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The Vokey SM6 46 Degree Wedge is the perfect choice for golfers who are looking for a versatile, easy-to-hit wedge. This wedge is designed to provide maximum spin, accuracy and control on all types of shots around the green. The full-face design and progressive CG locations produce a higher launch angle and softer landing, while the grooves and laser-milled face help to maximize spin on even the most delicate shots. With its classic look, forgiving feel and superior performance, this is an ideal wedge for any level of player.The Vokey 46 Degree Wedge offers many benefits to golfers. This wedge provides players with increased spin control, allowing them to hit precise shots with improved accuracy. The higher loft also allows for greater distance control when hitting off the fairway or rough, making it easier to get out of tricky situations. Additionally, the wedge’s more forgiving sole and leading edge make it easier to hit from a variety of lies and surfaces. In addition, the Vokey 46 Degree Wedge has excellent feel and feedback, allowing players to better understand their swing and make necessary adjustments.

Loft Angle and Bounce

The Vokey 46 Degree Wedge has a loft angle of 46 degrees, which is designed to provide more spin and control on shots around the green. The bounce angle of the club is also designed to help golfers with the angle of attack for each shot, providing better control and accuracy. The combination of loft angle and bounce also helps with ball flight trajectory, allowing for a more consistent strike from shot to shot.

Groove Design

The grooves in the Vokey 46 Degree Wedge are designed to increase spin and control on each shot. The grooves are cut at precise angles to create a gripping effect on the ball, providing more spin and control as it lands on the green. The grooves also help reduce skidding when making contact with the ball, allowing for greater accuracy.

Weight Distribution

The weight distribution of the Vokey 46 Degree Wedge is designed to promote a higher level of control over each shot. The weight is distributed in such a way that it allows for a smoother swing path, reducing any vibrations or inconsistencies in ball flight. This helps golfers achieve more consistency with each swing, resulting in better accuracy and improved performance around the green.

Feel Impact Design

The feel impact design on the Vokey 46 Degree Wedge ensures that golfers have maximum feedback when making contact with the ball. This feedback helps golfers know exactly how much spin they are creating with each swing, allowing them to adjust their technique accordingly for improved accuracy and performance. The feel impact design also ensures that golfers have better control over their shots, giving them greater confidence when hitting shots around the green.


A 46 degree wedge is an essential club for any golfer. It is used for a variety of shots, including bunker play and approach shots to the green. Choosing the right wedge can help you improve your game and make you a better golfer. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best 46 degree wedge for your game.

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Consider Your Skill Level

The first thing to consider when choosing a 46 degree wedge is your skill level. If you are a beginner or intermediate player, you may want to opt for a more basic model with less spin technology or an off-set head design. Advanced players may want to opt for a higher-end model with more spin technology and an improved head design.

Choose Your Shaft Flex

When choosing a 46 degree wedge, it’s also important to consider your shaft flex. Generally speaking, golfer’s with slower swing speeds should opt for a stiffer shaft while those with faster swing speeds should opt for a softer shaft. This will help ensure that you get maximum distance and accuracy with your shots.

Look at the Loft

In addition to considering your skill level and shaft flex, it’s important to look at the loft of the club you’re considering buying. Generally speaking, lower lofted wedges (45 – 48 degrees) are better suited for full swings while higher lofted wedges (49 – 54 degrees) are better suited for touch shots around the green. Knowing what type of shots you’ll be hitting most often will help you determine which loft is best suited for your game.

Test Drive It

Finally, before making any final decisions it’s important to test drive the club on the course or range first by taking some practice swings with it. This will give you an opportunity to get a feel for how it performs in different situations and whether or not it is comfortable in your hands. Ultimately, this will help you decide if it’s the right club for your game or if you should keep looking at other options.

Different Types of Vokey 46 Degree Wedges

Vokey wedges are a popular choice among golfers of all levels. The Vokey 46 degree wedge is designed to help you hit shots that are more accurate and consistent. It has a higher loft than other wedges, making it easier to control the trajectory of the ball and get it to stop quickly. There are several different types of Vokey 46 degree wedges available, each with its own unique features and benefits.

The Tour Chrome wedge is designed for experienced players who need spin and control around the greens. It has a classic head shape and a crescent sole grind that gives it added versatility. The Tour Raw wedge is ideal for players who prefer more spin on their shots. It has an aggressive raw finish and a wide sole design that helps produce maximum spin on shots hit from any lie.

The SM6 model has been one of the most popular Vokey wedges for years. It has five different grind options, which allow players to customize their wedge based on their playing style and course conditions. The SM7 model is newer than the SM6, but still offers excellent performance for all levels of golfer. It also features five grind options and improved feel and spin control compared to previous models.

The M Grind wedge is designed for maximum shot versatility around the green. Its unique sole design allows players to open or close the face easily while still maintaining good turf interaction from any lie. Finally, the K Grind wedge is perfect for players who want lots of shot-making ability from tight lies or bunker shots. Its sole design allows it to move through sand or rough easily while still providing great feel and spin control on shots from any lie angle.

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No matter what type of golfer you are or what type of shots you’re trying to hit, there’s a Vokey 46 degree wedge that can help improve your game around the greens. With so many different models available, there’s sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly!

Gripping the Club

When gripping a 46 degree wedge, it is important to ensure that your grip is secure and comfortable. It is recommended to use an overlapping grip when using this wedge. To do this, place your left hand on the club first and then place your right hand over the left. Your hands should be placed slightly higher on the club than with other clubs. This will help you control the club more effectively when hitting shots.

Stance Setup

The stance setup for using a 46 degree wedge is very important in order to ensure that you make solid contact with the ball. It is recommended to use an open stance when using this club. To do this, open your feet to about shoulder width apart and point them slightly outward, away from the target line. This will help you get a better angle of attack into the ball and produce more spin and control.

Swing Technique

When swinging a 46 degree wedge, it is important to remember that this club requires a slightly different swing technique than with other clubs. The key here is to focus on making an ascending blow into the ball, as opposed to descending which can produce too much backspin and cause shots to balloon up in the air. The goal should be to make contact with the ball before it reaches its peak height in order for maximum spin and control on shots around the green.

Advantages of the Vokey 46 Degree Wedge

The Vokey 46 Degree Wedge is a popular choice among golfers of all skill levels, as it offers a great combination of versatility and control. The wedge features a low-profile design, which makes it easier to get the ball airborne from thicker lies. The sole also features grooves that help generate maximum spin on shots around the green. Additionally, the wedge has an optimal center of gravity that helps promote a higher launch angle and more distance on full swings.

Disadvantages of the Vokey 46 Degree Wedge

The main disadvantage of the Vokey 46 Degree Wedge is its cost. It is one of the more expensive wedges on the market, so it may not be within everyone’s budget. Additionally, some golfers may find that they struggle to generate enough spin with this wedge due to its lower profile design and grooves. Finally, because it does not feature an offset hosel design, it may be harder for beginner golfers to square up their shots without practice.

Choose the Right Loft for Your Game

Choosing the right loft for your game is essential when it comes to selecting a Vokey 46 degree wedge. For most amateur golfers, a 46 degree wedge is the most versatile club in their bag, and it can be used for a variety of shots around the green. If you are looking for a club that can help you hit high shots with spin, then this wedge may be just what you need. However, if you have a slower swing speed, then you may want to choose a higher lofted wedge to increase spin and accuracy.

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Opt for the Right Bounce Angle

Another important factor to consider when choosing a Vokey 46 degree wedge is the bounce angle. The bounce angle refers to how much of the sole of the club contacts the ground at impact. A higher bounce angle will help reduce digging and provide more forgiveness on mis-hits, while a lower bounce angle will help generate more spin on full swings. Consider your playing style and course conditions when making your decision.

Select Quality Grooves

The grooves on your Vokey wedge are designed to maximize spin on full shots and chips around the green. It is important to make sure that you select quality grooves that are sharp and properly spaced apart. Look for wedges with milled grooves that will provide maximum spin and control on full shots and chips.

Check Out Different Finishes

Vokey wedges also come in different finishes such as chrome, black oxide, raw, or tour velvet. The finish can affect how your golf ball reacts off the face of your club and can influence spin rates and trajectory. Experiment with different finishes to find out which one works best for your game.

Consider Your Shaft Options

Finally, consider what type of shaft you need in order to optimize performance with your Vokey 46 degree wedge. There are many different shaft options available ranging from steel shafts to graphite shafts. Choose one that matches your swing speed in order to get maximum distance and accuracy from every shot.

How to Use a Vokey 46 Degree Wedge Effectively

Using the right wedge can make all the difference when it comes to your short game. The Vokey 46 degree wedge is a popular choice among golfers for its versatility and accuracy. Here are some tips for using the Vokey 46 degree wedge effectively:

Start by assessing the lie. You want to stand with your feet in a square stance, then look at the ball and determine how much of it is visible. This will give you an idea of how much turf you need to take off with your swing. If there’s more than half of the ball visible, you’ll need a more aggressive swing with the Vokey 46 degree wedge. If less than half is visible, a more conservative approach may be necessary.

Next, set up your grip and stance accordingly. For an open-faced shot, aim slightly left of your target and keep your hands ahead of the ball at address. This will help you create an inside-out swing path and ensure that the clubface stays open through impact. For a closed-faced shot, aim slightly right of your target and keep your hands behind the ball at address to create an outside-in swing path that will keep the clubface closed through impact.

Finally, make sure that you use a smooth tempo when swinging with the Vokey 46 degree wedge. Try to keep your backswing steady and controlled so that you can maintain accuracy as well as power throughout your entire swing path. Make sure to follow through fully on each shot in order to ensure that you get maximum distance from each strike of the club head.

With practice and patience, you’ll be able to master using your Vokey 46 degree wedge effectively in no time!


The Vokey 46 degree wedge is a great choice for golfers of any skill level. It provides excellent playability and spin control, and its versatile design makes it suitable for a variety of playing conditions. Its sleek look and comfortable feel make it a great addition to any golfer’s bag. The Vokey 46 degree wedge is an ideal club for players looking for a reliable and versatile club that will help them get the most out of their game.

In conclusion, the Vokey 46 degree wedge is an excellent choice for golfers of any skill level. It provides great performance, versatility, and comfort, making it one of the best wedges on the market.

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