vokey 64 degree wedge

The Vokey 64 degree wedge is an invaluable tool for any golfer looking to add more finesse and accuracy to their short game. This club is designed with a high bounce angle and a lower overall loft, allowing golfers to get under the ball and achieve the perfect shot while still having plenty of backspin for control. The 64 degree wedge also features a unique sole grind which helps golfers play shots out of any lie, even when faced with difficult lies such as deep rough or tight lies. With its versatility and precision, this wedge is sure to be an essential part of any golfer’s bag.The Vokey 64 Degree Wedge is a golf club that is designed to help golfers get out of difficult lies around the greens. It has a maximum loft of 64 degrees, which provides a high launch angle, helping the ball to climb quickly and stop quickly when it lands. The wedge has been designed by renowned master craftsman Bob Vokey and is a popular choice among many top professional golfers.

Consistent Spin

The Vokey 64 degree wedge offers a consistent spin on your approach shots and chips around the green. By utilizing the latest grooves, you can be sure to create a smooth, reliable spin on any shot. The clubface also features Vokey’s patented Spin Milled technology, which helps to provide maximum spin on every shot for more control and accuracy.


The Vokey 64 degree wedge provides players with a great deal of versatility in terms of shot selection around the green. With its higher loft, it can be used for a variety of different shots including full swings, partial swings, pitches, chips and even bunker shots. The club is also ideal for those looking to hit high-lofted approach shots into greens or over water hazards.

Precision and Accuracy

The Vokey 64 degree wedge is designed to provide players with precise and accurate shots every time. Its grooved face ensures that spin will be consistent on each shot, allowing you to dial in the exact distance you need for each approach shot or chip around the green. The club also features an offset hosel design to promote straighter ball flight and improved accuracy from any lie.

Increased Feel

The Vokey 64 degree wedge also provides golfers with increased feel thanks to its innovative design. The clubhead features textured weighting technology which helps to improve feel by providing better control over each shot. This technology also helps to increase feedback at impact for more consistency with your short game shots.

How to Use Vokey 64 Degree Wedge

Vokey 64 degree wedges are extremely versatile clubs that can be used in a variety of situations on the golf course. They are great for getting out of tight spots, hitting high approach shots, and even playing bunker shots. Knowing how to use a Vokey 64 degree wedge correctly can help you score better and have more fun on the course.

The first step to using a Vokey 64 degree wedge is to set up correctly. Make sure you have the proper stance and grip for the shot you are about to play. You should also make sure that your clubface is square to the target line before you hit the ball.

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Once your setup is correct, you can begin your swing. The key with a Vokey 64 degree wedge is to make sure that you make a full turn during your backswing and follow through on your downswing. This will ensure that you get maximum distance and accuracy out of every shot.

When hitting approach shots, it’s important to remember that the Vokey 64 degree wedge has a lot of loft, so you don’t need to hit it as hard as other clubs in order to get it airborne. Try using less power and focus more on making solid contact with the ball, which will help keep your accuracy high.

Finally, when playing bunker shots with a Vokey 64 degree wedge, remember to open up the clubface slightly before taking your swing. This will help ensure that you get enough spin on the ball so it doesn’t roll too far once it lands on the green.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to get more out of your Vokey 64 degree wedge and improve your game overall!


When choosing a Vokey 64 degree wedge, the material is an important factor to consider. The Vokey series is available in both steel and graphite, so it is important to consider which material will work best for the desired application. Steel wedges are typically more durable and heavier than graphite wedges, while graphite wedges provide a softer feel and more spin due to their lighter weight. It is also important to consider how the wedge will interact with the golf ball; some materials produce more spin than others, so this should be taken into account when making a selection.


The loft of a Vokey 64 degree wedge is another important factor to consider when making a selection. The loft of the wedge will determine how much backspin can be produced with each shot, as well as how far the ball will travel when hit correctly. As such, it is important to choose a loft that fits the desired application; higher lofts produce more backspin but less distance, while lower lofts produce less backspin but more distance.


The grind of a Vokey 64 degree wedge is also an important factor to consider when selecting one. The grind of the clubhead determines how much of the clubface comes into contact with the ball during impact, which affects how controlled each shot can be. There are several different grinds available for Vokey wedges; some are better suited for soft turf conditions or bunker play, while others are better suited for hardpan or firm turf conditions. Choosing a grind that fits one’s playing style and course conditions can greatly improve performance.


The bounce angle of a Vokey 64 degree wedge should also be taken into account when making a selection. The bounce angle determines how much bounce occurs at impact with the golf ball; higher bounce angles tend to help create shots that have more height and spin, while lower bounce angles help create shots that have less height but more distance and control. It is important to choose a bounce angle that fits one’s playing style and course conditions in order to maximize performance.

Overall, there are many factors to consider when selecting a Vokey 64 degree wedge, including material, loft, grind, and bounce angle. By taking all these factors into account before making a purchase decision, golfers can ensure they get the most out of their new club and maximize their performance on the golf course.

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Advantages of Vokey 64 Degree Wedge

The Vokey 64 Degree Wedge is one of the best utility clubs available in the market today. It is designed to help golfers achieve greater distance, accuracy and control. The club comes with a variety of features that give it an edge over other wedges. Here are some of the advantages of using this club:

1. The Vokey 64 Degree Wedge has a unique design that allows golfers to easily control their shots from any angle. This gives golfers greater control over their shots, and more accuracy when hitting the ball.

2. The wedge also has a larger sole than traditional wedges, which helps to reduce turf interaction and improve turf contact for more consistent results on each shot. This also helps to reduce spin off the face of the club, making it easier to hit the ball further.

3. The club has a wide range of lofts available, allowing golfers to customize their wedge for different situations on the course. Whether you are looking for more distance or better accuracy around greens, there is a Vokey 64 Degree Wedge that can suit your needs perfectly.

4. Finally, this wedge is extremely durable and can withstand regular use without any issues. This means that you can rely on it for many rounds without having to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Overall, the Vokey 64 Degree Wedge is one of the best utility clubs available today and provides golfers with greater control and accuracy when hitting shots from any angle on the course. With its durable construction and various loft options, this wedge is sure to be an excellent addition to any golfer’s bag!

Advantages of Vokey 64 Degree Wedge

The Vokey 64 degree wedge has many advantages. It has a classic design and a sharp leading edge that makes it perfect for shots around the green. The grooves are designed to provide maximum spin and control, allowing golfers to hit the ball close to the flagstick. The wedge also has a wide sole, which helps to provide more forgiveness on off-center hits. The bounce on the club is also adjustable, allowing golfers to tailor it to their playing style and course conditions.

Disadvantages of Vokey 64 Degree Wedge

The main disadvantage of the Vokey 64 degree wedge is that it can be difficult to control for some golfers. It requires good technique and practice in order to get the most out of it. The club is also quite expensive, making it out of reach for some players. Additionally, some golfers may find that the club lacks feel and feedback when hitting shots with it.

Common Mistakes When Using a Vokey 64 Degree Wedge

Using a Vokey 64 degree wedge can be a great asset to your golf game, but it’s important to use it correctly in order to get the most out of it. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when using a Vokey 64 degree wedge:

Not Taking Time To Check The Grooves

One mistake that many golfers make is not taking the time to check the grooves on their wedge. The grooves on the club face are designed to generate backspin, which can help you control your shots and improve your accuracy. Make sure that you take the time to inspect the grooves periodically and clean them if necessary.

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Using Too Much Loft

Another common mistake is using too much loft when hitting with a Vokey 64 degree wedge. This can cause you to lose distance and accuracy, so make sure that you adjust your stance and swing accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to use less loft if you’re hitting from shorter distances, and more loft for longer distances.

Incorrect Grip Pressure

It’s also important to use the correct grip pressure when using a Vokey 64 degree wedge. Too much pressure can cause you to lose control of your shots, while not enough pressure can result in mis-hits and poor contact with the ball. Make sure that you maintain a consistent grip pressure throughout your swing for optimal performance.

Failing To Check The Loft Angle

Finally, make sure that you check the loft angle of your wedge before each round of golf. If your angle is too steep or too shallow, it could affect your performance negatively, so make sure that it’s set correctly before teeing off.


Keeping your Vokey 64 Degree Wedge clean is important for optimal performance. Regularly remove dirt and debris from the grooves of the club head, as this will help keep your ball spin consistent. You can use a brush or a damp cloth to clean your wedge. Once you have removed the dirt and debris from the grooves, use warm water and mild detergent to give it a thorough clean. Make sure to rinse off any soap residue before drying with a soft cloth.


After cleaning, it is important to apply a protective coating to your Vokey 64 Degree Wedge in order to keep it in good condition. An appropriate golf club wax or silicone-based protectant will provide a durable barrier against moisture and dirt while also helping reduce friction between the club head and ball during play. Apply the wax or protectant regularly according to manufacturer instructions for best results.


When not in use, your Vokey 64 Degree Wedge should be stored in a dry place away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. If possible, store the wedge in its original packaging or an appropriate golf bag that provides extra protection when travelling with it. This will help preserve the integrity of the club head over time.


It is important to regularly inspect your Vokey 64 Degree Wedge for signs of wear and tear, such as nicks or scratches on the club head or shaft. If you notice any damage, take it to a certified golf club repair specialist who can help diagnose and repair any issues before they become more serious. Additionally, make sure to periodically lubricate any moving parts of your wedge with light machine oil.

By following these simple care tips, you can ensure that your Vokey 64 Degree Wedge stays in top condition so you can continue enjoying great performance on the course!


The Vokey SM6 64 degree wedge is an excellent choice for all golfers, whether they are experienced club players or those just starting out. The club’s design and construction provide both accuracy and consistency, allowing players to hit shots with increased confidence and precision. The Vokey wedge has a wide range of bounce options, allowing the player to choose the best one for their game, as well as the lie angle they need for their preferred shot shape. The club also features a tour-proven Spin Milled face for improved spin and control. Finally, its classic design looks great in any bag.

Overall, the Vokey SM6 64 degree wedge is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to improve their game or take it to the next level. With its tried-and-true design and modern construction, this wedge will help you get the most out of your game.