufacturers, you are sure to find the perfect combination of distance, accuracy and feel that suits your needs best.

Titleist 716 T MB Irons – Loft Options

The Titleist 716 T MB Irons is one of the most popular irons from the Titleist range. They feature a precision-milled face and grooves, providing superior distance and accuracy. The irons also have a compact shape that promotes control and workability. The Titleist 716 T MB Irons come in a variety of loft options, allowing golfers to choose the right clubs for their needs. With its progressive sole widths, the Titleist 716 T MB Irons offer an enhanced performance compared to traditional irons. The progressive sole widths also help reduce turf interaction, providing better turf interaction and more consistent ball striking. The Titleist 716 T MB Irons are designed with an innovative weight distribution system that provides great feel and control, as well as increased forgiveness on mis-hits. With these features, the Titleist 716 T MB Irons are ideal for low handicappers looking for maximum performance on the course.

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The Titleist 716 T MB Irons offer a variety of loft options that allow golfers to select the perfect clubs to fit their game. From high-lofted clubs for game improvement players to mid-lofted clubs for players looking for more workability and control, there is something for everyone in this iron set. The lofts available range from 18°-46° for men’s clubs, 18°-45° for women’s clubs, and 16°-43° for junior clubs. Players can choose from a variety of shaft flexes depending on their swing speed and type of shot they want to hit.

Overall, the Titleist 716 T MB Irons offer something for every golfer no matter what their skill level or playing style might be. With its progressive sole widths, enhanced feel and control system, and variety of loft options available, these irons provide great performance on the course at an affordable price.

Titleist 716 T MB Irons – Specifications & Rating

The Titleist 716 T MB Irons are designed for the better player looking to maximize workability and shot control. These irons are constructed with a tour-influenced design featuring a classic muscle back shape with a thin top line and narrower sole width. The irons feature a precision forged high density tungsten weighting which is strategically positioned in the heel and toe of the club head to provide increased forgiveness and stability on off-center shots. The True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts provide a stable feel and controlled ball flight. The Tour Velvet grips have a soft texture for enhanced feel and feedback.

The Titleist 716 T MB Irons have been rated highly by golfers, with many praising the workability of the clubs as well as their ability to deliver pinpoint accuracy when needed. The irons also offer great distance control, allowing players to dial in their distance on approach shots. Players also love the classic look of these irons, which look right at home in any golfer’s bag. In terms of drawbacks, some players have mentioned that they can be difficult to hit off tight lies due to the low center of gravity.

Overall, the Titleist 716 T MB Irons are an excellent choice for better players seeking maximum workability and shot control from their clubs. With a classic look, precision craftsmanship, and superior performance, these irons can help any golfer take their game to the next level.

Price & Value

The Titleist 716 T MB Irons are an excellent choice for golfers looking for the highest performance at a reasonable price. They provide superior feel and feedback, plus long-distance accuracy and control. The progressive set design increases forgiveness on off-center hits, while providing the workability and control that better players demand. The full set of irons (3-PW) also features a light steel shaft, allowing golfers to increase clubhead speed for more power and distance. All in all, the Titleist 716 T MB Irons provide the perfect blend of performance and value.

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The moderate price tag of these clubs represents an excellent value for golfers who are serious about their game but don’t want to break the bank. Their combination of classic looks, superb feel, maximum forgiveness and workability make them a worthwhile investment for any golfer looking to improve their game.


The Titleist 716 T MB Irons have a number of positive features that make them an appealing choice for golfers. They offer improved accuracy and distance control, thanks to their compact design and thinner top line. The larger muscle back blade design allows for increased forgiveness, while the tungsten weights in the toe and heel provide improved stability on off-center shots. The lower center of gravity helps to launch shots higher and with more spin, making them ideal for players seeking to maximize their ball flight. Additionally, the irons have a sleek black finish that looks great on the course.


The Titleist 716 T MB Irons come with a few drawbacks as well. They are on the pricey side, so they may not be the best option for players looking to save some money. Additionally, they can be difficult to hit consistently due to their smaller sweet spot and blade-style design. Finally, these irons may not be ideal for players who need extra help launching their shots as they do not feature any extra weighting or sole designs that can help launch shots higher and farther.


The Titleist 716 T MB is a great choice for those who are looking for a club that will give them the best performance out on the course. The classic look of the club is sure to please even the most discerning golfer, while its lightweight structure makes it easy to swing. The added forgiveness and versatility of the club make it a great choice for players of all levels. The Titleist 716 T MB has proven itself to be an excellent choice in clubs, and is sure to be a mainstay in golf bags for years to come.

For those who want their game to reach the next level, the Titleist 716 T MB is definitely worth taking a look at. Its combination of looks, performance, and value make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their game. With its classic look and modern performance features, the Titleist 716 T MB is sure to be a winning addition to any golfer’s bag.