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Tony Finau is one of the most talented and exciting professional golfers on the PGA Tour today. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Tony became an accomplished amateur golfer as a teenager. He quickly climbed the ranks of the professional game, eventually joining the PGA Tour in 2014. Since becoming a full-time professional, Tony has earned seven top-10 finishes and won the Puerto Rico Open in 2016. He is known for his long drives and powerful approach shots, and he has become a fan favorite for his outgoing personality and engaging presence on social media.Tony Finau is one of the world’s top golfers and is widely known for his impressive performances on the PGA Tour. His equipment of choice includes Callaway clubs, Titleist balls, and Bridgestone golf shoes. He is currently playing with a full set of Callaway clubs including a Callaway Rogue driver, two Callaway XR fairway woods, two Callaway X Forged irons (4-PW), two Callaway Mack Daddy wedges (51 and 56 degrees), and a Odyssey O-Works #7 Putter. He also carries a Titleist Pro V1x golf ball and Bridgestone JGR golf shoes. Finau has used this same set since 2019 and it has served him well, helping him achieve success on the tour. With this setup Tony Finau aims to continue his domination on the PGA Tour in 2021.

Tony Finau’s Driver

Tony Finau is a professional golfer and is known for his impressive driving ability. He has been playing golf since he was a child and has always had a knack for driving long distances and with accuracy. His driver is an important part of his game and he pays close attention to the details of the club head, shaft, and grip. Tony Finau’s driver is custom-made to his own specifications, which allows him to hit the ball with maximum distance, accuracy, and control. He also uses the latest technology in golf shafts, which helps him get even more distance out of each drive.

The club head of his driver is designed to give him maximum speed off the tee. It has a wide face that helps to create more spin on the ball which leads to better accuracy. The shafts are made from graphite or steel depending on what Tony prefers at any given time. The grips are typically made from rubber or leather depending on what Tony wants them to be and they also help him get better control of the club during each swing.

When it comes to selecting a driver for Tony Finau, there are many factors that come into play. First and foremost, he has to make sure that it fits his swing perfectly so that he can maximize his performance. Furthermore, it must be lightweight enough so that he can swing it with ease but still have enough power to generate distance when necessary. Finally, he likes drivers with large faces so that he can hit shots with more spin for added accuracy.

Overall, Tony Finau’s driver is an important part of his game and something that he takes great care in selecting for himself each season. With technology continually improving, Tony will always have access to some of the best drivers on the market and this will help him continue performing at a high level for years to come.

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Tony Finau’s Fairway Woods

Tony Finau is one of the top professional golfers in the world. His game has become even more powerful with the help of his fairway woods. He has been using them to hit long and accurate shots off the tee, as well as from the fairway. His fairway woods are designed to give him maximum control and accuracy, allowing him to hit precise shots regardless of where he is on the course.

Finau’s fairway woods feature a low-profile design that helps him shape his shots and keep them in play. The heads also feature a wide sole that helps him get maximum launch angle while still maintaining control over the ball flight. Additionally, they are designed with a higher center of gravity, which increases trajectory and reduces spin rate for improved accuracy.

The shafts on Finau’s fairway woods are also designed for maximum performance. They are lightweight yet stiff, allowing him to generate more clubhead speed without sacrificing control over his shots. Additionally, they feature a lower kick point that helps him launch the ball higher into the air, which gives him more carry and distance off the tee.

Overall, Tony Finau’s fairway woods have been essential to his success as a professional golfer. They provide him with maximum control over his shots, helping him hit precise shots regardless of where he is on the course. With their low-profile design and lightweight shafts, Finau can generate more clubhead speed while still maintaining accuracy off the tee and from the fairway.

Tony Finau’s Hybrids

Tony Finau is an avid golfer and has been using hybrid clubs to help him achieve success on the golf course. He uses a variety of different hybrid clubs, from his go-to 4-hybrid all the way to a 2-hybrid. His hybrids are designed with maximum forgiveness in mind, giving him the confidence to hit shots he otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

The 4-hybrid is his go-to club, as it provides him with the greatest amount of distance and accuracy when he needs it most. He also uses a 3-hybrid for shots that require just a bit more power and accuracy than a 4-hybrid can provide. His 2-hybrid is used primarily for shots that require a lot of precision and control.

Tony Finau’s hybrids are constructed out of high quality materials, giving them great feel and control while still providing plenty of forgiveness. He also uses lightweight graphite shafts in order to help maximize his distance and accuracy off the tee. The combination of these features allows Tony Finau to hit longer, more accurate shots with his hybrids than he ever could with traditional irons.

Overall, Tony Finau has found great success on the golf course by using hybrid clubs. His selection of different hybrids gives him plenty of options when it comes time to make a shot, allowing him to pick the right club for each situation he finds himself in on the course. With his hybrids, Tony Finau is able to hit more accurate shots with greater distances than ever before, making him one of the top golfers in the world today.

Tony Finau’s Irons

Tony Finau is a professional golfer who has achieved remarkable success in the world of golf. He is currently playing with a set of Titleist irons, which are widely considered to be some of the best irons in the market. The Titleist 718 AP2 irons are Tony’s go-to clubs for hitting long and accurate shots. These irons feature an innovative design that helps reduce spin off the face for increased distance and accuracy. The heads are made from forged 1025 carbon steel, which gives them increased feel and control. The set also features an undercut cavity back design, which helps move more weight to the perimeter of the clubhead for improved accuracy and forgiveness on off-center hits. With these clubs, Tony is able to hit consistent shots with great precision and distance.

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The Titleist 718 AP2 irons also feature a progressive blade length design that allows for greater control on short-iron shots. This allows Tony to shape his shots more easily than ever before. The set also utilizes tungsten weights in the 3-7 iron heads to help lower the center of gravity, thus making it easier to launch shots high into the air with less effort.

Tony is able to take full advantage of these features when he’s out on the course. His impressive performance on Tour this year has been largely attributed to his improved ball striking with these clubs. He has consistently hit long and accurate shots, helping him gain valuable strokes against his competitors over 18 holes. With such impressive results, it’s no wonder why many golfers have taken notice of Tony’s equipment choice and sought out a similar set for themselves!

Tony Finau Wedges Setup

Tony Finau is one of the best players on the PGA Tour and his wedge setup is an important part of his game. His wedges are all Titleist Vokey SM7 models, with lofts ranging from 46° (gap wedge) to 60° (lob wedge). He uses a custom-grind sole on his wedges, which allows for more versatility and control from a variety of lies. He also opts for more bounce than most players, which gives him added confidence when hitting out of greenside bunkers or thick rough. He uses a standard grip size and length on all his wedges, which helps him maintain consistency in his swing regardless of the club he’s using. Finau’s setup is perfect for players looking to find more consistency and accuracy in their short game. With the right setup, you can take your wedge game to the next level like Tony Finau.

Tony Finau Putter Setup

Tony Finau is one of the most talented golfers on the tour today. He has a unique putting style that has seen him win several tournaments and become a fan favorite. One of the keys to his success is his putter setup. Finau starts with an open stance and then works back to a more neutral position as he gets closer to the ball. He also uses a slightly longer putter than average, which helps him with accuracy and distance control. His grip is slightly weaker than what most golfers use, but it gives him more control over the clubface at impact. Additionally, he usually opts for a heavier putter head to give him more stability on his strokes. All of these elements combine to create Finau’s perfect putting setup, one that has been key to his success on the course.

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In addition to his setup, Finau also puts in extra hours on the practice green to hone his technique. He focuses on short putts first and then moves on to longer ones, making sure he practices all distances. This allows him to stay sharp when it comes time for competition, as he knows exactly how each shot should feel and how much power he needs for each stroke. Lastly, Finau pays close attention to the speed of his greens so that he can adjust accordingly should conditions change during a tournament.

Overall, Tony Finau’s putter setup is one of the keys to his success on tour. He starts with an open stance, uses a slightly longer putter than average, has a weaker grip than most players, and opts for a heavier clubhead weight. These elements all combine together to create an optimal putting setup that allows him maximum control over each stroke while also providing plenty of distance control off the tee box or from the fairway. Additionally, Finau’s dedication in honing his technique through practice puts is another reason why he has been so successful throughout his career.

Tony Finau Golf Ball Choice

Tony Finau is one of the most successful golfers in the world. He is known for his skill, consistency and overall excellence on the golf course. As a result, many people are interested in what type of golf ball Tony Finau uses to play his game. The answer is that Tony Finau uses Bridgestone Tour B XS golf balls. This is a premium ball that offers great control and distance, and it gives Tony the performance he needs to stay at the top of his game.

The Tour B XS is designed for players who want maximum distance with a soft, responsive feel off the clubface. It has a 342 dimple pattern which helps to reduce drag and improve lift for longer carries off the tee. The four-piece construction also helps to provide spin control on approach shots into greens. The Urethane cover gives the ball a soft feel while also providing great durability.

Overall, Tony Finau’s choice of golf ball is one that provides him with maximum performance and distance off the tee as well as great spin control around greens. It is no surprise that this ball has become so popular among Tour players and amateurs alike who want to have more control over their shots on the course.


Tony Finau has certainly made a lasting impression on the world of golf. His impressive drive and passion for the game have been evident since he first made an appearance on the PGA tour. His commitment to improving his game and staying focused on his goals have been truly inspiring to watch. He has shown that hard work and dedication can take you far in life.

Finau has been able to achieve success both on the course and off, making him one of the most well-rounded athletes in golf today. He is a great example of what can be accomplished with determination, perseverance, and a positive attitude.

Finau has a bright future ahead of him, and he will no doubt continue to make an impact in the world of golf for years to come.

It is safe to say that Tony Finau has established himself as one of the premier players in golf today. He will remain an inspiration to aspiring golfers everywhere as they strive for greatness in their own game.

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