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titleist ts3 adjustment chart

The Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart is a valuable tool for golfers looking to make the most of their game. It provides detailed instructions on how to properly adjust the clubhead settings of the TS3 driver and fairway woods for optimum performance, allowing players to fine-tune their clubs for specific courses, weather conditions, and playing styles. The chart also includes helpful information on ball flight characteristics so players can understand how each setting might affect their shots. With the Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart, golfers can take full advantage of their clubs’ technology and maximize their potential on the course.The Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart provides golfers with a comprehensive guide to adjusting their TS3 Driver, Fairway and Hybrid Clubs. This chart covers the basics of how to adjust the loft, lie angle, face angle and more to get the most out of your Titleist clubs. With this chart, golfers will be able to make adjustments that will help them hit better shots and play their best golf.

Loft and Lie Adjustability

The Titleist TS3 driver features an adjustable loft sleeve with 12 independent settings that range from 8.0° to 11.0° in 0.5° increments. This allows for fine-tuning of launch conditions and spin rate, making it easy to find the perfect combination of ball flight and distance. Additionally, the TS3 driver is equipped with an adjustable hosel that allows for +/- 2° of lie angle adjustment, allowing a golfer to customize their setup for optimal ball flight and directional control on the course.

Head Weight Adjustment

The Titleist TS3 driver also features a head weight adjustability feature that provides 20 grams of adjustability between the two settings. With the light setting positioned at the back of the clubhead, golfers can enjoy a low-spin, penetrating trajectory; while the heavy setting provides more stability on off-center hits and higher launch angles. This makes it easy for golfers to achieve their desired ball flight no matter what type of swing they have.

Face Angle Adjustment

The Titleist TS3 driver is also equipped with an adjustable face angle feature that provides 4 settings: Neutral, Open, Closed, and Draw. The Neutral setting is designed to provide a straight ball flight; while Open adds draw bias; Closed adds fade bias; and Draw adds maximum draw bias to help golfers shape shots on the course. This makes it easy for golfers to find their ideal setup for greater accuracy from tee to green.

Benefits of Using the Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart

The Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart is an invaluable tool that can help golfers optimize performance and accuracy on the golf course. This chart provides a clear and easy-to-read guide for adjusting the settings on your Titleist TS3 driver to get the most out of it. By using this adjustment chart, you can make changes to your driver’s loft, face angle, lie angle, and more in order to improve accuracy and distance.

One of the biggest benefits of using the Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart is that it helps golfers understand how their driver works and what adjustments they need to make in order to optimize performance. With this chart, you can quickly see how different settings affect your ball flight trajectory and how those changes will affect your accuracy and distance. This allows you to make quick adjustments on the course without having to guess or rely on trial-and-error.

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Another great benefit of using the Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart is that it makes it easier for golfers to set up their drivers correctly. This chart provides detailed instructions for correctly setting up each setting on your driver, so you know exactly what needs to be done in order to get the best results. This eliminates any guesswork or confusion when trying to adjust your driver for optimal performance.

Finally, using this adjustment chart also makes it easier for golfers to adjust their drivers quickly between rounds if necessary. With this chart, you can quickly see what adjustments need to be made in order to change your ball flight trajectory or improve accuracy without having to go back through all of the settings one at a time. This saves time between rounds and ensures that you are getting optimal performance from your driver each time you hit the course.

Overall, the Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart is an essential tool that every serious golfer should have in their arsenal. With this chart, you can quickly and accurately adjust your driver’s settings in order to get maximum performance out of it every time you hit the course.

How to Use the Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart

The Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart is a great tool for fine-tuning your golf clubs. It allows you to make adjustments to the loft, lie, and face angle of your clubs. This allows you to customize your clubs for maximum performance and accuracy. By understanding how to use the chart, you can customize your clubs for optimal performance on the golf course.

To use the Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart, start by finding the appropriate club in the chart. This will give you all the information you need to adjust that particular club. You can then use this information to adjust the loft, lie, and face angle of your club until it is at its optimum performance level.

Once you have found the appropriate club in the chart, you can begin making adjustments. The loft adjustment will allow you to increase or decrease the amount of loft on a particular club head. The lie adjustment will adjust how far back or forward a particular club head sits in relation to your body. The face angle adjustment allows you to adjust the angle of attack and spin rate of a particular club head when striking a ball.

By using these adjustments in combination with each other, you can fine-tune your clubs for maximum performance and accuracy on the golf course. Once all three adjustments have been made correctly, be sure to hit a few practice shots with each club before taking them out onto the course. This will ensure that any adjustments made have been successful and are not resulting in any unwanted results during play.

Using these adjustment tools effectively can dramatically improve your game on the golf course. By taking advantage of all three tools available in Titleist’s TS3 Adjustment Chart, you can get more out of each shot and lower your handicap over time!

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Loft and Lie Adjustment

Loft and lie adjustment is a process of adjusting the angle of the golf club head in relation to the shaft. This adjustment can be done to all types of golf clubs, from drivers to putters. By adjusting the loft and lie angle, golfers can customize their clubs to fit their individual body type, swing style, and preferences. The loft angle determines how high or low the ball will fly when hit, while the lie angle affects how far left or right it will go. Adjusting either of these angles can help golfers hit straighter and more consistent shots.

The process of adjusting loft and lie angles is relatively simple. It requires a few basic tools such as an adjustable wrench, a ruler, and a pair of pliers. Most golf shops have machines that can accurately measure angles; however, some adjustments can be made by hand with these tools. Once the desired angle is determined, it’s simply a matter of tightening or loosening the screws on the hosel (the area where club head meets shaft) to make the necessary adjustments.

It’s important for golfers to know their own body type and swing style in order to get the most out of their equipment. Loft and lie adjustment can help alleviate some common issues such as slices or hooks by giving them more control over their shots. Ultimately, these adjustments are meant to give players an edge on the course by allowing them to tailor their clubs for maximum performance and accuracy.

Loft and Lie Adjustment Impact Performance

Loft and lie are two important elements of a golf club that can have a significant impact on performance when adjusted correctly. When adjusted incorrectly, however, they can have a detrimental effect on the golfer’s performance. The loft of a golf club is the angle of the head relative to the shaft. The lie angle is the angle between the sole of the club and the ground when it is in its address position. Both of these elements are adjustable and can be used to fine-tune a golfer’s swing in order to maximize performance.

Adjusting the loft or lie angle of a golf club can benefit golfers in several ways. By increasing or decreasing loft, the golfer can create more or less spin on their shots, which affects trajectory and accuracy. By changing the lie angle, a golfer can adjust their swing plane in order to decrease slices or hooks off their tee shots as well as improve accuracy with irons and wedges.

It is important to note that making adjustments to loft or lie should be done with caution, as too much adjustment can significantly alter ball flight characteristics and lead to poor performance. Professional help from an experienced teaching professional or club fitter may be required in order to properly adjust loft and lie angles for optimal performance.

In conclusion, adjusting loft and lie angles can have a positive impact on a golfer’s performance if done correctly, while improper adjustments may result in decreased accuracy and distance with each shot taken. As such, it is best for golfers to seek professional help when making any significant changes to these elements of their clubs in order to ensure maximum performance results.

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How to Make Loft and Lie Adjustments with the Titleist TS3?

The Titleist TS3 driver is a great club that allows golfers to make adjustments to customize the way they play. With the TS3, you can easily adjust the loft and lie of your driver to suit your own swing style. Here’s how to make these adjustments:

To adjust the loft of your Titleist TS3 driver, start by loosening the screws on the back of the clubhead. Once these screws are loosened, you will be able to adjust the loft by turning the hosel in either direction. If you turn it clockwise, it will increase the loft; if you turn it counterclockwise, it will decrease the loft.

To adjust the lie angle of your Titleist TS3 driver, loosen the screws on either side of the hosel. Once these screws are loosened, you can rotate either side of hosel. If you rotate one side clockwise and one side counterclockwise, this will move your lie angle in a forward or backward direction.

Once you have adjusted both loft and lie angle to your liking, make sure to tighten all screws firmly before hitting off. This will prevent any potential mishaps while playing and ensure that your adjustments stay in place throughout your round. With these simple steps, you can easily customize your Titleist TS3 driver for maximum performance on every shot!

Loft and Lie on the Titleist TS3

The Titleist TS3 Driver features a selection of adjustable loft and lie settings. Loft settings range from 8.5° to 12.5°, in 0.5° increments, allowing golfers to fine-tune their launch angle and spin rate. Lie settings range from 58° to 62°, in 1° increments, so golfers can adjust the angle of attack to match their swing path. With these options, the Titleist TS3 Driver offers complete adjustability for every golfer’s unique playing style.

This adjustability is made possible thanks to SureFit® technology, a patented adjustable hosel system that allows golfers to dial in settings for both loft and lie. The clubhead and shaft are connected by a unique four-way adjustable hosel which can be adjusted using the included SureFit Tour wrench. This makes it easy for golfers to find the perfect combination of loft and lie for maximum distance and accuracy on the course.

The Titleist TS3 Driver also features an adjustable weight system that allows players to customize their feel without affecting loft or lie settings. This is made possible by two interchangeable weights that fit into slots in the sole of the clubhead, allowing golfers to fine tune their swing weight while still maintaining their desired loft and lie settings. This added level of customization allows players to find the perfect combination of distance and accuracy for their game.


The Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart provides golfers with the necessary information to customize their driver and fairway woods to maximize performance. By selecting the correct shaft flex, loft, and lie angle, a golfer can improve accuracy and distance off the tee. Additionally, the chart offers insights into how slight changes in club specifications can affect launch angle and spin rate. Ultimately, this chart helps golfers to find a setup that optimizes ball flight for their individual swing and game.

By using the Titleist TS3 Adjustment Chart as a guide, golfers can make informed decisions about how to adjust their clubs for better performance. Golfers can also benefit from working with a professional club fitter to get more detailed feedback on their driver and fairway woods setup. With the right adjustments, golfers will be able to see improved performance on the course.

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