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titleist ap2 forged irons

Titleist AP2 Forged Irons are engineered to deliver the ultimate combination of distance, forgiveness and control. These irons feature a precise, progressive blade length design with a tour-preferred look and feel, as well as a more compact shape that provides improved playability and confidence at address. The superior multi-material construction combines a forged 1025 carbon steel body with tungsten weighting in the 3-7 irons to provide exceptional stability for increased forgiveness. Advanced CG positioning and high MOI design maximize ball speed across the face for maximum distance performance.The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons feature a multi-material, dual cavity design that is engineered for consistent distance control and shot-shaping workability. The irons have an advanced performance design with a co-forged, high density tungsten weighting in the long and mid irons for increased MOI and ball speeds as well as an undercut cavity design for improved feel. The irons also feature a progressive center of gravity (CG) positioning which helps to ensure optimal launch and trajectory throughout the set. Additionally, the irons feature a Tour-proven sole width and leading edge progression to promote precision shot making. The irons have a classic look at address with an appeal to better players who are looking for enhanced performance with traditional styling.

Forged Design

The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons feature a classic forged design, providing optimal feel and performance for any golfer. The irons are constructed from high-quality 1025 carbon steel for maximum durability and power. The unique shape of the clubhead allows for increased control and accuracy, while its thin top line provides a traditional look at address. Additionally, the tour-inspired sole design offers improved turf interaction for increased playability from all types of lies.

Progressive Set Makeup

Titleist AP2 Forged Irons are part of a progressive set makeup, which provides more forgiveness and distance in the long irons and greater control in the short irons. The 4-7 irons feature a hollow cavity back design that delivers increased ball speed and launch conditions, while the 8-PW feature an undercut cavity back that adds forgiveness without sacrificing precision. This progressive set makeup allows golfers of all ability levels to achieve optimal performance with each iron in their bag.

Precision Weighting Technology

The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons are designed with Precision Weighting Technology to provide optimal weight distribution throughout each clubhead for improved feel and control. This technology helps create an ideal balance between trajectory, distance, spin rate, accuracy, and shot shape for maximum performance on every shot. Additionally, the tungsten weighting in the toe provides added stability on off-center shots while keeping the center of gravity low for higher launch conditions.

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Tour-Inspired Feel

The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons provide a tour-inspired feel thanks to their forged construction and precision weighting technology. The irons have a soft yet responsive feel at impact that helps golfers fine tune their shots with pinpoint accuracy and control. Additionally, the tour-inspired sole design helps reduce turf drag during impact for improved playability from all types of lies.


The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons are designed to provide golfers with improved performance and distance control. The technology behind these irons is based on a multi-material construction, with a steel body and face inserts, as well as tungsten weighting for improved launch conditions. The face insert is made from an ultra-thin 431 stainless steel that provides more responsiveness at impact, while the tungsten weighting allows golfers to optimize their ball flight for improved accuracy and distance. The irons also feature Titleist’s proprietary True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts for enhanced feel and control. With its cutting-edge technology, the Titleist AP2 Forged Irons offer golfers a club that will help them take their game to the next level.

Increased Distance

The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons are designed to offer increased distance for golfers of all skill levels. The clubface is hotter than ever before, allowing golfers to launch the ball farther and straighter. Additionally, the progressive offset helps create a higher launch angle with greater control and improved accuracy. The result is an overall improved distance with each shot.

More Consistent Performance

The design of the Titleist AP2 Forged Irons also promotes greater consistency in performance. The progressive offset helps to create a more consistent ball flight, allowing golfers to accurately hit their target more often. The center of gravity has been moved lower and deeper within the clubhead which helps promote a higher launch angle for greater carry. The progressive sole camber also helps reduce turf interaction, resulting in more consistent contact between the clubface and the ball.

Improved Feel

The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons also deliver an improved feel for golfers. The forged construction helps to create a softer feeling at impact while providing a more solid sound on contact. Additionally, the tungsten weighting helps to improve forgiveness while still providing great feedback on each shot. This allows golfers to identify where they are making contact with the ball and make improvements accordingly.

Overall, the Titleist AP2 Forged Irons provide golfers with increased distance, more consistent performance and improved feel from every shot. These clubs are perfect for any golfer looking for an edge on their game that can help them play better and score lower.

Price Point

The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons are designed for high performance golfers who demand precision and distance control. As such, they come with a price tag that reflects their quality. The irons are available in sets of four to eight, and the cost can range from around $1000 to over $2000 depending on the set configuration. You can also purchase individual irons if you wish to customize your set. While the price point may be higher than some other iron sets on the market, it is worth it for the level of quality and performance that these clubs offer.

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The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons offer the best combination of feel, distance, and accuracy that you’ll find in any iron set. They are designed with a multi-material construction featuring tungsten weighting for increased stability and control, as well as advanced face technology for more consistent ball speeds. They also feature an innovative sole design which helps to reduce turf interaction for improved consistency in all playing conditions. All these features make these irons one of the top choices among serious golfers who demand maximum performance from their equipment.


The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons are renowned for their performance on the course. The irons have a deep undercut cavity-back design, which provides maximum forgiveness and distance control. The clubs have an advanced weighting system that distributes the weight to the perimeter of the club head, giving you more stability and control. The forged 1025 carbon steel body offers a soft, yet solid feel throughout your swing, while the U-groove technology provides enhanced spin control. These irons are designed to help players of all skill levels improve their game. With their performance and playability, these are some of the best golf clubs on the market today.

Overall, Titleist AP2 Forged Irons offer great performance for players of all ability levels. They provide maximum forgiveness and distance control, along with enhanced spin control thanks to their U-groove technology. The clubs have a deep undercut cavity-back design and an advanced weighting system that distributes the weight to the perimeter of the club head, giving you more stability and control. With their combination of performance and playability, these irons are sure to help you take your game to the next level.

Pros of Titleist AP2 Forged Irons

The Titleist AP2 Forged irons are designed to provide exceptional feel, forgiveness, and control. Their multi-material construction is optimized for distance and trajectory, creating a truly versatile iron set. The Tour-proven shape offers a classic look at address and features a deep undercut cavity for improved playability and forgiveness. The irons have a tungsten weighting system to ensure stability on off-center shots, with an increased launch angle and optimized spin rate. The wide sole design ensures consistent contact with the turf, allowing for better launch conditions and more predictable ball flights. Overall, the Titleist AP2 Forged irons offer superior performance without sacrificing feel or workability.

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Cons of Titleist AP2 Forged Irons

The only major con of the Titleist AP2 Forged irons is the price tag. They are significantly more expensive than other comparable iron sets on the market, making them inaccessible to some golfers. Additionally, the heavier construction can make them harder to launch for players with slower swing speeds. The design also lacks adjustability options such as loft or lie angles, making it difficult to customize the set to individual preferences. Finally, the lack of offset in the design makes them less forgiving than some other iron models on the market.

Titleist AP2 Forged Irons: Reviews

The Titleist AP2 Forged Irons have earned a reputation for being one of the best irons on the market, and many golfers are choosing them as their go-to set. They feature a classic design, with the modern technology that Titleist is known for utilizing in their clubs. The irons provide a blend of precision, power, and distance which makes them great for any level of golfer. The heads of the irons are made from forged 1025 carbon steel which gives them an incredibly soft feel and superior control.

The irons have a slightly larger head size than other Titleist irons and offer more forgiveness on off-center hits. The sole width is also wider which adds to the forgiveness factor as well as providing more stability at impact. The progressive center of gravity (CG) design creates a higher launch angle with shorter irons and lower launch angle with longer irons, making it easier to hit long shots from any lie.

The feedback from golfers who have used the Titleist AP2 Forged Irons has been overwhelmingly positive. They comment on how easy they are to hit and how accurate they are even on off-center hits. Players rave about how powerful the clubs feel upon impact and how far they can hit them consistently. Golfers also appreciate how quickly they can get used to the feel of these clubs which allows them to make quick adjustments in their game if needed. Overall, these irons make an excellent choice for players looking for top performance from their equipment.


The Titleist AP2 Forged irons are a great set of clubs for the player looking for maximum control and accuracy. The forgings provide added feel and feedback, while the progressive set design and tungsten weighting make them extremely versatile. The large sweet spot makes them forgiving on off-center hits, while the low center of gravity helps launch shots higher and longer. In summary, the Titleist AP2 Forged irons provide a great combination of playability, workability, and forgiveness that will appeal to a wide range of players.

Overall, the Titleist AP2 Forged irons offer superior performance benefits in every aspect – distance control, accuracy, feel, workability, forgiveness – that will help any golfer improve their game faster. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, these clubs can help you reach your goals on the golf course.

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