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Titleist irons have long been renowned for their performance and quality. From the original T-Series to the latest 620 MB and 620 CB models, Titleist has consistently released a wide range of irons that are suitable for a variety of golfers. Each year, Titleist strives to improve upon the designs of its previous offerings, giving golfers access to the latest technology and design features. Whether you’re looking for a classic forged iron or a modern distance-oriented model, Titleist has an iron that will fit your game. Explore the history of Titleist irons by year to find the best possible club for your game.Titleist has been producing golf clubs since 1932 and has long been known as one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Throughout the years, Titleist has developed a wide range of irons to suit the needs of every golfer. From classic blades to game improvement models, Titleist has always had a model that could help golfers to lower their scores.

The Titleist Tour Model iron was introduced in 1962 and quickly became a favorite among professionals. This classic blade featured a unique cavity design that made it easy to work the ball with great control and accuracy. Over time, Titleist added more forgiveness features to its irons while still retaining its classic blade look. The Tour model line has evolved over the years into a variety of shapes and sizes that offer different levels of performance for all types of golfers.

In 1997, Titleist released its first game improvement iron, the Ti-100. This iron featured an oversized head and a wide sole for maximum forgiveness on off-center shots. Over the years, Titleist continued to refine its game improvement offerings with models like the DCI Gold and AP2 irons which offered increased ball speed and distance along with improved feel and workability.

Today, Titleist offers several different lines of irons for players at all levels including the new T-Series which is designed to provide maximum forgiveness without sacrificing feel or workability. With so many options available, there is sure to be a set of Titleist irons that can help any golfer reach their potential on the course!

Titleist Iron Models by Year

Titleist is one of the most well-known and trusted manufacturers of golf clubs. The company has been producing quality irons for decades, and each year brings new advances in design and technology. Titleist’s iron models have undergone significant changes over the years, with each model offering its own unique features and benefits. Here is a look at some of the popular Titleist iron models from recent years.

The Titleist 718 AP2 irons, released in 2017, are a tour-proven design that provides maximum forgiveness and distance control for all levels of golfer. Featuring an advanced forged construction with an innovative co-forged dual cavity back design, the 718 AP2 irons deliver a more solid feel and greater workability than their predecessors. The use of high-grade steel allowed Titleist to create thinner club faces which provide faster ball speeds and enhanced launch conditions for more distance on off center hits.

The 2018 Titleist T-MB irons are designed to provide maximum distance with added forgiveness through their use of high density tungsten weighting. The innovative tungsten weighting allows for a lower CG (center of gravity) which makes it easier to launch the ball higher with less spin for increased carry distances. The T-MB irons also feature a sleek muscle back design which provides improved playability from all types of lies.

The 2019 Titleist 620 MB irons are designed to offer maximum control for skilled players looking for a traditional look and feel in their iron setup. Featuring classic blade styling with a minimal offset, these irons provide exceptional workability and shot shaping capabilities from any lie on the course. The addition of progressive CG (center of gravity) locations allows players to fine tune trajectory while maintaining consistent distance gapping throughout the set.

The most recent release from Titleist in 2020 is the 620 CB Irons, which offer enhanced playability with tour preferred looks. These hybrid-iron sets combine long iron forgiveness with short iron precision, giving golfers more control over their shots while still providing consistent distances from each club in the set. Featuring lower lofts than previous models, these irons generate higher ball speeds and longer carry distances while maintaining excellent accuracy on approach shots into greenside hazards or tight pin placements.

Titleist Irons: A Year-by-Year Guide

Titleist irons are some of the most popular and sought after clubs on the market. With a long history of making top quality clubs, Titleist has been a trusted name for decades. From the classic AP1 and AP2 sets to the modern T-MB and U500 irons, there is something for everyone. Here is a look at some of the most iconic Titleist irons from each year.

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The first set of Titleist irons released was the AP1 (Advanced Performance) in 2004. This set featured wider soles, deeper cavities, and larger heads than previous models, making them much more forgiving on off-center hits. The following year saw the introduction of the AP2 (Advanced Performance 2). These irons had even wider soles than their predecessors, giving them even more forgiveness on off-center shots. As well as this, they also featured an improved vibration dampening system to reduce unwanted vibrations.

In 2006, Titleist released the 755 and 735 CM irons. These were aimed at better players who wanted a combination of workability and forgiveness in their clubs. The 755 had a thinner top line and more offset compared to other irons in its class while the 735 CM featured a traditional cavity back design but with slightly thicker top lines for extra stability.

In 2009, Titleist launched its first ever “game improvement” iron – The 909 D2. This was a huge step forward for Titleist who had previously been seen as producing clubs only suitable for better players. The 909 D2 featured an oversized head shape with an extreme perimeter weighting system that allowed golfers to hit shots with greater accuracy and distance.

The following year saw the launch of two new models – The 910 D2/D3 irons and fairway woods. Both sets were designed to offer golfers maximum distance with increased accuracy from all types of lies. They also featured improved sole designs which allowed golfers to hit shots from all types of lies without sacrificing accuracy or distance.

In 2011, Titleist launched its T-MB (Tungsten Muscleback) iron set which was designed specifically for low handicap players who wanted maximum workability from their clubs. Featuring tungsten weights in strategic locations around each clubhead, these irons offered greater control over shot shape and trajectory than any other Titleist model before it.

In 2013, Titleist released their U500/U501 range which blended the forgiveness of game improvement clubs with the workability of players’ clubs into one package. These irons featured high density tungsten weights strategically placed across each clubhead allowing golfers to launch shots higher with more spin while still maintaining accuracy.

Finally, in 2020 we have seen the launch of Titleists latest range – T100/T200/T300/T400 Irons – which combines classic looks with modern technology to provide golfers with maximum performance from any lie or shot situation they might face on course. Featuring advanced sole designs that make it easier to launch shots higher while still maintaining control, these are some of the best irons on market today!

Titleist Iron Lineup Over the Years

Titleist has been a leader in the golf industry for many years, and their iron lineup is no exception. Throughout the years, Titleist has released various iron models, each of which has its own unique characteristics. The Titleist AP series, for example, is known for its forgiveness while the Titleist T-Series irons offer more workability and control. The Titleist CB irons provide a classic blade look with modern performance features, while the Titleist MB irons are designed for the discerning player looking for precision and feel.

In recent years, Titleist has released several new models of irons that combine technology with classic design. The 718 AP3 Irons feature a distance-enhancing hollow construction with an advanced face insert that provides incredible ball speeds across a larger area of the face. The 718 AP2 Irons have become some of the most popular game improvement clubs on tour due to their combination of distance and control. The 718 MB Irons bring a tour-proven design to players seeking maximum shot control with premium forged feel.

No matter what type of golfer you are, there is sure to be an iron from Titleist that fits your game perfectly. Whether you’re looking for maximum distance or pinpoint accuracy, there’s an iron from Titleist that can help you reach your goals on the course. With so many different models available over the years, it’s no wonder why so many golfers trust their game to Titleist irons.

Reviewing Titleist Irons Through the Decades

Titleist has been a trusted name in golf equipment for generations, and their irons have played a major role in that success. From the early days of the 1960s to today’s modern irons, Titleist has consistently provided golfers with reliable performance and playability. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular Titleist irons from each decade, from the 1960s to today.

1960s: The Titleist Apex Club

One of Titleist’s earliest releases was the Apex Club. This classic forged blade iron was released in 1967 and quickly became a fan favorite for its solid feel and precision shot-shaping capabilities. The Apex Club is still considered one of the best players’ irons ever made, and it’s highly sought after by collectors today.

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1970s: The Titleist DCM Iron

The 1970s saw the release of one of Titleist’s most iconic irons: The DCM (Dynamic Cavity Metal) Iron. This cast cavity back iron was designed with an oversized club head and deep cavity back for enhanced forgiveness on off-center hits. The DCM iron was an instant hit with amateur players who wanted a forgiving game improvement iron with plenty of distance potential.

1980s: The Titleist PT82 Iron

The 1980s saw the introduction of one of Titleist’s first perimeter-weighted game improvement irons: The PT82 Iron. This classic iron set featured wide soles, deep cavities, and perimeter weighting to give players maximum forgiveness on mis-hit shots. The PT82 also featured an offset hosel design to help players fight a slice or hook off the tee.

1990s: The Titleist 735CM Iron

The 1990s saw Titleist take their game improvement technology to new heights with their 735CM Iron set. This set featured an oversized head design with extreme perimeter weighting for maximum forgiveness on mis-hit shots and low spin rates for increased distance potential off the tee. Additionally, these clubs were designed with a tuned sound slot system to give them an unmistakably solid feel at impact that golfers still consider among the best ever produced by Titleist.

2000s: The Titleist AP2 Iron

The 2000s saw another major breakthrough from Titleists in their AP2 Iron set which combined classic looks with modern technology to create one of the most popular game improvement sets ever made by Titleists. These clubs feature an undercut cavity design that helps keep more mass low in order to increase launch angle while maintaining plenty of forgiveness on off-center hits thanks to its multi-material construction and extreme perimeter weighting technology.

2010s: The Titleist T100 Iron

Finally, we come to present day’s T100 Irons from Titlist which are designed for better players who want maximum shot shaping control without sacrificing forgiveness or launch conditions at impact. These clubs feature a compact head shape combined with precise sole width variations that allow golfers to dial in their desired ball flight trajectory precisely while maintaining plenty of stability through impact thanks to their extreme tungsten weighting system that helps keep more mass low in order to increase launch angle without sacrificing feel or workability through impact.

Evolution of Titleist Irons Over Time

Titleist has a long history of producing some of the most iconic irons in the golfing industry. Since 1932, Titleist has continuously pushed the boundaries of iron design and technology to create clubs that offer superior performance on the course. The evolution of Titleist irons over time has been remarkable, as they have continually adapted to changing demands and trends in the game.

The first Titleist irons were forged from carbon steel, and featured an enlarged sweet spot for improved accuracy and forgiveness. In subsequent years, Titleist refined their forging process to produce irons with thinner faces and more precise grooves for better spin control. This allowed players to shape shots with greater accuracy than ever before.

In recent years, Titleist has explored new materials and technologies such as stainless steel, tungsten weighting, and even titanium to create lighter yet stronger clubs that can generate faster ball speeds off the face. Many modern Titleist irons are designed with a hollow construction, which helps to provide more forgiveness on off-center hits while still maintaining a solid feel.

Titleist also offers several lines of game-improvement irons that are tailored for players who are just getting started in golf. These clubs feature wider soles and larger clubheads for increased forgiveness on miss-hits, as well as higher lofts for easier launch conditions.

Overall, there is no doubt that the evolution of Titleist irons over time has been remarkable. From its humble beginnings in 1932, to its modern offerings that feature cutting-edge technology, Titleist continues to be one of the leading brands when it comes to iron design and innovation.

Comparing Titleist Iron Models By Year

Titleist has been a leader in golf equipment for many years. With its innovative designs and superior performance, the brand has become one of the most popular choices for players around the world. Titleist’s iron models are especially popular, and over the years they have evolved and improved in performance as technology advances. By comparing Titleist iron models by year, it is possible to see how far Titleist’s designs have come over the years and how far they have advanced in terms of performance.

Titleist has released a number of different iron models over the years, ranging from beginner to professional level clubs. The first model was released in 2004, with the Pro V1 being one of the most popular models ever released by Titleist. This model featured a large sweet spot and increased spin control, making it an ideal choice for golfers who wanted more control over their shots. Over time, Titleist has released various updates to this model, such as adding more loft to increase distance and increasing spin control even further with their V-sole technology.

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In 2008, Titleist released their AP series of irons which featured a multi-material design that allowed for increased forgiveness on off-center shots as well as better launch characteristics when compared to their previous models. This model also featured a larger sweet spot than previous iterations, making it easier for players to hit consistently long shots from almost any lie on the course. The AP series was followed by the MB series in 2011 which featured a more traditional look at address but with modern technology blended into its design for improved performance.

The latest iteration of Titleist’s iron models is their T-MB series which was released in 2017 and features a multi-material construction blended with modern technology to deliver incredible forgiveness and distance control on every shot. This model also features an undercut cavity design that allows for greater perimeter weighting which helps golfers hit higher launches with less spin off every shot.

By comparing Titleist iron models by year, it is clear that there have been significant advances in design and performance over time. With each new model release, players get access to innovative technologies that help them hit longer shots while still maintaining accuracy and control over their shots – something that is invaluable on the course when playing competitively or just enjoying a casual round of golf with friends.

The Best Titleist Irons From Each Year

Titleist has been a leading innovator in the golf industry for more than 80 years. Their irons have been some of the most popular among golfers of all levels, from beginners to pros. Titleist irons have consistently provided superior performance and quality throughout the years, and each year brings new and improved technology to their clubs. Here, we take a look at some of the best Titleist irons from each year.

Starting with 2020, Titleist released its T-Series irons that feature an entirely new face technology called Max Impact. This technology allows for more ball speed across the entire face of the club, resulting in greater distance and accuracy for golfers. The T-Series also features an updated Speed Bridge design that helps create optimal launch conditions and increased ball speed on off-center shots.

In 2019, Titleist released its 718 AP2 iron set which was designed to provide golfers with a more forgiving iron set that still had a tour-level look and feel. The 718 AP2 features an improved sole design that helps reduce turf interaction and improve forgiveness while also providing added stability on shots struck from difficult lies or off center strikes.

In 2018, Titleist released its 718 MB irons which were designed to provide a classic blade look while still providing extreme forgiveness for players who need it most. The 718 MB features an improved sole design that helps reduce turf interaction while still providing a consistent feel on each shot. They also feature updated CG placement which helps maintain ball speed even on off-center strikes.

In 2017, Titleist released its 716 AP1 irons which are designed to be one of the most forgiving sets of irons ever made by Titleist. The 716 AP1 features extreme perimeter weighting that provides added forgiveness on mis-hits while still maintaining tour level performance on center strikes. They also feature an updated sole design that helps reduce turf interaction and improve launch conditions.

Finally, in 2016, Titleist released its 716 CB Irons which were designed with input from legendary club designer Bob Vokey. These clubs feature an improved sole design which helps reduce turf interaction while still providing excellent feedback and control through impact. They also feature progressive CG placement throughout the set which helps players optimize their launch conditions depending on their swing speed.

These are just some of the best Titleist irons from each year; there are many more models available in each year’s lineup that offer different looks and performance benefits for different types of golfers. No matter what your game needs are, there is sure to be a perfect fit available in any given year’s lineup from Titleist!


Titleist irons have been a popular choice for golfers for many years. Each year, Titleist creates new models of irons with different features and designs to suit different golfers. The latest models of Titleist irons are some of the most advanced and best-performing clubs on the market today. Titleist has consistently produced quality clubs that are trusted by many of the world’s top golfers, and it is clear that their commitment to quality and innovation will continue for years to come.

No matter what type of golfer you are, there is sure to be a set of Titleist irons that can help take your game to the next level. With so many options available, it is easy to find the perfect set for your game. Whether you are just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, Titleist continues to provide quality clubs that can help you reach your goals on the golf course.