titleist avx enhanced alignment

Introducing the Titleist AVX Enhanced Alignment golf ball: a revolutionary new golf ball designed to provide exceptional distance, tour-level control, and enhanced alignment. With its unique core construction and soft feel, this ball delivers unmatched performance on the course. Its improved alignment features make it easier to hit straight shots and improve accuracy. With its advanced aerodynamics, the Titleist AVX Enhanced Alignment ball provides more consistent flight for greater accuracy and distance.Titleist AVX Enhanced Alignment is an innovative golf ball designed to deliver tour-level performance with remarkable distance and a soft feel. Featuring a unique High-Speed Core, Titleist AVX Enhanced Alignment is designed to maximize ball speed and provide low spin for long distance. The proprietary High-Speed Core also helps to enhance alignment, providing a more consistent flight pattern and improved accuracy on approach shots. The softer casing layer delivers enhanced feel for players of all skill levels. Titleist AVX Enhanced Alignment provides golfers with the perfect combination of distance, accuracy, and feel for their demanding game.

Enhanced Alignment

The Titleist AVX golf ball offers improved alignment, providing golfers with a more consistent and accurate game. The ball has an improved dimple pattern that helps to reduce sidespin and limit the amount of hook or slice off the tee. This allows players to more easily hit their target and have greater control over their shots. The ball also has a larger core, which helps to reduce spin, giving players more distance off the tee.

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Improved Feel

The Titleist AVX golf ball

Enhanced Alignment

The Titleist AVX golf ball is designed to provide enhanced alignment and visibility on the course. The ball features a high-visibility yellow core, which helps golfers better align their shots. The urethane cover is designed to provide more spin and better control, while the dimple pattern creates a consistent flight path and minimal drag. The ball also features an improved aerodynamic design that helps improve distance and accuracy. Additionally, the ball features an advanced alignment line that makes it easier to line up shots in the direction of the target.


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The Titleist AVX Enhanced Alignment is an impressive advancement in golf equipment design. By providing golfers with a more accurate and consistent alignment system, the Titleist AVX Enhanced Alignment technology can help golfers lower their scores and improve their game. The combination of a lightweight and durable design, excellent ball flight characteristics, and improved accuracy makes this technology a great option for players of all abilities. The Titleist AVX Enhanced Alignment is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to improve their game.

The Titleist AV