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top golf age limit

Topgolf is an increasingly popular recreational activity that has become a go-to destination for friends and family looking for entertainment. It is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages, from kids to adults. However, like many activities, there are certain age restrictions in place at Topgolf centers. In this article, we will discuss the age limit for playing Topgolf.The minimum age to play at Topgolf is 6 years old. The maximum age limit varies by location, but is generally around 17 or 18 years old. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21 at all times.

Who Can Play at Top Golf?

Topgolf is a great activity for people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just looking to have some fun, Topgolf is the perfect place for you. You can play solo or with your friends and family. The game is easy to learn, so even those who have never played golf before can pick it up quickly. Plus, the automated ball tracking technology means you don’t need to worry about keeping score!

At Topgolf

How Old Do You Have to Be to Play at Top Golf?

Top Golf is a popular golfing experience that combines the best elements of golf with a fun and competitive atmosphere. The game is suitable for all ages, but it does have an age requirement in order to play. The minimum age requirement to play at Top Golf is 14 years old. Anyone under the age of 14 must have an adult supervising them at all times while they are on the premises.

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Players aged 14-17 are allowed to play unaccompanied, but they must have an adult present if

Minimum Age Requirement at Top Golf

Topgolf is a global leader in the golf entertainment industry, and its venues provide a one-of-a-kind experience for golfers and non-golfers alike. As such, Topgolf requires all guests to be of legal age to consume alcohol and abide by all local laws.

The minimum age requirement at Topgolf locations is 18 years old. This applies to both patrons and Minors (defined as any guest under the age of 18). Young adults aged 16 or

Does Top Golf Have an Age Limit?

Topgolf is an all-ages venue and entertainment experience, but there are some areas that may have restrictions based on age. To ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all guests, Topgolf enforces a minimum age of 18 for guests to enter the bar and restaurant areas. Guests aged 17 and under may enter these areas if accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. Onsite gaming activities at Topgolf locations have no minimum age requirement, however, some locations may require a supervised adult to be present with

Age Restrictions at Top Golf

At Topgolf, all guests must be 18 years or older to use the facility without supervision. Guests aged 13-17 may access the facility without supervision if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must remain onsite for the duration of their visit, and must sign a waiver of liability on behalf of any minors in their group. All players must present valid identification upon request. If any players in the group do not have valid ID, they will not be allowed to play.

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What is the Legal Age to Play at Top Golf?

Topgolf is an entertainment venue that offers a combination of golf, food, and fun for people of all ages. While there is no set legal age requirement to play at Topgolf, the company does have some guidelines in place. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and those between 16 and 17 years old must have a signed waiver from a parent or guardian before they can play. All participants must also follow the dress code outlined by Topgolf, which includes wearing proper golf attire

Is There a Minimum Age for Playing at Top Golf?

Topgolf is a great place to have fun with friends and family, but there is a minimum age requirement for playing. All players must be at least 8 years old to play in a bay at Topgolf. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed in the hitting bays. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (ages 21+) while playing in the bays. All children must have an adult present while in the facility, and all children 16 and under must wear closed-toe


The age limit for Top Golf is set at 18 years old for safety reasons. This age limit ensures that all players are mature enough to understand the rules and regulations of the game. It also prevents minors from being exposed to any potential hazards associated with the sport. While this age limit may be inconvenient in some cases, it is in place to protect players and ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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The age requirement of 18 to play Top Golf should be respected by all players, as it is designed to keep everyone safe and ensure a fun environment

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