titleist tsr4 review

The Titleist TSR4 is a great golf club for those who are looking for a lightweight and powerful club. It features a low-profile design that allows for greater accuracy and distance. Its shaft is made from high-end materials that help to reduce vibration and increase power. The Titleist TSR4 provides a balance of power, accuracy, and feel that make it an ideal choice for the serious golfer.The Titleist TSR4 is a high-performance golf ball designed to deliver long, straight distance and a soft feel. This four-piece construction features a urethane cover for great spin control around the greens, a larger core for increased ball speed, and a new spherically tiled 376 tetrahedral dimple pattern for enhanced aerodynamics. This combination of technologies helps golfers achieve more consistent distance and accuracy off the tee and more control with their approach shots. The Titleist TSR4 is available in both white and optic yellow color options and is designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds looking to maximize their distance off the tee.

Design & Construction

The Titleist TSR4 is a highly engineered golf club that has been designed to provide maximum distance and accuracy. It features a unique multi-material construction that incorporates a lightweight titanium body, cutting-edge composite face, and high-tech shaft design. The titanium body provides an incredibly lightweight feel and enhanced vibration control while the composite face increases ball speed and launch angle for maximum distance. The shaft is designed with a low spin rate, giving you more control over your shot trajectory. This combination of features makes the Titleist TSR4 one of the most advanced golf clubs on the market today.

The TSR4 also features an adjustable hosel, allowing you to customize the club to fit your individual swing. This allows you to make small changes to the club’s loft, lie angle and face angle that can improve your performance on the course. Additionally, the club has been equipped with a special grip design that helps promote consistent hand placement for better control over each shot.


The Titleist TSR4 is designed to provide superior performance on the golf course. Its lightweight design, coupled with its large sweet spot and low spin capabilities, make it an ideal choice for players of all skill levels. The aerodynamic shape of the head helps to reduce drag when swinging, allowing for a faster and more consistent ball flight. The club also features a deep face design that provides more forgiveness on shots struck off-center, making it easier to hit straight and long drives. Additionally, the club head is slightly offset to help reduce rightward ball flight on shots hit too far left. Overall, the Titleist TSR4 offers excellent performance at an affordable price.

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The Titleist TSR4 is an extremely stable golf club. It has a wide sole that helps to keep it from digging into the ground and provides more forgiveness on off-center shots. The wider sole also helps to increase the clubhead speed, which in turn increases the ball speed and distance. Additionally, it has a low CG (center of gravity) that helps to keep the clubface square at impact for better accuracy and control.


The Titleist TSR4 is also designed to be very forgiving when mishitting shots. It has a deep undercut cavity back design, which increases the MOI (moment of inertia) for improved stability on off-center hits. The deep undercut cavity back also helps to reduce spin for increased distance on shots hit towards the toe or heel of the club face. Additionally, it has an ultra thin face construction that provides more flex at impact for increased ball speed and distance on mis-hits.

Feel & Sound

The Titleist TSR4 driver has been designed with a unique feel and sound in mind. The clubhead is made from a high-grade titanium, which gives it a soft and dampened feel when making contact with the ball. The TSR4 also has a very distinctive sound as it launches the ball off the tee, which some players may find pleasing and others may not. The sound is slightly muted compared to other drivers, but still provides plenty of feedback on your shot.

The TSR4 has also been designed to have a mid-launch trajectory, which will help players get more distance off the tee. It also has a low spin rate that will help keep shots straighter and more consistent. This combination of feel, sound, and performance makes the Titleist TSR4 driver an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels who are looking for an accurate and powerful club off the tee.

Titleist TSR4: Key Technologies

The Titleist TSR4 driver is designed to maximize performance on the golf course, with key technologies like a deep center of gravity, robust face design, and an adjustable weight system. The deep center of gravity helps create a higher launch angle and lower spin, providing greater distance with more control. The robust face design increases ball speed off the clubface for increased distance while the adjustable weights enable golfers to fine-tune their swing to maximize performance in different conditions. Additionally, the Titleist TSR4 driver features an ultra-lightweight construction that provides improved feel and maneuverability. With its combination of key technologies, the Titleist TSR4 driver is sure to help you hit longer drives with greater accuracy.

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The Titleist TSR4 driver also features a high-MOI head shape that helps generate more forgiveness on off-center hits. This is achieved through an internal weight-distribution system that keeps weight low and deep within the clubhead to provide more stability at impact. Additionally, the high-MOI head shape helps reduce spin for even more distance gains. To further improve performance, the Titleist TSR4 driver comes equipped with a premium Aldila Rogue shaft that provides added stability and feel at impact for consistent ball flight.

With its combination of key technologies, the Titleist TSR4 driver is sure to help you maximize your performance on the golf course. From its deep center of gravity and robust face design to its adjustable weights and ultra-lightweight construction, this driver provides golfers with all they need to hit accurate drives with maximum distance.

Pros of Titleist TSR4

The Titleist TSR4 is a great golf ball for players who are looking to increase their distance off the tee. It has an improved core design that helps to provide more spin and speed off the driver, which will result in more carry distance. The cover is also designed to provide a soft feel, which is great for those who prefer a softer feel around the green. The ball also features a low compression core, which helps to reduce spin on shots and makes them less likely to balloon in the air. Overall, this ball provides great performance off the tee and around the green.

Cons of Titleist TSR4

The biggest con of the Titleist TSR4 is its price tag. At $50 per dozen, it can be quite expensive compared to other golf balls on the market. Additionally, some players may not like the softer feel of this ball around the green as it could be too soft for their preferences. Lastly, this ball may not suit players with higher swing speeds as it could spin too much and lose distance.

Price Comparison of Titleist TSR4 with Similar Clubs

The Titleist TSR4 is one of the top-rated golf clubs on the market. It’s designed to offer a great combination of accuracy, power, and feel. To get the best deals on the club, it’s important to compare prices between different retailers. Here we’ll look at how the Titleist TSR4 stacks up against similar clubs from other manufacturers.

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One of the main competitors is the Callaway Epic Flash Driver. This driver offers similar performance to the TSR4, but comes in at a slightly lower price point. It has a larger profile that increases forgiveness and provides more distance off the tee. The Epic Flash also has an adjustable loft sleeve that allows you to tweak your launch angle for added accuracy.

Another option to consider is the TaylorMade SIM Driver. This driver is designed for maximum distance and optimized ball flight with every swing. It also features an adjustable hosel that lets you customize your launch angle and spin rate for better control over your shots. The TaylorMade SIM Driver is slightly more expensive than the Titleist TSR4, but offers similar performance in terms of accuracy and distance.

Finally, there’s also the Cobra King Speedzone Driver, which is another great option if you’re looking for a high-performing club at an affordable price. The King Speedzone Driver has a larger profile than other drivers on this list, which helps increase forgiveness on off-center hits and maximize distance off the tee. It also features adjustable weights that allow you to customize your launch angle and spin rate for added control over your shots.

Overall, when it comes to comparing prices between different drivers, it’s important to consider all aspects of performance before making a decision. The Titleist TSR4 offers great accuracy and feel while being competitively priced compared to similar clubs from other manufacturers like Callaway, TaylorMade, and Cobra King Speedzone Drivers.


The Titleist TSR4 golf ball is a great golf ball for any golfer. Its performance is excellent with good spin and accuracy, plus its impressive durability make it a great choice for both recreational and serious golfers alike. While it may not be the most affordable ball on the market, its quality and performance make it worth the price. We highly recommend the Titleist TSR4 to any golfer looking for a reliable, long-lasting golf ball to use on the course.

Overall, the Titleist TSR4 is a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable and durable golf ball that provides excellent performance. Its spin rate, accuracy, and distance are all top-notch, making it one of the best balls on the market today. If you’re looking for a reliable golf ball that won’t break your bank account then we highly recommend giving this one a try.