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Vokey grinds are the unique sole designs that have been developed by master craftsman Bob Vokey over the years to maximize performance for golfers of all levels. From tour professionals to amateurs, Vokey grinds have become some of the most popular and highly sought after in the golf industry, offering spin, control, and versatility on the course. Vokey grinds have been designed to work in a variety of conditions and with a variety of swing styles, so regardless of what type of golfer you are, there is sure to be a Vokey grind for you.The Vokey Design Wedge family offers a variety of grinds to suit different playing styles and course conditions. The four main grinds are:

1. The Full Grind – This is the most versatile grind and perfect for soft course conditions. It features an increased sole width, crescent shape, and moderate bounce. The Full Grind is designed for maximum shot versatility and allows players to open or close the face without fear of digging too deeply into the turf.

2. The S Grind – This grind is best suited for firmer conditions, featuring a narrow sole and less bounce than the Full Grind. The S Grind is designed to be used in tight lies and from bunkers, allowing players to open or close the face without fear of digging too deeply into the turf.

3. The L Grind – This grind has a wider sole than the S and Full Grids, but features more effective bounce than either of them. Designed for more aggressive play, it allows players to open or close the face without fear of digging too deeply into the turf.

4. The C Grind – This is Vokey’s most aggressive grind with an even wider sole than the L Grind and maximum effective bounce designed for soft conditions that require extra help from your wedge shots. With this grind, you can easily open or close the face without fear of digging too deeply into the turf.

Benefits of Vokey Grinds

The Vokey grinds offer many benefits to any golfer seeking to improve their game. The unique design of the grinds helps to improve the accuracy and consistency of the shots, as well as providing a higher level of spin and control. Furthermore, the Vokey grinds provide additional spin on shorter shots, helping to provide greater control over the ball flight. In addition, the Vokey grinds are designed with a higher level of bounce and camber, allowing for more consistent contact with the ball on shots both on and off-center.

The unique design also helps to reduce turf drag when taking a shot from an uneven lie or thick rough. The increased grind also helps to reduce skidding on approach shots, allowing for more accurate shot-making when hitting into greens. Finally, the additional spin and control provided by Vokey grinds help to increase spin rates when playing out of bunkers or rough terrain. This allows golfers to get out of tricky lies more easily and accurately than with traditional wedges.

What is Vokey Grind?

Vokey grinds are the various shapes and types of grooves that a golf club’s face has. They are designed to help the player strike the ball at the desired angle, and with the desired spin. The type of Vokey grind you choose can make a big difference in your game. It can give you better control over ball flight, accuracy, and spin. When selecting a Vokey grind for your game, it is important to consider your individual needs and style of play.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Vokey Grind

There are several factors to consider when choosing which Vokey grind is best for you. Your handicap level, swing speed, lie angle, type of turf you typically play on, and club head design all come into play when selecting the right Vokey grind for your game. Additionally, knowing what type of shots you tend to hit most often will determine which grind will provide the most benefit.

Types of Vokey Grinds

There are several different types of Vokey grinds available. The most popular type is called a “V” grind. This is designed for players who have relatively low swing speeds or who prefer a more open clubface at address. Other types include an “S” grind that helps players with faster swing speeds maintain control over their shots; an “M” or “R” grind that provides greater control over shots struck from tight lies; and a “C” or “T” grind that helps players launch their shots higher into the air.

How to Choose the Best Vokey Grind for Your Game

When selecting a Vokey grind for your game, it’s important to take into account all of the factors mentioned above. If possible, try out different types of clubs with different Vokey grinding patterns before making your purchase so you can get a sense of how they perform in different conditions. Additionally, speaking with an experienced golf professional can help you decide which Vokey pattern might be best suited for your particular style and skill level.

Most Popular Vokey Wedge Grinds

Vokey wedges have been a staple in the golf industry for decades. They are well-known for their superior craftsmanship, and their wedges are often used by the pros on the PGA Tour. The most popular Vokey grinds are the SM5, SM6, and M Grind. Each of these grinds offers various levels of bounce and sole widths to suit different golfers’ needs.

The SM5 wedge is a popular choice among tour players because of its versatility. It has a narrow sole that allows for tight lies in the rough or fairway, and also features a wide range of bounce options to fit any swing type. It also has an aggressive camber that helps players open up the face to hit shots with more spin and control.

The SM6 wedge is designed for more experienced players who need extra help with shot-making and spin control. Its wide sole provides more stability through impact, allowing for better launch conditions when hitting out of soft lies. It also has less camber than its predecessor, making it easier to use in a variety of conditions without sacrificing distance or accuracy.

Finally, the M Grind is perhaps Vokey’s most popular wedge grind due to its wider sole design and higher bounce angle. This makes it ideal for softer turf conditions like sand or thick rough, as it helps prevent digging into the ground at impact. The M Grind is also great for those who struggle with getting too much spin on their shots as it allows them to open up the face more easily without sacrificing precision or control.

Overall, Vokey wedges offer something for every golfer, from beginner to pro alike. Their grinds offer a variety of options that can help you improve your game no matter what level you are at. Whether you prefer the versatility of an SM5, shot-making capabilities of an SM6, or extra forgiveness of an M Grind, there’s sure to be a Vokey wedge that meets your needs perfectly!

Basic of a Vokey Wedge Grind

A Vokey wedge grind is one of the most important aspects of the golf club for any golfer. It is the part of the club that allows you to control your shot shape and trajectory, as well as your spin and trajectory on a given golf shot. The design and shape of the sole of a wedge can drastically affect how a golfer performs on a given shot, so it is important to understand how to identify and choose the best wedge grind for each individual golfer.

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The basic elements of any wedge grind are the heel, toe, bounce angle, sole width, and heel relief. The heel is the portion of the sole closest to the hosel. This area affects how much weight is distributed towards the toe or heel on impact. The toe is the portion closest to the face; this area affects how easily a golfer can open or close the face at impact. The bounce angle is determined by measuring from the leading edge to where it contacts with the ground; this affects how much skid or slide happens during impact with a golf ball. Sole width affects how much surface area comes in contact with ground when striking a golf ball; wider soles provide more surface area contact which helps reduce fat shots or chunked shots. Heel relief allows for more forgiveness in off-center strikes by providing more surface area contact between club head and golf ball at impact.

Overall, understanding your specific needs and what type of wedge grind works best for you will help you improve your game drastically. It’s important to find out what features work best for you before purchasing any wedges so that you can maximize your performance on each shot you take in your next round.

What Is Bounce in a Vokey Wedge?

Bounce is an important factor to consider when buying a wedge. It is the angle of the sole of the wedge and how it interacts with the terrain. A wedge with more bounce will be more forgiving on shots from tight lies or heavy rough, while less bounce will be better for shots from sand or hard surfaces. The bounce angle of a Vokey wedge is measured in degrees, typically ranging from 4°-14°. Generally, lower lofts have higher bounce angles and higher lofts have lower bounce angles. However, there are some exceptions to this rule as some wedges may have different designs that feature different bounces for each loft. It’s important to know the bounce angle of your wedge so you can find one that suits your playing style and course conditions.

When shopping for a Vokey wedge, the bounce will be indicated either on the sole (e.g., “6° Bounce”) or in the product title (e.g., “Vokey SM7 52-08 F Grind 8° Bounce”). Before buying a new wedge, it’s important to understand what kind of lies you commonly encounter on the golf course – whether it’s tight lies, thick rough, sand traps or hard surfaces – and choose a wedge with an appropriate amount of bounce for those conditions.

Understanding the Different Types of Vokey Spin Milling

Vokey spin milling is a type of golf club manufacturing process developed by Bob Vokey, a master craftsman in the sport. It involves precision machining techniques to create golf clubs with the highest levels of performance and feel. Vokey spin milling technology has become one of the most popular methods for creating golf clubs with superior qualities and accuracy. There are several types of Vokey spin milling processes, each designed for specific uses and results.

The first type of Vokey spin milling is called ‘Face Milling’, which is used to create a flat face on a club head. This type of milling is typically used on modern drivers and irons to provide maximum spin and distance from each shot. The result is a club face that is both consistent and reliable when striking the ball.

The second type of Vokey spin milling is called ‘Groove Milling’, which adds grooves to the face of the club head for increased control over ball flight. Groove milling also helps to increase backspin during shots, allowing players to better shape shots around obstacles or into greens. This type of milling is usually used on wedges and putters for more accurate shots in tight spots or around hazards.

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For those looking for added levels of control, there is also ‘Offset Milling’ which creates an offset weight distribution within the head that can help reduce sidespin during shots. This type of milled club head can provide more stability when playing in windy conditions or dealing with challenging lies on the course.

Finally, ‘Weighted Milling’ involves adding weights directly into specific areas within the clubhead that can help increase stability during shots while still providing excellent feel and control over ball flight direction. This type of milled clubhead can be beneficial for players who need more control over their shots but still demand a high level of feel from their equipment.

Vokey spin milling technology has revolutionized how golf clubs are made, providing golfers with increased levels of performance and accuracy on every shot they take on the course. With so many options available, it’s important to understand each type so you can find the right one for your game.

Customizing Your Wedge with a Vokey Grind

For golfers who are serious about their game, customizing a wedge is one of the best ways to improve performance. With Vokey grinds, you can customize your wedge to your specific playing style and course conditions. The Vokey grinds offer a variety of options to fit different types of shots and turf conditions. You can choose from the SM6, SM7, SM8, and SM9 grinds, each designed for different types of golfers. Depending on the type of shot you’re hitting and the turf condition you are playing in, there’s a Vokey grind that can help you get more out of your wedge.

The SM6 is designed for players looking for maximum versatility with their wedge shots. It features a full-sole design that allows for easy playability in all types of lies. The SM7 is designed for players who need spin control and increased versatility in their short game shots. It has a narrower sole width that helps reduce spin on shots hit from tight lies or off the tee. The SM8 is designed for players who want increased spin control but more forgiveness than the SM7 offers. It has a wider sole width that helps produce more spin on shots hit from deeper lies or thicker roughs. Finally, the SM9 is designed for players who need maximum spin control and forgiveness from all kinds of lies and turf conditions. It has an even wider sole width than the SM8 that helps generate maximum spin on shots hit from all kinds of lies.

No matter what type of player you are or what kind of shot you’re trying to hit, there’s a Vokey grind that can help improve your performance and give you more confidence in your short game play. By customizing your wedge with one of the many Vokey grinds available, you can get more out of your wedge and take your game to the next level!


The Vokey grinds offer golfers a variety of options to suit their game and their personal preferences. The range of grinds from the high bounce SM6 wedges to the low bounce Raw wedges, combined with the wide range of lofts, makes these wedges an essential addition to any golfer’s arsenal. Vokey wedges are designed with precision and craftsmanship that will allow you to hit a variety of shots around the green, no matter what your skill level. The combination of options, performance, and feel make these wedges some of the best on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a wedge for bunker shots or a lob wedge for soft pitch shots, Vokey grinds have something that will suit your game.

Overall, Vokey grinds are among some of the most popular and highest quality wedges available on the market today. With all that they offer in terms of performance, feel, options, and craftsmanship, it’s no wonder why golfers everywhere are making Vokey grinds part of their bag.