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The Toulon Design Putter Grips are the perfect choice for any golfer looking for a secure, comfortable grip. Made with advanced materials and modern technology, these grips offer superior performance and feel. Featuring a patented design that incorporates multiple textures and a tacky feel, the Toulon Putter Grips provide excellent traction and control. The unique design allows for increased accuracy and consistency on the course. With all of these features combined, the Toulon Putter Grips are sure to help you improve your game.The Toulon Putter Grip is designed to offer golfers a number of important benefits. The grip has an ergonomic shape that helps reduce hand tension and fatigue, allowing for greater control and accuracy. It also features a soft, tacky feel for improved comfort and feedback. The grip’s unique material helps to keep moisture away from your hands, enabling consistent performance in all types of weather. In addition, the grip is designed to provide maximum stability during the stroke, helping you hit your putts with greater confidence. Overall, the Toulon Putter Grip offers golfers improved feel, comfort and

Types of Toulon Putter Grip

Toulon putters are designed in a way that helps golfers achieve optimum performance on the course. With a variety of putter grip options, players can choose the best grip that compliments their style and preference. The most popular types of Toulon putter grips are the Super Stroke Slim 2.0, Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0, Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 and the Super Stroke CounterCore Flatso 3.0.

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The Super Stroke

How to Choose the Right Toulon Putter Grip

Choosing the right Toulon Putter grip is an important step in improving your golf game. The right grip can help you hit longer, straighter shots and make your putting stroke more consistent. There are several factors to consider when choosing a putter grip, such as size, shape, material and feel.

Size is one of the most important factors when selecting a putter grip. You want to find a grip that fits your hand comfortably and provides a secure hold on the


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The Toulon Design Putter Grips provide golfers with the ultimate in comfort, control, and feel. Their unique design and materials offer a superior grip that can help you play with more confidence. The soft feel of the rubber helps to absorb shock and reduce vibration, allowing for a smoother stroke. The various sizes available make it easy to find the perfect fit for your hands. With its innovative technology, the Toulon Design Putter Grip is a great choice for golfers looking for an improved performance on the course.

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