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tuscawilla country club membership cost

Tuscawilla Country Club offers its members a variety of amenities, including two championship golf courses, tennis courts, fitness and aquatics centers, a clubhouse and dining options. Membership costs vary depending on the type of membership desired. The club offers full golf membership, social memberships with golf privileges, junior golf membership and a young executive membership. All levels of membership provide access to the many amenities at Tuscawilla Country Club.The prices of Tuscawilla Country Club Membership vary depending on the type of membership selected. Membership types include Single, Couple, Family, Corporate, and Social. The prices range from $140 to $1,500 per month with various discounts available for each type. Certain memberships may also require an initiation fee. For more information on pricing and discounts available for Tuscawilla Country Club Membership, please contact the club directly at [insert phone number].

Access to Exceptional Golf Courses and Facilities

Tuscawilla Country Club offers members access to one of the finest golf courses and club facilities in Florida. The club has two championship golf courses, a practice facility and a driving range, as well as a pro shop offering all the latest in golf apparel and equipment. Members enjoy exclusive access to the club’s championship layouts, which have hosted numerous tournaments over the years. The practice facility is also available for members’ use, where they can hone their skills or work on their swings with a professional instructor.

Cost of Joining Tuscawilla Country Club

Joining the Tuscawilla Country Club is a great opportunity to enjoy all the amenities and activities that the club has to offer. The cost of joining the club varies depending on the type of membership you are looking for. The initiation fee for a full golf membership is $9,000 and includes unlimited access to the golf course, driving range, practice greens, and clubhouse amenities. There is also a monthly dues fee associated with a full golf membership that ranges from $200-$400 depending on age and family size.


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The Tuscawilla Country Club is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a luxurious and elegant golfing experience. The membership fees are reasonable and offer many benefits, such as access to the club’s amenities and a wide variety of activities. Although the cost of membership may be more expensive than other local clubs, it is still an excellent investment for those who want to fully take advantage of all that the club has to offer. The Tuscawilla Country Club provides its members with an unparalleled golf experience, making it worth every penny spent.

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