titleist 917 d3 driver settings

The Titleist 917 D3 Driver is the pinnacle of performance for golfers who demand distance, forgiveness, and accuracy. Featuring a lower spin rate, the 917 D3 provides a penetrating ball flight with less side spin. Its adjustable SureFit CG technology allows players to fine-tune their ball flight to match their swing characteristics and course conditions. With an adjustable hosel, golfers can choose from 16 different settings to customize their preferred ball flight. The 917 D3 also has a lightweight, aerodynamic head design that provides more speed and distance with less effort. Whether you’re a beginner or a tour pro, the Titleist 917 D3 Driver will enable you to hit longer and straighter shots from the tee box.The Titleist 917 D3 Driver is a top-of-the-line golf club designed for maximum distance and accuracy. This driver features an adjustable hosel system that allows golfers to customize their launch angle, spin rate, and shot shape. The 917 D3 also boasts a low CG design for less drag and higher launch angles for increased carry distance. The Active Recoil Channel technology increases ball speed by up to 6 mph, while the SureFit CG weighting system ensures a more consistent ball flight no matter what kind of shot you’re trying to hit. With all these features combined, the Titleist 917 D3 Driver is the ideal choice for golfers looking to maximize their performance on the course.

Features of the Titleist 917 D3 Driver

The Titleist 917 D3 Driver is a highly-regarded golf club that has been designed for high quality performance and accuracy. The driver has a large club head with an adjustable sole weight and adjustable hosel, allowing golfers to customize the weight and launch angle of their shots. Additionally, the driver features an aerodynamic shape that helps reduce drag and increase ball speed off of the tee. It also has a draw bias design which helps promote a straighter ball flight for more consistent results. The club head is made from titanium, which is lightweight yet strong, helping to provide excellent feel and sound at impact. Finally, the driver also features an adjustable loft sleeve for further customization. With its combination of modern technology and classic design, the Titleist 917 D3 Driver is sure to provide exceptional performance for any player looking to improve their game.

How Does the Titleist 917 D3 Driver Perform?

The Titleist 917 D3 driver is a high performance golf club that is designed to provide increased accuracy and distance off the tee. It features a unique Active Recoil Channel 2.0 technology which helps to reduce spin and increase ball speed for maximum distance. The club also features an Adjustable Swingweight system that allows players to adjust the weight of the clubhead to suit their individual swing. Additionally, the clubhead has a variable face thickness design, which helps to create more consistent ball speeds across the entire face of the club. This allows for greater accuracy when hitting shots off the tee.

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Overall, the Titleist 917 D3 driver is a great choice for players looking for increased accuracy and distance off the tee. It features some of the most advanced technologies available in golf clubs today, and its adjustable swingweight system allows players to customize it to their individual swing needs. With its variable face thickness design, players can be sure they are getting consistent ball speeds across the entire face of their driver, resulting in greater accuracy when hitting shots off the tee.

Launch Angle and Spin Rate

Adjusting the Titleist 917 D3 driver settings can help improve your game. The most important factors to consider when adjusting these settings are launch angle and spin rate. Launch angle determines how high the ball will fly off the tee, while spin rate affects how the ball will move once it is in the air. Adjusting these settings can help you achieve more distance and accuracy on your shots. It is important to note that increasing launch angle will also increase spin rate, so it is important to find a balance between the two.

Loft Settings

The loft settings of the Titleist 917 D3 driver are also important to consider when adjusting its settings. Loft determines how high or low the ball will fly off of the tee, with higher lofts leading to higher trajectories and lower lofts leading to lower trajectories. Higher lofts can also lead to more spin, which can be beneficial when trying to control shots into greens or around obstacles. However, it is important to remember that too much loft can lead to more sidespin on shots and decrease accuracy.

Weight Placement

Weight placement is another factor that should be considered when adjusting Titleist 917 D3 driver settings. Weight placement affects both distance and accuracy by changing the trajectory of shots as well as their spin rate. Heavier weights placed in the toe of the clubhead will cause shots to draw (curve right for a right-handed golfer), while heavier weights placed in the heel will cause them to fade (curve left for a right-handed golfer). This can be beneficial for shaping shots around obstacles or achieving more distance on straight drives.

Overall, adjusting Titleist 917 D3 driver settings can help golfers improve their game by increasing distance and accuracy. It is important for golfers to consider factors such as launch angle, spin rate, loft settings, and weight placement when making adjustments in order to maximize performance on each shot.

Adjusting the Loft Angle on a Titleist 917 D3 Driver

The Titleist 917 D3 Driver is a popular choice among golfers because of its adjustability. You can easily adjust the loft angle of your driver to get the desired results and optimize your game. By adjusting the loft angle, you can control the trajectory of your shots, making them more consistent and powerful.

In order to adjust the loft angle of your Titleist 917 D3 Driver, you will need to use special tools. The first step is to loosen the screws that hold the hosel in place. To do this, use a flat-head screwdriver and carefully loosen each screw until they are just loose enough to turn them with your fingers.

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Next, use a wrench or an adjustable wrench to turn the hosel in either direction depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the loft angle. If you are increasing the angle, turn it clockwise; if you are decreasing it, turn it counterclockwise. Make sure not to go too far as this can damage your club head.

Once you have adjusted the loft angle to your desired level, use a torque wrench to tighten up all of the screws again. Make sure that all of them are tightened up properly so that there is no chance for any extra movement when playing golf with your Titleist 917 D3 Driver. Finally, take some practice swings with it and see if you have achieved your desired results.

Adjusting the Face Angle on a Titleist 917 D3 Driver

The Titleist 917 D3 driver is a popular golf club designed to offer golfers maximum control and accuracy. The ability to adjust the face angle of the driver is one of the great features that this club offers. With just a few simple steps, you can easily adjust the face angle of your Titleist 917 D3 driver to get the most out of your game.

The first step in adjusting the face angle is to loosen the screws located near the top of the shaft. This will enable you to rotate the head so that it faces either left or right depending on your preference. You’ll want to make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure when doing this as it can damage both the club and shaft.

Once you have loosened the screws, you can then rotate the head until it faces in either direction, which will give you more control over your shots. After adjusting, be sure to tighten up all of the screws back in place so that they don’t come loose during play.

Finally, make sure to test out your new adjusted face angle before heading out onto the course. This will help ensure that everything is working correctly and that your shots are going exactly where you want them to go. With a few simple adjustments, you can easily get more control and accuracy out of every shot with your Titleist 917 D3 driver!

Adjusting the Lie Angle on a Titleist 917 D3 Driver

The Titleist 917 D3 Driver is one of the most popular drivers on the market today. It has an adjustable lie angle feature that allows players to customize their clubs for better performance. Adjusting the lie angle on a Titleist 917 D3 driver is relatively easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

First, you will need to find and measure the existing lie angle of your driver. To do this, place the club face down on a flat surface and use a protractor to measure the angle between the sole and shaft of the club. Once you have taken this measurement, you can compare it to your desired lie angle to see if an adjustment is necessary.

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If an adjustment is required, you will need to loosen the hosel screws with an appropriate tool. Once this is done, you can adjust the lie angle by rotating either clockwise or counterclockwise until your desired setting is reached. Be sure to tighten all screws firmly once finished, as this will help ensure that your preferred setting remains in place during play.

Finally, it’s important to note that adjusting the lie angle on a Titleist 917 D3 driver may not produce immediate results. You may need to play several rounds and fine-tune your settings before noticing any significant changes in performance. With patience and practice however, you should eventually be able to achieve optimal results with your newly adjusted driver!

Adjusting the Swing Weight of a Titleist 917 D3 Driver

Adjusting the swing weight of a Titleist 917 D3 driver is a simple process that can be completed in minutes. Swing weight is important because it helps golfers obtain optimal launch and spin conditions for their shots. A golfer’s swing weight should be adjusted to their individual preferences, depending on what type of shot they are trying to achieve. The following steps will guide you through how to adjust the swing weight on your Titleist 917 D3 driver.

First, you need to remove the head cover from the club and locate the hosel adjustment wrench that came with your driver. The wrench fits into two slots located at the base of the hosel, allowing you to turn it counterclockwise or clockwise to adjust the swing weight. Once you have located and fitted the wrench, turn it counterclockwise until you hear a clicking sound. This indicates that you have loosened the head slightly, allowing you to make adjustments to your desired swing weight.

Next, place an adjustable torque driver onto the hosel and adjust it until it reaches your desired swing weight. Generally, a higher torque setting corresponds with a heavier swing weight while a lower torque setting corresponds with a lighter swing weight. Once you have reached your desired setting, simply remove the torque driver from the hosel and tighten it back up using your adjustment wrench.

Finally, replace your head cover onto your club and take some practice swings just to ensure that everything feels comfortable and balanced for you. Adjusting the swing weight of your Titleist 917 D3 driver is simple and should only take about five minutes or so depending on how much adjusting needs to be done. With this knowledge in hand, you can now easily customize your club’s performance for optimal results!


The Titleist 917 D3 Driver offers golfers a great combination of forgiveness, power and control. The adjustable head and hosel allows golfers to customize the club to their own swing preference. The SureFit CG and SureFit Hosel allow for precise adjustments of the center of gravity and lie angle, while the Active Recoil Channel helps optimize ball speed across the face. The 917 D3 Driver is a great choice for golfers of all skill levels seeking a powerful, forgiving driver that can be easily tailored to their individual swing.

Overall, the Titleist 917 D3 Driver is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their distance off the tee with a powerful driver that offers adjustability and forgiveness. Golfers can customize the club to their own preferences through a variety of settings, allowing them to maximize performance while still retaining control over their shots. With its superior craftsmanship and innovative design features, Titleist has created a driver that can help any golfer take their game to the next level.