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titleist zb forged irons

Titleist ZB Forged irons are designed for the serious golfer who desires precision and control. With a classic look, enhanced feel, and superior performance, the ZB Forged is a top-tier iron. The sleek blade-like head shape of the ZB Forged ensures maximum workability while offering a tour-level feel and feedback. It features an advanced multi-material construction combining tungsten weighting with a forged 1025 mild carbon steel body to provide stability and optimum CG placement for improved accuracy. The new ZB Forged provides high launch, improved forgiveness, and long, penetrating ball flight.The Titleist ZB Forged Irons are the latest addition to Titleist’s lineup of premium golf clubs. Designed with a classic look and modern performance, the ZB Forged Irons offer players maximum control and workability from every lie. Featuring a one-piece forging process, the irons provide an exceptionally soft feel at impact, as well as precise control throughout the entire set. The progressive blade lengths provide more forgiveness in the long irons while increasing control in the mid and short irons. Additionally, the ZB Forged Irons feature a new ultra-thin face design for increased ball speed and distance. The club face is also CNC milled for superior accuracy and consistency. These irons are designed to deliver optimum performance for players of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re looking for improved accuracy or added distance off the tee, these premium clubs will help you get there.

Flight Control Technology

The Titleist ZB Forged Irons feature Flight Control Technology (FCT). This technology allows golfers to customize the trajectory of their shots by altering the loft, lie and face angle of each iron. FCT also provides a consistent feel across the set, ensuring that each shot has the same feel regardless of whether you are hitting a long iron or a short iron. The FCT technology also helps to provide more stability and control when hitting off-center shots, resulting in improved accuracy and consistency.

Forged Construction

The Titleist ZB Forged Irons are made with a forged construction. This process involves forming the iron heads out of one piece of metal, which results in an incredibly strong and durable product that is able to withstand even the most powerful swings. The forged construction also helps to provide a softer feel at impact, resulting in improved feedback on off-center shots and more control over your ball flight.

Progressive Offset

The Titleist ZB Forged Irons feature progressive offset throughout the set. This means that as you move from longer irons to shorter irons, the offset gradually decreases. This helps golfers who struggle with slicing or hooking their shots as it reduces the amount of time it takes for them to square up their clubface at impact. Progressive offset also helps to produce a higher launch angle with longer irons and lower launch angle with shorter irons, resulting in more distance and greater accuracy for every shot.


The Titleist ZB Forged Irons have an aesthetically pleasing design that is sure to catch the eye of any golfer on the course. They feature a classic muscle back design that is both subtle and sophisticated, while still providing plenty of performance benefits such as increased forgiveness on off-center hits and increased consistency across all shots. The Titleist ZB Forged Irons are available in three different finishes – Black Oxide, Chrome Plated and Raw Steel – so you can choose whichever one suits your style best!

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Superior Feel and Performance

Titleist ZB Forged Irons provide superior feel and performance for golfers of all levels. The multi-material construction with a forged 1025 carbon steel body and tungsten weighting creates a soft, yet solid feel at impact. The milled face provides consistent spin, trajectory, and distance control for more accurate shots. The active recoil channel technology further helps to launch the ball with increased speed and distance. Additionally, the progressive center of gravity (CG) design in each iron makes it easier to hit longer shots with greater accuracy.

Precision Craftsmanship

The Titleist ZB Forged Irons are crafted with precision to deliver the highest level of performance. The 1025 carbon steel body is forged to reach the desired shape and weighting for each individual iron head. This process also allows for precise control of the CG placement in each iron head, ensuring maximum performance from every shot. The milled face delivers consistent ball spin and distance control while the tungsten weighting provides more forgiveness on off-center shots.

Premium Design

The Titleist ZB Forged Irons have a sleek and modern design that looks great at address. The black chrome finish gives each iron an attractive look that stands out on the course. The progressive blade length in each iron provides visual cues throughout your set, making it easier to identify which club you should use in any given situation. Additionally, the sleek chrome shafts are designed to optimize launch conditions while providing better feel throughout your swing.

Overall Benefits

The overall benefits of Titleist ZB Forged Irons are numerous. They provide superior feel and performance with multi-material construction and active recoil channel technology that helps you launch the ball faster and farther than ever before. They also offer precision craftsmanship with a 1025 carbon steel body that is forged precisely for optimal CG placement in every iron head. And their premium design features a black chrome finish with progressive blade lengths that looks great at address and helps you pick out your clubs quickly when you’re on the course.

Advantages of Titleist ZB Forged Irons

The Titleist ZB Forged Irons are a great set of irons for golfers of all skill levels. The heads are made from forged 1025 carbon steel, which gives them a soft and consistent feel. The heads also feature a cavity back design, which helps to reduce spin and increase forgiveness on off-center hits. The club faces also feature an optimized face thickness, which helps to maximize ball speed and distance. Additionally, the club faces have U-grooves that help to create more spin on approach shots. Overall, these irons offer great performance and improved playability for golfers of all skill levels.

Disadvantages of Titleist ZB Forged Irons

One of the main disadvantages of the Titleist ZB Forged Irons is that they can be difficult to hit for some golfers. The club heads are quite large, which makes it hard for some golfers to get used to them quickly. Additionally, the clubs are quite expensive compared to other sets on the market, so they may not be the best option for budget-minded golfers. Furthermore, the U-grooves can make it difficult for some players to control their spin on shots that aren’t struck perfectly. Finally, the clubs may not be suited for players with faster swing speeds since they might not generate enough speed or distance from them.

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Materials Used in Titleist ZB Forged Irons

The Titleist ZB Forged irons are crafted with high-grade materials for maximum performance and feel. The irons feature a 1020 carbon steel body and face, which provides greater speed and better feel. This steel is also preferred by Tour players due to its superior workability, allowing them to shape shots with precision. The grooves on the face of the irons are milled from 431 stainless steel, providing spin and control when striking the golf ball. The irons also feature an aluminum medallion insert, which provides added sound and feel at impact. Finally, the clubs are finished with a chrome plating, giving them a classic look that stands out from other irons on the market.

The combination of these materials provides golfers with an iron that is both powerful and forgiving on shots that aren’t hit perfectly. With the Titleist ZB Forged Irons, golfers can be sure that they’re playing with some of the best clubs on the market.

Face Technology Impact Performance of Titleist ZB Forged Irons

The Titleist ZB Forged Irons are engineered to provide golfers with an incredibly precise and accurate performance. The groundbreaking face technology employed in the design of the ZB Forged Irons is one of the main features that provides this performance. The face technology has been designed to provide maximum energy transfer from the club to the ball, while also providing incredible feel and feedback to the golfer.

The face technology enables the clubs to have a thinner face, which increases ball speed off of impact for greater distance. It also creates a larger sweet spot, providing golfers with more forgiveness on off-center hits. This increased accuracy and forgiveness combined with maximum energy transfer makes for an incredibly effective iron set.

In addition, the face technology helps create incredible feel on impact, allowing golfers to have more control over their shots. The titanium cup-face design absorbs vibration on impact to provide a soft yet solid feel at contact. This allows golfers to have a better sense of where they are making contact with their irons and what kind of spin they are imparting on their shots.

Overall, the face technology employed in Titleist’s ZB Forged Irons helps to create an incredibly precise and accurate performance for golfers of all skill levels. The combination of increased ball speed off impact for greater distance, increased accuracy and forgiveness, and improved feel all work together to give players a superior iron set that will help them play their best round each time they hit the course.

Cast and Forged Irons

Cast and forged irons are two types of golf clubs that have been used for many years. They are both popular choices for golfers all over the world, but they differ in their design, performance, and cost. Cast irons are created when molten metal is poured into a mold and cooled. The result is a club with a softer feel and more forgiving sweet spot. Forged irons, on the other hand, are created when one solid piece of metal is pounded into shape. This results in a club with a firmer feel, more feedback, improved workability, but a smaller sweet spot.

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In terms of cost, cast irons tend to be cheaper than their forged counterparts due to the manufacturing process being simpler and more cost-effective. Forged irons may require more skill to manufacture, but they often have superior performance characteristics that make them worth the extra money for many golfers.

When it comes to performance on the course, forged irons tend to offer better control over shots since they provide greater feedback from impact with the ball. This makes them great for experienced players who want precision accuracy from their shots. Cast irons are better suited for beginners as they provide more forgiveness on mis-hits due to their larger sweet spot.

In summary, cast and forged irons both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your playing style and skill level. If you’re an experienced player looking for maximum control over your shots then forged irons might be the right choice for you. Beginners should opt for cast irons as they will provide more forgiveness on mis-hits and help you get up to speed faster with your game.

Price Range for Titleist ZB Forged Irons

The Titleist ZB Forged Irons have a wide range of prices depending on the set and configuration. The standard 3-iron through pitching wedge set will typically range from $1,000 to $1,500. However, a full set of the ZB Forged Irons with additional irons such as a 2-iron and 4-iron can range from $1,500 to $2,000 or more. The cost of each iron also varies depending on the custom options that are chosen. Custom shafts and grips can increase the cost of each iron by up to $25 to $50.

Furthermore, Titleist also offers a variety of pre-assembled sets that include additional clubs such as hybrids and wedges. Pre-assembled sets can range from $1,500 to $2,500 or more depending on the number of clubs included and the quality of components selected.

Overall, there is a wide range of prices for Titleist ZB Forged Irons depending on the set configuration selected. It is important to consider all aspects including custom options when determining the total cost for a set of Titleist ZB Forged Irons.


The Titleist ZB Forged irons are a great choice for golfers looking to improve their game and take it to the next level. They are designed for maximum performance and provide the best combination of distance, forgiveness, control, and accuracy. With their sleek design and high-performance technologies, they provide a great combination of distance and accuracy. For those looking for a reliable set of irons that will last them for many rounds, the Titleist ZB Forged irons is a great choice.

Overall, Titleist ZB Forged irons offer an excellent blend of performance features that make them an ideal choice for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level. With features like a Tour-inspired design, advanced technologies, and superior feel, they are sure to be an asset on the course. So if you’re looking for a reliable set of clubs that will last you many rounds without sacrificing performance or feel, then the Titleist ZB Forged irons might just be your perfect fit.

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