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Tommy Fleetwood is a professional golfer from Southport, England. He is a member of the European Tour and the PGA Tour, where he has won ten professional titles over his career. Fleetwood has also represented England in the Ryder Cup and the World Cup, and is currently ranked among the top 20 players in the world. He is known for his powerful drives off the tee, his accuracy with his irons, and his ability to read greens quickly. Fleetwood is an exciting player to watch on any course.At the 2021 WITB Championship, Tommy Fleetwood won using a TaylorMade M6 driver, TaylorMade P790 irons, a Titleist Vokey SM7 wedge, and a Titleist Scotty Cameron Select putter.

Tommy Fleetwood’s Equipment Setup for the 2021 WITB Championship

Tommy Fleetwood has been one of the most consistent players on the European Tour over the past few years, and he’s looking to bring his consistent performance to the 2021 World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship. Fleetwood is renowned for his accuracy off the tee, which is why he’s chosen to use a full TaylorMade setup for this event. His driver of choice is the TaylorMade SIM Max, which features an aerodynamic head shape designed to reduce drag and deliver faster ball speeds. He’s also opted for a TaylorMade M4 3-wood, which has a larger head size and shallower face than its predecessor, creating more forgiving shots from all lies. His irons are TaylorMade P730’s, designed with progressive blade lengths and sole widths that promote distance control and stability through impact. For his wedges, Fleetwood has chosen TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 wedges in 52° and 58° lofts that provide superior spin control from any lie around the green. Finally, he’ll be using a TaylorMade Spider Tour putter with Pure Roll insert technology for enhanced feel and improved forward roll across varying surfaces.

Fleetwood is hoping that this combination of clubs will help him perform at his best at this year’s WITB Championship. With his proven track record of success on tour, it’s no surprise that he’s chosen such a reliable setup for this event. We wish him luck!

Tommy Fleetwood’s Irons at the 2021 WITB Championship

For the 2021 WITB Championship, Tommy Fleetwood has put together a set of irons that will help him perform at his peak. The set consists of Callaway Apex Pro 19 irons, which are designed to provide maximum forgiveness and control, even on off-center strikes. In addition, the irons feature a thin face and a low center of gravity to promote higher launch angles and increased ball speeds. To ensure consistent results, Tommy has also added Callaway’s Urethane Microspheres technology to the mix. The technology helps reduce vibration and sound levels for a more pleasant feel and better performance. Finally, he has opted for True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue shafts to ensure optimal launch conditions through every shot. With such an impressive package of clubs in his bag, Tommy Fleetwood is ready to take on the competition at this year’s WITB Championship.

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For maximum performance in varying conditions, Tommy also carries several wedges in his bag. He prefers Callaway Mack Daddy 5 wedges with an optimized groove pattern for maximum spin and control around the green. His sand wedge is a Callaway MD3 Milled with an aggressive sole grind that allows him to open up the face easily and hit precision shots from any type of lie. Finally, his lob wedge is a Titleist Vokey SM8 with Tour-preferred loft options for consistent results from all distances around the green.

With such an impressive selection of clubs in his bag, Tommy Fleetwood is sure to have great success at this year’s WITB Championship. His combination of forgiveness, control, and yardage-gaining technologies will give him a major advantage when it comes time to compete on the world stage.

A Look at Tommy Fleetwood’s Wedges at the 2021 WITB Championship

The 2021 WITB Championship was a great opportunity for golfers to show off their latest equipment and Tommy Fleetwood was no exception. The Englishman was seen using four different wedges during the tournament, all of which were made by Titleist. His selection included the Titleist Vokey SM8, Vokey SM7, and two versions of the Titleist 620 MB – one in a classic black finish, and one in a rustic copper finish.

The Titleist Vokey SM8 is one of the most popular wedges on tour and has been used by many top professionals since its release in 2019. It features a unique sole design that helps players generate more spin on their shots while also offering increased stability and control. The grooves on the face are deeper than those found on previous models, allowing golfers to maximize spin out of any lie.

The Vokey SM7 is another popular wedge choice among tour pros and features a slightly different sole design compared to its predecessor. It also has deeper grooves on the face, which help players get more spin out of any lie. Additionally, it has an improved center of gravity for better feel and control around the greens.

For something a little different, Fleetwood opted for two versions of Titleist’s 620 MB wedge – one in classic black finish and one in a rustic copper finish. Both feature tour-validated designs with progressive center of gravity locations that help golfers control trajectory for more precise shot-making around the greens. Plus, they have high-spin grooves that allow golfers to generate maximum spin out of any lie.

Overall, it was impressive to see such an array of wedges from Tommy Fleetwood at this year’s WITB Championship. He clearly knows what he likes when it comes to equipment and his choices certainly paid off as he put together some great rounds throughout the tournament.

Analyzing Tommy Fleetwood’s Putter at the 2021 WITB Championship

The 2021 World Golf Championships-Workday Championship was an exciting event that featured some of the best golfers in the world. One of the most impressive players was Tommy Fleetwood, who finished in a tie for third place. His performance was even more impressive considering he had to overcome a number of obstacles, including an equipment change.

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One of the biggest changes made by Fleetwood before the tournament was switching to a new putter. He had been using a TaylorMade Spider Tour Red putter for quite some time, but decided to switch to a TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast for this tournament. The change paid off as he was able to make some clutch putts throughout the tournament, which likely helped him get into contention at the end.

So what makes this putter so special? For starters, it has an updated design compared to his previous model. The new model features a hydro blast finish that is designed to improve feel and roll consistency on the greens. It also has adjustable weights in the head to help fine-tune ball flight and spin rate.

Additionally, the Spider X Hydro Blast has a higher MOI (moment of inertia) than its predecessor, which helps it remain stable even when hit off-center. This is important because it helps reduce skidding and makes it easier for Fleetwood to control his distance control on long putts.

Overall, Tommy Fleetwood’s decision to switch putters before this tournament proved to be inspired as it allowed him to make clutch shots on the greens throughout the event. His new putter gave him more control and feel around the greens, which ultimately allowed him to stay in contention until the very end.

Tommy Fleetwood’s Driver at the 2021 WITB Championship

Tommy Fleetwood is gearing up for the 2021 WITB Championship, and one of the important pieces of equipment he’ll be relying on is his driver. Fleetwood has been using a TaylorMade M5 driver as his preferred choice for the past few years, and he’ll be sticking with it for this tournament. The M5 driver features an adjustable sole plate that allows players to fine-tune their trajectory and spin rate for maximum performance. It also has a larger face area than previous TaylorMade drivers, which gives it more forgiveness on off-center hits. Tommy Fleetwood’s driver of choice also features a lightweight carbon fiber crown, which helps to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. With all these features combined, it’s clear why Tommy Fleetwood trusts his TaylorMade M5 driver to help him compete at the highest level.

Fleetwood is no stranger to success on the golf course. He won the Race to Dubai in 2018 and was runner-up at last year’s US Open. He is currently ranked ninth in the world, so expectations will be high as he looks to add another major championship win to his resume. With his trusted TaylorMade M5 driver in hand, Tommy Fleetwood will certainly be a favorite at this year’s WITB Championship.

Tommy Fleetwood’s Fairway Woods at the 2021 WITB Championship

Tommy Fleetwood is one of the top players in golf and he will be looking to continue his success in 2021. At the 2021 WITB Championship, Tommy will be hoping to make a statement with his choice of fairway woods. Tommy has been known to use a variety of different clubs depending on the course and conditions he is playing in, but he will likely have a few favourites that he relies on for success.

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At the 2021 WITB Championship, Tommy can be expected to have some of his favourite fairway woods in his bag. He is known to carry three different types of woods depending on the situation: a utility 3-wood that offers a great balance between distance and accuracy, an 11-degree driver that provides more carry and distance off the tee, and an 18-degree hybrid for getting out of difficult lies and tight spots.

The 3-wood that Tommy carries is likely to be from TaylorMade’s M4 range. This club offers great forgiveness and distance off the tee as well as a higher launch angle for shots into greens. The 11-degree driver is another TaylorMade club, this time from their M6 range. This club provides more distance off the tee than other drivers thanks to its larger head size and lower spin rate. Finally, Tommy’s hybrid is likely from Callaway’s Rogue range, which offers great accuracy and control when hitting long shots out of trouble spots or tight lies around greens.

Overall, it looks like Tommy Fleetwood has chosen some great clubs for the 2021 WITB Championship which should give him an edge over his opponents when it comes to finding fairways off the tee or hitting accurate approach shots into greens. His selection should provide him with plenty of options no matter what course or weather conditions he finds himself playing in during this year’s championship season.

Tommy Fleetwood’s Hybrids at the 2021 WITB Championship

At the 2021 World Invitational Tournament of Champions, Tommy Fleetwood showed off his impressive hybrid game. The Englishman relied on a combination of TaylorMade P7MC and P7MB irons to hit his shots high and long. He also used a Titleist TS3 Hybrid to get around the course with ease. Fleetwood’s approach shots were precise and accurate, allowing him to stay in contention through all four rounds. His hybrids and irons also gave him the confidence to go for some of the more difficult pins, as he was able to control his ball flight and trajectory with ease.

Fleetwood’s performance at the tournament is another testament to how important hybrids are in modern golf. They are a great way for players to get more distance out of their tee shots, while also giving them better accuracy when hitting approach shots. Fleetwood’s success at the WITB Championship is proof that hybrids are still an invaluable part of any golfer’s bag.


Tommy Fleetwood is a professional golfer, who has had amazing success on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. He has achieved several victories, including winning the Race to Dubai in 2017. His rise to fame has been remarkable, and he is now considered one of the best golfers in the world. His style of play is aggressive and fearless which sets him apart from other players. Tommy Fleetwood is a great example of what hard work and dedication can achieve in the world of professional golf.

Overall, Tommy Fleetwood’s career so far has been incredible, with numerous wins and accolades to his name. He is an inspiration for aspiring golfers all over the world, and will likely continue to be among the best players in the game for years to come.