titleist ts1 driver settings chart

The Titleist TS1 Driver Settings Chart provides golfers with information on how to optimise their driver for the best performance. It contains all the necessary information on lie angle, loft, shaft length and weight settings to help golfers achieve the maximum distance and accuracy off the tee. The chart also includes data concerning spin rate and launch angle that can help golfers achieve a more consistent ball flight. With this comprehensive tool, golfers can easily adjust their driver to customise it to their own swing and playing style.The Titleist TS1 Driver Settings Chart provides golfers with the ability to adjust the driver’s loft, face angle, and lie angle to customize ball flight for maximum distance and improved accuracy. The chart also provides recommendations on how to adjust the settings based on the golfer’s swing speed, tempo, and launch conditions. Additionally, the chart includes detailed descriptions of each setting and what type of performance it typically produces. By using the Titleist TS1 Driver Settings Chart, golfers can easily find the best driver settings for their individual game.

Understanding Your Titleist TS1 Driver

The Titleist TS1 driver is an incredibly powerful and adjustable golf club designed to help you hit longer, straighter shots. It features a lightweight, aerodynamic design that helps increase clubhead speed and reduce drag during the swing. The clubhead also features a deep face that provides more forgiveness on off-center hits. With its adjustable loft and lie angle, as well as adjustable weights in the sole of the club, you can customize your Titleist TS1 driver to fit your specific swing type and playing style.

Adjustable Loft

The adjustable loft feature on the Titleist TS1 driver allows you to change the angle of the clubface relative to the ground. This can help you find the perfect launch angle for your drives, so you can hit longer and straighter shots with more control. The available loft settings range from 8° up to 12° in 1° increments, so you can fine-tune your driver to get maximum performance out of it.

Adjustable Lie Angle

The adjustable lie angle on the Titleist TS1 driver allows you to change the angle between your feet and the ball at address. This can help you find a comfortable stance that will give you better control over your shots. The available lie angles range from 59° to 63° in 1° increments, so you can easily adjust it based on your height or playing style.

Adjustable Weights

The Titleist TS1 driver also has adjustable weights in its sole that allow you to customize its center of gravity (CG) location. By changing where this weight is located, you can alter how much spin is generated off of each shot. You can choose from four different weight configurations – Neutral, Draw, Fade and Heel/Toe – so you can find the perfect CG location for maximum performance.

By understanding how each of these features works on your Titleist TS1 driver, you will be able to get maximum performance out of it and take your game to new heights.

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Setting Up Your Titleist TS1 Driver

The Titleist TS1 driver is one of the most popular drivers on the market today. It is designed to give golfers increased distance and improved accuracy. Setting up your TS1 driver correctly can help you get the most out of your game. Here are some tips on how to set up your Titleist TS1 driver for maximum performance:

First, adjust the loft of your Titleist TS1 driver. Loft is an important factor in golf clubs, as it affects how far and how high the ball will travel when hit. The TS1 driver comes with adjustable loft settings, so you can tailor it to suit your swing and playing style. You can adjust the loft by using the adjustable hosel located on the top of the clubhead.

Next, adjust the lie angle of your Titleist TS1 driver. Lie angle refers to how upright or flat a club’s shaft sits relative to the ground when addressed at address position. Adjusting this angle changes where you hit on the face and helps you dial in a more consistent shot pattern. To adjust your lie angle, simply use an adjustable wrench to loosen or tighten the head’s hosel nut.

Finally, adjust your Titleist TS1 driver’s head weight. Head weight is an important consideration when setting up any club, as it affects how much power you can generate with each shot. The TS1 driver comes with adjustable head weights that allow you to customize its feel and performance based on your swing speed and playing style. To make adjustments, simply loosen or tighten screws located underneath the sole plate.

By following these steps, you should have no problem setting up your new Titleist TS1 driver for maximum performance. With proper setup and practice, you’ll be well on your way to hitting longer drives with greater accuracy!

Titleist TS1 Driver Loft and Shaft Options

The Titleist TS1 driver is a great choice for golfers looking for maximum speed and distance. It features an ultra-lightweight design that makes it easy to swing and generate maximum clubhead speed. The driver also has adjustable loft and shaft options to help you customize it for your game.

The Titleist TS1 driver comes standard with an adjustable 9° to 12° loft, allowing you to choose the right loft for your swing. The adjustable loft gives you the flexibility to select the best launch angle and spin rate for your game. The Titleist TS1 driver also comes with a variety of shafts, including Aldila Rogue Max, Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange, Aldila NV 2KXV Blue, UST Helium 50, and Project X HZRDUS Smoke shafts. All of these shafts have been designed to optimize your launch conditions and provide you with increased distance off the tee.

For those looking for maximum distance off the tee, the Titleist TS1 driver is an ideal choice. Its adjustable loft and range of available shafts give golfers the ability to select the perfect combination of launch angle and spin rate for their game. With these custom options, you can ensure that you are getting maximum performance from your Titleist TS1 driver every time you tee it up.

Titleist TS1 Driver Swing Weight Adjustments

Achieving the perfect swing weight for the Titleist TS1 driver is critical for maximizing your distance and accuracy. The Titleist TS1 Driver features a Swing Weight Adjustment (SWA) system that allows you to quickly and easily adjust your swing weight to achieve the optimal feel and performance. The SWA system utilizes a series of interchangeable weights, allowing you to fine-tune your swing weight by adding or subtracting up to 6 grams in 2-gram increments. This gives golfers the ability to customize their driver with up to 20 different combinations of swing weight settings. In addition, the SWA also allows golfers to adjust the center of gravity (CG) of the clubhead, providing more consistent launch angles and spin rates for improved accuracy and distance.

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Adjusting your Titleist TS1 Driver Swing Weight is easy. Simply unscrew the cap on the sole plate, insert the desired SWA weights in either end of the sole plate, then screw the cap back on until it’s tight. The total swing weight is then displayed on top of the sole plate, allowing you to easily see which setting you’ve chosen. Once you’ve found a setting that feels good to you, simply lock in that setting by tightening down an adjustment screw located at each end of the sole plate.

By using Titleist’s Swing Weight Adjustment system, golfers can quickly and easily fine-tune their driver for optimal performance. With a few simple adjustments, golfers can maximize their distance and accuracy while enjoying their best game ever!

Titleist TS1 Driver Lie Angle Adjustments

The Titleist TS1 driver is a popular choice amongst golfers due to its ability to produce long distances off the tee. However, many golfers don’t realize that the TS1 driver also offers adjustable lie angle settings. This feature allows golfers to modify the angle of the clubhead at address, in order to improve accuracy and consistency in their shots.

The lie angle of a driver is measured from the sole of the clubhead to the ground when it is placed at address position. A standard lie angle for a Titleist TS1 driver is typically set between 56-58 degrees, depending on a golfer’s height and swing style. However, if you find that your shots tend to go right or left more than you’d like, you may want to consider adjusting your lie angle.

Adjusting your lie angle is relatively simple and can be done without tools. All Titleist TS1 drivers come with an adjustable wrench that can be used to loosen or tighten screws located on each side of the hosel of the clubhead. Loosening these screws will allow you to adjust the lie angle up or down as needed. Be sure to make small adjustments at first until you find a setting that works best for you.

Once you have adjusted your lie angle, it’s important to remember that it will need periodic re-adjustment over time due to wear and tear from regular use. Additionally, if you find yourself struggling with your accuracy more than usual, checking and re-adjusting your lie angle may be necessary in order to get back on track with your game.

Choosing the Right Sole Weight for Your Titleist TS1 Driver

When it comes to maximizing distance, accuracy and control on the course, selecting the right sole weight for your Titleist TS1 driver is essential. The sole weight is the part of the clubhead that sits on the ground and helps to provide stability during your swing. The right sole weight will help you maximize your performance and help you hit longer, straighter drives.

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The TS1 driver is available in three sole weights: 10g, 15g and 20g. The 10g sole weight provides a lightweight feel while still having enough stability to maintain accuracy on off-center hits. The 15g sole weight is slightly heavier than the 10g and provides added stability and forgiveness on off-center strikes. Finally, the 20g sole weight is designed for golfers who prefer a heavier feel in their clubhead for added stability during their swing.

When selecting a sole weight for your TS1 driver, it’s important to take into account your individual swing speed and playing style. For golfers with slower swing speeds, it’s recommended that they choose a lighter weight as this will help them generate more clubhead speed during their swing. Conversely, golfers with faster swing speeds may benefit from selecting a heavier sole weight as this can help them maintain control over their shots.

Overall, choosing the right sole weight for your Titleist TS1 driver can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing distance, accuracy and control on the course. Make sure to consider all of the factors mentioned above when selecting a sole weight that suits your individual playing style and preference.

Positioning the Center of Gravity (CG) on Your Titleist TS1 Driver

Having the proper center of gravity (CG) position on your Titleist TS1 driver can have a huge impact on your golf game. CG is the point at which the weight of an object is evenly distributed. When it comes to drivers, having the right CG placement can make a big difference in improving your accuracy and distance off the tee.

The TS1 driver’s adjustable hosel allows you to customize your CG position to optimize your performance. To adjust the CG, you’ll need a wrench that’s included with your purchase of the driver. With it, you can move the CG forward or backward depending on what type of shot you’re trying to achieve. Moving the CG forward will help reduce spin and increase distance, while moving it backward will help produce more backspin and control on shots.

It’s important to note that changing the hosel settings does not change the loft or lie angle of the clubhead, so be sure to test different settings in order to find what works best for you. You can try out different settings at a driving range before taking them onto the course for a round of golf.

To help you get started, Titleist offers an online tool that lets you customize your driver settings and see how they affect ball flight and trajectory before hitting any shots at all. This is a great way to get familiar with different settings and find what works best for you without ever having to step foot onto a golf course.

Once you find what works best for you, remember to write down your settings so that you can replicate them next time out on the course. With Titleist’s adjustable hosel feature, positioning your center of gravity can help take your game to new heights!


The Titleist TS1 driver settings chart provides a variety of options for golfers to customize their own driver. The chart is easy to use and provides a good base for players to adjust their driver settings. It is important to remember that the optimal setting will depend on the individual golfer’s playing style and ability. With a bit of practice and experimentation, any golfer can find the perfect setting for their Titleist TS1 driver.

Overall, using the Titleist TS1 driver settings chart can be a great way to customize your driver and take your game to the next level. With a few adjustments and some practice, you can easily find the right setting for your game.