titleist tsr weight kit

The Titleist TSR Weight Kit is the ultimate tool for customizing your golf clubs. The kit contains a variety of weight cartridges and adapters, allowing golfers to customize their clubs for improved performance. This kit is designed to work with most Titleist driver and fairway woods. With the ability to dial in swing weight, club head weight, and launch angle, this kit provides golfers with more control over their game than ever before. Whether you’re looking to make subtle adjustments or major changes, the Titleist TSR Weight Kit has everything you need to take your game to the next level.The Titleist TSR Weight Kit is a collection of interchangeable weights and sole plates that can be used to adjust the swingweight, launch angle, and spin rate of Titleist TS driver and fairway wood clubs. The kit includes three weights (6 gram, 12 gram, and 18 gram) that can be added or removed from the club head to increase or decrease the overall club head mass, as well as four sole plates with varying thicknesses to help manage launch conditions.

The Benefits of Titleist TSR Weight Kit

The Titleist TSR Weight kit is designed to provide golfers with the most optimal performance when playing a round of golf. The kit includes three different weights, each designed to offer a different level of performance. The lightest weight provides greater control and accuracy, while the heaviest weight allows for more power and distance. The medium weight is ideal for an all-around performance. By using the weights, golfers can customize their clubs to fit their swing and playing style.

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Weight Kit

The Titleist TSR Weight Kit is an innovative way to customize the weight of your golf clubs. With this kit, you can add or remove weight from the head or shaft of your clubs to get the perfect balance that suits your swing and style of play. The kit also includes a handy tool for adjusting weights, as well as a variety of weights to choose from. This makes it easy to achieve the exact specifications you need for optimal performance.


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The Titleist TSR Weight Kit is a great way to customize your golf clubs and improve your game. It provides excellent control, stability and forgiveness with every swing. The lightweight design allows for easier maneuverability, while the adjustable weights provide more customization options for greater accuracy and control. This weight kit is a great choice for any golfer who wants to make sure their clubs are designed specifically for their individual needs.

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The Titleist TSR Weight Kit is an affordable and easy way to optimize your golf clubs and help you take your game to