titleist tsr2 driver adjustment chart

The Titleist TSR2 Driver Adjustment Chart is designed to help golfers find the perfect setup for their game. This chart outlines the various adjustments that can be made to a Titleist TSR2 driver, including loft, lie angle, and face angle. It also provides a range of spin and launch angles that can be achieved with each adjustment. With this chart, golfers are able to identify what settings are optimal for their swing and find the perfect launch and spin conditions for their game.The Titleist TSR2 Driver Adjustment Chart provides golfers with an easy-to-follow guide to adjust the settings on their driver. The chart includes instructions for adjusting the loft, lie, and face angle of the driver. It also provides diagrams that illustrate how each adjustment affects ball flight and trajectory. Additionally, the chart details how to adjust for optimal launch conditions based on a golfer’s skill level and swing type. With this information, a golfer can fine-tune their equipment to get the best performance from their Titleist TSR2 Driver.

Understanding the Titleist TSR2 Driver Adjustment Chart

The Titleist TSR2 Driver Adjustment Chart is an incredibly useful tool for golfers looking to fine-tune their game. It allows you to precisely adjust the launch angle, spin rate, and launch direction of your driver to get the best performance out of your shots. With this chart, you can see exactly what changes you need to make in order to optimize your ball flight.

The chart is divided into three sections: Launch Angle, Spin Rate, and Launch Direction. The first section, Launch Angle, allows you to adjust the angle at which the ball leaves the club face at impact. You can choose between low, medium, and high launch angles depending on your desired trajectory. The higher the launch angle, the higher and farther the ball will travel.

The second section of the chart shows you how to adjust Spin Rate. This is important because it affects both distance and accuracy. A lower spin rate will lead to a straighter ball flight while a higher spin rate will lead to more sidespin and more distance off of each shot.

Finally, in the Launch Direction section of the chart you can adjust where on the club face your shot will be most effective from. This allows you to create a custom set up that suits your golf swing perfectly.

By understanding how to use the Titleist TSR2 Driver Adjustment Chart correctly, golfers can quickly make adjustments that will help them hit more accurate shots with greater distance and control. With this tool in hand, golfers can take their game to new heights!

Setting Up Your TSR2 Driver with the Adjustment Chart

Using the TSR2 driver adjustment chart is a simple way to get your golf game up to par. The chart is designed to help you adjust the settings of your driver so that it performs at its best. By understanding how each setting affects the performance of your driver, you can make adjustments that will improve your shot accuracy and distance.

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The adjustment chart outlines five key settings: loft, face angle, lie angle, shaft length and swing weight. Each setting can be adjusted to achieve different results depending on the type of shot you are attempting. Loft determines how high or low your ball will travel when hit, while face angle determines the direction in which it will move. Lie angle adjusts how far out or in the club sits from your body during setup, while shaft length adjusts the overall length of your club for a more comfortable swing. Finally, swing weight helps you adjust the overall balance and feel of your driver when you swing it.

To use the adjustment chart correctly, refer to it before each shot. Look at each setting and decide if there are any adjustments that need to be made in order to improve your performance for that particular shot. Make sure you make any adjustments slowly and gradually so that you can accurately gauge what effect they have on your performance.

Once you have adjusted all five settings according to the chart, test out some shots with varying distances and angles. This will give you an idea of how well each setting works for different shots and help you refine them further if needed. With practice and patience, soon enough you’ll be able to hit every shot with precision thanks to your TSR2 driver adjustment chart!

Exploring the Features of the TSR2 Driver

The TSR2 driver is a unique and innovative tool designed to enhance your golf game. With its revolutionary design and features, the TSR2 driver can help you hit longer and straighter shots, as well as providing a more consistent swing. Here we will explore some of the features that make the TSR2 driver so special.

Lightweight Design

The TSR2 driver has a lightweight design that makes it easy to use and swing. The lightweight design also helps to reduce fatigue during long rounds of golf, allowing you to play your best even when you’re tired.

Optimized Forgiveness

The TSR2 driver is designed with an optimized forgiveness system that helps you hit straighter shots even when your swing is off. This feature makes it easier for you to hit the ball squarely, reducing hooks and slices and helping you stay in play more often.

Adjustable Loft

The adjustable loft feature on the TSR2 driver allows you to customize your club for different courses or conditions. You can adjust the loft from 9° to 12° giving you more control over your shots, allowing you to hit longer drives or higher approach shots depending on what type of shot you need for each hole.

Variable Face Thickness

The variable face thickness feature on the TSR2 driver helps optimize ball speed across all parts of the face for greater distance and accuracy. This feature also helps reduce spin off-center hits, allowing for straighter shots no matter where on the club face they are struck.


The TSR2 driver provides a combination of features that make it an ideal tool for improving your golf game. From its lightweight design and optimized forgiveness system, to its adjustable loft and variable face thickness technology, this club has everything you need to take your game to the next level.

How to Use the Titleist TSR2 Driver Adjustment Chart

Using the Titleist TSR2 driver adjustment chart can help you dial in the perfect fit for your driver. The chart allows you to adjust the loft, lie angle, and face angle to get the best possible performance from your driver. To use the chart, simply follow these steps:

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1. Start by determining what type of shot shape you want to achieve. This will determine which adjustments you should make.

2. Refer to the chart and adjust your driver accordingly. The adjustments are listed in both degrees and millimeters for easy reference.

3. Once you have made all of your desired adjustments, test your driver out on a driving range or on a course to see how it performs.

4. If necessary, make further adjustments until you are satisfied with the performance of your driver.

By using the Titleist TSR2 driver adjustment chart, you can make sure that you always get the most out of your driver and hit shots that match your desired shape and trajectory.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with the Titleist TSR2 Driver

The Titleist TSR2 driver is a popular golf club, but it can experience some common issues. If you’re having difficulty with your TSR2 driver, here are a few tips to help troubleshoot the problem.

First, check your shaft length. It should be between 43 and 45 inches. If the shaft length is incorrect, it may cause an inconsistent ball flight or loss of distance. You can adjust the shaft length by loosening the screws and then pushing or pulling the head to adjust it.

Next, make sure that you have the correct shaft flex for your swing speed. The TSR2 offers three different flexes: Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff. The Regular flex is suitable for players with a swing speed of 85-95 mph, while the Stiff and Extra Stiff flexes are best suited for those with a swing speed of 95-105 mph and 105-115 mph respectively.

Additionally, check that you have the correct loft setting on your driver head. The TSR2 offers five different loft settings ranging from 9° to 14° in 1° increments. Each loft setting will produce a different trajectory and distance; use trial and error to find which loft setting works best for your game.

Finally, make sure that all of your components are securely fastened together before each round of golf. Check that all screws are tight and that there are no gaps between the head and shaft connection. This will ensure that your club remains consistent throughout each round of golf.

By following these steps, you should be able to troubleshoot any issues with your Titleist TSR2 driver quickly and easily.

What Does Each Line on the Titleist TSR2 Driver Adjustment Chart Mean?

The Titleist TSR2 Driver Adjustment Chart provides a range of adjustments to fine-tune the performance of your driver. The chart is broken down into several different sections, each one representing a different adjustment that can be made to your driver.

The first adjustment is face angle. This lets you adjust the orientation of the clubface relative to the ground. If you find that your shots are going off-line, adjusting the face angle will help get you back on track.

The next section is weight distribution. This determines how much weight is placed in each area of the clubhead. Adjusting the weight distribution will allow you to change how the clubhead behaves through impact and on its follow-through.

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The third adjustment is loft angle, which adjusts the loft of the clubhead relative to ground level. Increasing or decreasing this angle will alter launch characteristics, such as spin rate and trajectory height.

The fourth adjustment is lie angle which adjusts how far up or down from ground level that your hands sit when gripping the club. This affects where your hands are positioned at impact and can affect ball flight direction and distance.

Finally, there’s shaft length, which adjusts how long or short your driver shaft should be for optimal performance. Shorter shafts tend to produce higher ball flights while longer ones produce lower ball flights with increased spin rate and accuracy potential.

By making use of these adjustments, golfers can customise their Titleist TSR2 Driver for improved performance on course conditions that may otherwise cause difficulty in achieving optimal results with their existing set up.

Choosing the Right Weight and Loft for Your TSR2 Driver

Choosing the right weight and loft for your TSR2 driver can make a big difference to your game. The right weight and loft can help you generate more distance, improve accuracy, and increase ball speed. Finding the best weight and loft combination for your golf swing is essential if you want to maximize performance with your TSR2 driver.

The first step in choosing the right weight and loft is to determine your swing speed. Swing speed is a key factor in determining which club will be best for you. The higher your swing speed, the heavier the head of your club should be. This will help you generate more distance off the tee. For slower swing speeds, a lighter head may be preferable to help generate more club head speed.

Once you have determined your swing speed, it is time to decide on the right loft for your driver. Typically, golfers opt for a higher lofted driver due to its ability to create more backspin on shots hit off the tee. Higher lofted drivers also tend to launch shots higher into the air which can help golfers with their accuracy when hitting from long distances. Lower lofts are better suited for golfers with faster swing speeds as they produce lower launch angles which can increase ball speed off of impact.

Finally, it’s important to consider how comfortable you are when swinging with a certain weight and loft combination before purchasing any clubs. If you don’t feel comfortable swinging with a certain combination that won’t do you any good out on the course so make sure that you find something that works best for both your game and your comfort level when choosing a TSR2 driver.

With all these factors in mind, choosing the right weight and loft for your TSR2 driver should become much easier. Take some time on the driving range or simulator to test out different weights and lofts until you find one that gives you optimal performance off of every shot from tee to green.


The Titleist TSR2 Driver Adjustment Chart is a valuable tool for golfers of all skill levels to use when making adjustments to their driver. It is simple to use and provides clear instructions on how to adjust the driver in order to achieve the desired shot shape and trajectory. The chart also provides helpful tips on which settings are recommended for different shots and conditions. By using the chart, golfers can ensure they get the most out of their Titleist TSR2 driver.

Overall, the adjustment chart is an invaluable resource for golfers as it helps them take full advantage of the features offered by the Titleist TSR2 driver. It allows them to maximize their performance and make adjustments that are most suited to their game. With this information in hand, golfers can confidently make informed decisions when it comes to making adjustments with their driver.