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The Titleist AP3 irons are the perfect blend of distance and forgiveness in a modern tour-inspired design. Featuring a hollow-blade construction combined with L-Face inserts, the AP3 irons produce faster ball speeds and launch for more distance while providing the playability and feel of a forged iron. A co-forged construction with high density tungsten weighting also produces superior stability through impact, making them incredibly forgiving and accurate on mis-hits. With progressive blade lengths, sole widths, hosel lengths and hosel offsets, this set provides optimal performance for every type of player.Titliest AP3 is an iron set released by Titleist as part of their 718 series. It features a combination of distance and forgiveness in a tour-level shape. The AP3 irons have an innovative hollow-blade design with high-speed face technology to provide explosive ball speed for maximum distance, as well as a thin, fast, unsupported face insert for improved feel and control. The irons also feature tungsten weighting for a higher launch and more stability on off-center strikes.


The Titliest AP3 irons offer a unique combination of distance and forgiveness, making them a great choice for golfers of all abilities. The clubs are designed to be versatile, so they can be used from the tee, fairway, and rough. They also feature an improved sole design to help golfers hit shots with greater accuracy and control. With the Titliest AP3 irons, golfers can enjoy better performance on every shot.


The Titliest AP3 irons have been designed with forgiveness in mind. They feature a larger clubface and improved sole design to help golfers get more consistent contact with the ball. The larger clubface also helps promote higher ball speeds for longer distances. Additionally, the clubs feature an improved weighting system that helps reduce mis-hits and encourage straighter shots.


The Titliest AP3 irons are designed to offer maximum distance for every shot. The clubs feature an improved sole design that helps reduce drag on the ball for increased launch angles and higher ball speeds. Additionally, the clubs have been engineered to promote faster clubhead speed throughout the swing for further distances. With these clubs, golfers can enjoy greater distances on every shot.


The Titliest AP3 irons have been designed with feel in mind. The clubs feature an advanced urethane insert that helps soften feel at impact while providing better feedback on your shots. Additionally, the clubs have been engineered to promote better energy transfer from the clubhead into the ball for improved feel and precision on every shot.


The Titliest AP3 irons are designed with an attractive look that will appeal to all players. The sleek black finish of these clubs adds a modern touch while still maintaining classic styling cues that will appeal to traditionalists as well as modern players alike. With their attractive look and great performance, these clubs are sure to stand out from other sets on the market today.

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Forged Face

The Titliest AP3 irons feature a forged face that provides enhanced feel and feedback. The forged face also offers a higher launching ball flight and added distance on off-center hits. This makes the Titliest AP3 an ideal choice for golfers of all abilities looking to improve their game.

Progressive Set Design

The progressive set design of the Titliest AP3 irons allows for more forgiveness and improved performance on longer shots. The clubs feature progressive blade lengths, sole widths, hosel lengths, and top lines for optimized performance in each individual iron. The result is a set of irons that are designed to help golfers hit more consistent shots from any lie.

Feel Balancing Technology

The Titliest AP3 irons feature Feel Balancing Technology which helps to improve sound and feel at impact for better feedback and control. This technology redistributes weight around the head to help promote a more solid feeling strike without sacrificing clubhead speed or launch angles.

Speed Bridge Technology

The Titliest AP3 irons also feature Speed Bridge Technology which helps to increase the overall ball speed by improving energy transfer from the clubhead into the ball at impact. The Speed Bridge also helps to reduce vibration at impact for improved feel and sound.

Faster Face Cup Technology

In addition to these features, the Titliest AP3 irons also incorporate Faster Face Cup Technology which helps to increase ball speed across the face of the club for added distance on every shot. This technology is designed to provide golfers with consistently longer shots regardless of where they make contact with the face of the club.

Performance of Titliest AP3

The Titliest AP3 irons are a great choice for golfers who are looking for a set of irons that offer performance, feel, and forgiveness. The iron set features a multi-material construction with a steel body and tungsten sole for added stability and improved launch characteristics. The clubface also features an extremely thin face to provide more ball speed and distance. The progressive blade lengths and sole widths allow golfers to customize their shots depending on the situation.

The Titliest AP3’s also feature an advanced vibration management system for improved sound and feel at impact. This helps reduce vibration in the hands, creating a smoother swing experience. The clubface is precision machined to ensure consistent contact, resulting in improved accuracy and forgiveness on off-center hits. Additionally, the irons feature progressive center of gravity (CG) locations which help to optimize trajectory control through the set.

Overall, the Titliest AP3 irons provide excellent performance, feel, and forgiveness for golfers of all skill levels. They have a good blend of distance, accuracy, and shot shaping capabilities that will help players score better on the course. With their advanced technology features and custom fitting options, these irons will be sure to enhance your game!

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Pros of Titliest AP3

The Titliest AP3 is one of the most popular irons on the market, and for good reason. The AP3 offers a great combination of forgiveness and accuracy, allowing golfers to hit the ball further with greater accuracy. It also features a lower center of gravity than many other irons, which helps golfers get higher launch angles and better overall ball flight. Additionally, the AP3s have an improved face design which helps to create more spin and better control of the ball. Finally, the irons are very forgiving, even on off-center hits.

Cons of Titliest AP3

The main downside to the Titliest AP3 is that they are expensive compared to many other irons on the market. They may be out of reach for some golfers who do not have a large budget for golf equipment. Additionally, they may be too forgiving for more experienced players who need a higher level of control over their shots. Furthermore, some players may find them too bulky or heavy compared to other irons available.

Price of Titliest AP3

The Titliest AP3 is one of the most popular irons from the leading golf equipment manufacturer, Titliest. The average price of a new set of Titliest AP3 irons ranges from $900 to $1,400 depending on the retailer. However, you can find used sets of these golf clubs for about half the cost.

The prices for a single club can vary significantly depending on the model and condition. For example, a new Titleist AP3 718 iron with a regular flex shaft will cost around $150 while a used version with stiff flex will cost around $100. You can also find refurbished models at a discounted price.

Additionally, you can find deals on the Titliest AP3 irons during certain times of year. For instance, many retailers offer discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events. Furthermore, some retailers will offer free shipping or other perks if you purchase your clubs during these times.

Overall, the price of a set of Titliest AP3 irons will depend on where you purchase them from and whether they are new or used. It is important to compare prices and shop around to get the best deal possible.

Customization Options for Titliest AP3

The Titleist AP3 irons provide golfers with a wide range of customization options to ensure they can play their best. Players can choose from a variety of shafts, grips, and lofts to get the exact feel they need. Shafts come in a range of flexes and materials, so regardless of your swing speed or playing style there is something for everyone. Additionally, the grips come in different textures and sizes so that you can find the right fit for your hand size and swing. Lastly, Titleist offers multiple loft options so you can customize the distance you need to hit each club.

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For those looking to customize their Titleist AP3 irons further, there are also aftermarket shafts available with different weighting and kick points. This allows golfers to further tailor their clubs to their individual swings. Many players will even have their clubs custom-fitted by a professional club fitter who can recommend the best shafts and lofts based on each golfer’s unique swing characteristics.

Overall, Titleist’s AP3 irons provide plenty of customization options that allow golfers to tailor them exactly how they want them for maximum performance on the course. With a variety of shafts, grips, and lofts available as well as aftermarket options, it’s easy to find the perfect set up that will help you play your best golf.

Availability of Titliest AP3

Titliest AP3 irons have been hailed as a game-changer for golfers of all levels. The combination of distance, control, and forgiveness in a single iron makes it a great choice for both amateurs and professionals. Titliest has made the AP3 irons available worldwide through select retailers and online stores.

The irons come in sets of 4-PW, with each iron having its own unique features to help players take their game to the next level. The 4-iron has a low center of gravity which helps launch the ball higher and farther than other irons. The 5-iron has a slightly larger club head which allows for more forgiveness on off-center hits. The 6-iron has a wider sole which helps to reduce turf interaction when striking the ball. The 7 and 8-irons feature progressive sizing for better control and feel, while the 9 and PW have slightly larger heads and wider soles for added forgiveness on shorter shots.

Titliest has also made sure that they provide enough support for players looking to purchase their new clubs. They offer custom fitting services at select locations so that players can find the right set for their individual needs. Additionally, they offer trade-in programs where customers can receive credit towards new purchases when they trade in their old clubs.

Overall, Titliest’s AP3 irons are available around the world, making them an accessible option for golfers no matter where they live or play. With advanced technology and plenty of support options, these clubs are sure to help golfers take their game to the next level.


The Titleist AP3 irons are a great set of clubs for golfers at all skill levels. They provide an excellent combination of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. The design of the heads helps to reduce mis-hits and provide a greater level of control for shots around the green. The feel and sound of the clubs is also very pleasing, and they look great too. All in all, these irons are a great option for anyone looking for a set that can help them take their game to the next level.

Overall, the Titleist AP3 irons offer excellent performance at an affordable price point. They provide golfers with a combination of power and control that is difficult to find in other sets. With their classic look and feel, they are sure to be popular with many golfers in the coming years. No matter what level you are playing at, these irons will help you get the most out of your game each time you hit the course.

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