titleist driver chart left hand

The Titleist Driver Chart Left Hand is a great tool for golfers looking to customize their driver to their specific swing and playing style. This chart allows golfers to compare and contrast different model drivers from Titleist, as well as identify the desired shaft and loft for the perfect fit. With the range of models, lofts, and shafts available, golfers can find the right combination of performance and feel that best fits their game.The Titleist Driver Chart for Left Handers provides golfers with an easy way to find the perfect driver for their game. The chart includes detailed information on models, technology, customization options, and more, so that left-handed golfers can find the best fit for their individual swing. The chart is organized by model and features loft, shaft type, launch angle and spin rate data to help you decide which driver will give you the best performance on the course. With a variety of drivers to choose from, Titleist has something for every left-handed golfer.

Benefits of Using a Left Handed Driver from Titleist

Left handed drivers from Titleist offer many advantages for golfers. Firstly, their construction is tailored to the left hand, allowing for a more comfortable grip and better control of the club. The weight distribution of the club head provides more power to your shots, allowing you to hit the ball farther with greater accuracy. In addition, the design of the face ensures that any off-center hits will still go straight down the fairway.

Titleist also offers shafts that are specifically designed for left handed drivers. These shafts are made from high quality materials and provide exceptional feel and control. The flex of the shaft also helps to reduce vibration on impact, meaning every shot feels smooth and consistent.

A left handed driver from Titleist can also help improve your game by reducing fatigue over the course of a round. Since these clubs are designed for left handed players, they enable you to swing with less effort and maintain good form throughout your swing. This allows you to focus on making solid contact with the ball rather than expending excess energy trying to control your club head speed or direction.

Finally, using a left handed driver from Titleist can help you look and feel more confident on the golf course. When you have a club that is designed specifically for your game, it gives you an added sense of security knowing that it is perfectly tailored to your needs. This confidence will help you relax, allowing you to play at your best when it matters most – on the golf course!

In conclusion, there are many benefits to using a left handed driver from Titleist – improved accuracy and distance, superior feel and control, reduced fatigue during play and added confidence on the course. Whether you’re an experienced golfer looking for an edge or just learning how to play golf – a Titleist driver can make all the difference in improving your game!

Types of Left Handed Drivers from Titleist

Titleist offers a wide range of left-handed golf drivers, each designed to help you get maximum distance and accuracy off the tee. From the forgiving TSi2 driver to the power and performance-oriented TSi3 driver, Titleist has something for every type of golfer. Here is an overview of the different types of left-handed drivers from Titleist:

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The TSi2 driver is designed with a larger profile and more forgiveness than other drivers in Titleist’s lineup. It features an adjustable weighting system, allowing you to customize your launch conditions for maximum distance and accuracy. The lightweight design also helps to reduce spin for greater control.

The TSi3 driver is designed for those looking for maximum power and performance off the tee. It features a smaller profile than the TSi2, with reduced spin rate for increased control. The adjustable weighting system lets you optimize your launch conditions, while the lightweight design helps reduce fatigue during your round.

Finally, the TS4 driver is ideal for golfers who want a combination of forgiveness, power, and control off the tee. It features a unique sole shape that reduces spin rate while providing an optimal launch angle for greater distance. The adjustable weighting system lets you customize your ball flight for added confidence on every shot.

No matter which type of left-handed driver you choose from Titleist, you can be sure that it will deliver superior performance and accuracy on every shot. With its wide range of options, there’s sure to be a perfect fit in its lineup no matter what type of golfer you are!

Best-Rated Titleist Drivers for Left Handers

Left-handed golfers often have a difficult time finding the right driver for their swing. Fortunately, Titleist has a wide variety of drivers to suit left-handed golfers, from beginner to experienced players. Here are some of the best-rated Titleist drivers for left handers:

The Titleist 917 D2 Driver is designed with a deep face profile and adjustable weights, allowing left-handers to optimize their launch conditions for maximum distance. The 917 D2 also comes with SureFit CG, which allows golfers to fine tune their ball flight and spin characteristics through weight configuration.

The 917 D3 Driver is perfect for players that need more forgiveness at impact. It features a shallow face profile and an adjustable weight in the rear sole, allowing lefties to customize their launch conditions and maximize forgiveness on off-center hits. It also comes with SureFit CG technology, allowing you to make fine adjustments to your ball flight and spin characteristics.

For ultimate accuracy and control off the tee, the TS3 Driver is ideal for experienced players. It features a tour-inspired head shape with an adjustable sole weight that helps golfers dial in their launch conditions for improved accuracy and distance control. The TS3 also utilizes SureFit CG technology, giving you precise control over your ball flight and spin characteristics.

These are just some of the best-rated Titleist drivers available for left handers. Whether you’re looking for maximum distance or ultimate accuracy off the tee, there’s sure to be something here that suits your game.

How to Choose the Right Titleist Driver for Left Handers

Choosing the right Titleist driver for left handers can be a difficult task. With many different brands and models of drivers available, it can be hard to know which one is best suited to your needs. Fortunately, Titleist has a range of drivers specifically designed for left handers, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the perfect fit for your game. Here are some tips for choosing the right Titleist driver for your left-handed golf game.

The first step in choosing the right Titleist driver is to consider your playing style and skill level. Titleist offers a wide selection of drivers that cater to both beginner and experienced golfers. Beginner golfers should look for a driver that offers more forgiveness and distance, while experienced golfers should opt for a more precise model with greater control. Additionally, if you’re looking for added distance, you should check out the newer models with larger heads and heavier shafts.

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Next, you should consider the shaft length of your chosen Titleist driver. Drivers come in either standard or long length shafts; longer shafts will generate more clubhead speed which will result in greater distance and accuracy off the tee. If you’re unsure which length is best suited to your game, it’s always best to consult with an expert at your local golf store who can advise on what would work best for you.

Finally, make sure that the loft angle of your chosen Titleist driver is suitable for your height and swing speed. Loft angles determine how high or low the ball will travel after impact so it’s important to get this right if you want to maximize performance from each shot. Again, consulting with an expert at a local golf store is advisable as they can help advise on what would work best depending on your individual circumstances.

By following these simple tips you should be able to find the perfect Titleist driver for left handers that suits both your playing style and skill level. With so many different models available, there’s sure to be one that fits all of your needs!

Price Range of Titleist Drivers for Left Handers

Titleist drivers are renowned for their exceptional performance and craftsmanship. As a result, many left-handed golfers seek these clubs for their game. Fortunately, there is a wide range of Titleist drivers available to meet the needs of every golfer, regardless of their budget.

For those looking for an affordable option, the Titleist 917D3 driver is a great choice. It features the proprietary Active Recoil Channel technology to help you hit longer and straighter shots with improved accuracy. The head is designed with the classic pear shape that offers low spin and workability. The 917D3 also has adjustable loft and lie settings so you can customize it to your swing characteristics.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, the Titleist TS1 driver is an excellent choice. This model features advanced speed technology that gives you faster ball speed off the clubface for longer distances. It also has a low forward center of gravity to provide higher launch angles for more carry distance off the tee. Plus, its sleek design looks great in any bag.

Finally, if you want the best in performance and craftsmanship from Titleist, then look no further than the TS2 driver. This model uses ultra-thin titanium crown construction to save weight while still providing stability and forgiveness at impact. It also has adjustable hosel settings so you can customize your launch conditions to suit your golf game.

In conclusion, no matter what your budget is, there are plenty of great options when it comes to Titleist drivers for lefties. From entry-level models like the 917D3 to top-of-the-line clubs like the TS2, there’s something here for every golfer looking for maximum performance on the course.

Lightweight Design

Left handers often have a difficult time with golf clubs that are designed for a right-handed golfer. Titleist drivers have been designed with left-handers in mind, with a lightweight design that is easy to control and maneuver. The light weight of the clubhead provides a higher launch angle, which can help to reduce backspin and improve accuracy. The lightweight design also helps to reduce fatigue during the round, making the game more enjoyable.

Optimized Forgiveness

Titleist drivers are designed to provide maximum forgiveness on off-center hits. The club face is built to flex at impact, delivering greater ball speed and distance even when you don’t catch the ball in the center of the club face. This feature is especially beneficial for left-handers who may struggle with accuracy due to their natural swing mechanics.

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Adjustable Features

Titleist drivers feature adjustable features that allow you to fine tune your driver’s performance and customize it for your own style of play. You can adjust the loft, lie angle, and shaft flex in order to optimize your performance on the course. This feature makes Titleist drivers an excellent choice for left-handers who want maximum control over their game.

High Quality Construction

Titleist drivers are made from high quality materials that provide superior durability and performance over time. Each driver is designed with precision engineering that ensures an optimal balance between power and control. This combination of high quality construction and superior engineering make Titleist drivers one of the best choices for left handed golfers.

Selecting a Loft Angle on Your Left Handed Titleist Driver

Selecting the right loft angle for your left handed Titleist driver can make a huge difference in your golf game. Knowing your personal preferences, as well as the technical aspects of the club, will help you determine the best loft angle for your swing. Before making a purchase, take the time to understand what factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a left handed Titleist driver.

The primary factor to consider when selecting a loft angle on your left handed Titleist driver is the type of swing you have. If you are an amateur golfer with a slow swing speed, then you will want to choose a lower loft angle that will help launch the ball higher and further. However, if you are an experienced golfer with a fast swing speed, then you may want to opt for a higher loft angle that will keep the ball in the air longer and more accurately.

In addition to considering your own individual swing characteristics, it is also important to consider how various loft angles affect trajectory and spin rate. A higher loft angle produces less spin while providing more accuracy and greater distance. Conversely, lower loft angles produce more spin with less accuracy and shorter distance. It is important to understand how these factors affect your game before making a purchase decision.

Once you have considered your individual swing characteristics and how different loft angles affect trajectory and spin rate, it is time to test out different clubs at various angles. If possible, try out all of the available options at your local driving range or golf course before making a purchase decision. Testing out each option can help you decide which one best suits your needs and playing style.

By taking all these factors into account when selecting a left handed Titleist driver, you can ensure that you find the perfect club for improving your golf game. Understanding what matters most when selecting a club can make all the difference in terms of improving your skills on the course.


The Titleist Driver Chart for Left Hand offers a great selection of drivers that meet the individual needs of golfers. It features a wide range of drivers, from the most basic to the most advanced. The chart provides valuable information on the club’s loft and lie angle, shaft flex, and available head designs. It also helps golfers understand their particular needs for clubs and how they can choose the best driver for their game.

The Titleist Driver Chart for Left Hand is an invaluable tool that can help golfers make informed decisions when selecting a driver. With its comprehensive information, it serves as a great reference point for any golfer looking to upgrade their equipment or purchase a new driver. Ultimately, this chart makes it easier for players to find the right driver for their game and improve their performance on the course.

In conclusion, the Titleist Driver Chart for Left Hand is an ideal resource for all golfers seeking to upgrade or purchase new clubs. With its comprehensive information on club specs and head designs, it enables golfers to make informed decisions that are tailored to their individual needs. The Titleist Driver Chart for Left Hand is an invaluable tool that can help golfers find the perfect driver and maximize their potential on the course.