titleist ts2 adjustment chart

The Titleist TS2 Adjustment Chart is the perfect tool for golfers looking to make custom fitting adjustments and fine tune their TS2 driver. This chart provides a comprehensive overview of all available settings that can be adjusted on the TS2 driver, including loft, face angle, lie angle, and more. With this chart, golfers are able to confidently make the changes necessary to get their TS2 to perform its best on the course.The Titleist TS2 Adjustment Chart can be seen below and provides the recommended adjustments to optimize performance. The chart is organized by loft angle and provides the loft, lie, face angle and weight settings to achieve the desired performance.

Loft Angle: 13.5°
Loft Setting: 13.5°
Lie Setting: 59°
Face Angle Setting: Square
Weight Setting: Neutral (Cg in Center)

Understanding the Titleist TS2 Adjustment Chart

Adjusting the Titleist TS2 driver to get the most out of your golf swing is a key factor in improving your performance on the course. To achieve this, Titleist has developed an adjustment chart that can be used to fine-tune your driver. The chart is divided into three sections – loft, face angle and lie angle – and each of these can be adjusted to help you get more distance and accuracy off the tee. By understanding how these adjustments work, you can tailor your driver to match your swing and give yourself an edge on the golf course.

The first section of the Titleist TS2 adjustment chart is loft. Loft is measured in degrees, and it determines how much backspin you will generate when you hit the ball. Higher lofts allow for more spin, which means your ball will stay in the air longer and travel farther. Lower lofts generate less spin, so you’ll get less distance but with more accuracy. By adjusting your loft with the Titleist TS2 driver, you can find a setting that works best for your game.

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The second section of the chart is face angle. This refers to how open or closed the clubface is when it hits the ball. A closed face angle produces a draw shot that curves from right to left, while an open face angle produces a fade shot that curves from left to right. By adjusting this setting on your Titleist TS2 driver, you can adjust how much curve you want on each shot depending on what type of course layout or wind conditions you are playing in.

The third section of the adjustment chart is lie angle, which determines how high or low your ball will fly off the tee box. Higher lie angles produce higher shots with more carry distance, while lower angles cause shots to fly lower with less carry distance. Finding a lie angle that works best for your swing can help increase accuracy off tees by getting optimal height and trajectory on each shot.

By taking advantage of these adjustments available through Titleist’s TS2 adjustment chart, you can fine-tune your driver to match your game and maximize performance off tees during each round of golf. With a little practice and experimentation, you’ll soon find settings that help improve accuracy and distance on every drive from fairway or rough alike!


The Titleist TS2 Driver provides golfers with a wide range of adjustability options to maximize performance. It features a SureFit CG weight, which is adjustable and can be moved to different locations within the clubhead in order to customize the center of gravity. This allows golfers to optimize launch conditions, spin rates, and trajectory. Additionally, the Titleist TS2 Driver features an adjustable hosel that can be adjusted to 8 different settings, allowing for more precise control over loft and lie angle. This allows golfers to fine-tune their setup in order to maximize distance and accuracy from tee shots.

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The Titleist TS2 Driver is designed for maximum forgiveness on off-center hits. It features a larger clubhead size compared to other drivers on the market, which helps create a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI). This helps reduce twisting on off-center impacts in order to maintain more consistent ball speed and distance. Additionally, its low and deep center of gravity helps promote higher launch angles for increased carry distances even on off-center hits.


The Titleist TS2 Driver provides golfers with a solid feel at impact, thanks to its low center of gravity design. The head also features an ultra-thin titanium crown that is designed to save weight in order to move the CG lower and deeper within the clubhead. This helps create a more solid feel at impact along with improved energy transfer from the club head into the ball. Additionally, its Speed Chassis design helps promote faster club head speeds for long distance drives.

Changing Loft and Lie Angle on the Titleist TS2 Driver

The Titleist TS2 driver is designed to give golfers maximum forgiveness and distance. It features an adjustable loft sleeve that allows golfers to adjust the loft angle of the club between 8° and 11°. Adjusting the loft angle changes the trajectory of the ball flight, allowing golfers to customize their launch conditions for more control and distance. Additionally, this driver has an adjustable lie angle that can be tweaked between standard and upright positions for a more comfortable setup. Changing the loft and lie angles on the Titleist TS2 Driver is a straightforward process, but it’s important to understand how these adjustments can affect your performance before making any changes.

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To adjust the loft sleeve on the Titleist TS2 Driver, you’ll need a wrench or socket that fits the head of your club. Once you have your tool of choice, loosen the screw in the center of the hosel until it’s loose enough to turn by hand. From there, rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise to raise or lower the loft sleeve accordingly. When you’ve reached your desired loft angle, tighten down the screw until it’s snug. It’s important to note that changing your driver’s loft will affect ball flight trajectory, so be sure to make only small adjustments at a time until you achieve desired results.

Adjusting the lie angle on your Titleist TS2 Driver is also relatively simple. To do so, use a wrench or socket to loosen the screws located on each side of the hosel until they are loose enough to turn by hand. From there, rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on whether you want your clubhead position to be more upright or flatter respectively. Once you’ve achieved your desired lie angle setting, tighten down both screws until they are snug once again. Make sure that both sides of your driver are secure before hitting any shots with it!

By making small adjustments in both loft and lie angles on your Titleist TS2 Driver, you can customize its setup for optimal performance and comfortability based on your individual swing characteristics. Understanding how these settings affect ball flight trajectory is key for achieving maximum distance with this driver as well as improved accuracy off-the-tee!