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vokey wedge length

Vokey Wedges are a popular choice amongst golfers of all levels due to their superior quality and performance. The length of the wedge is an important factor when selecting the right club for your game. Different lengths can improve your accuracy and control in various types of shots. It is important to consider your height, the type of swing you have, and the type of course you play when choosing the correct wedge length for you. With proper selection and use, Vokey Wedges can provide greater accuracy and control on the course.Vokey Wedge Length is the length of a golf wedge, measured from the heel to the club head’s leading edge. It is typically between 35 and 39 inches.

The Benefits of Vokey Wedge Length

Vokey wedges are renowned for their performance on the golf course and have become a go-to choice for many golfers out there. One of the key factors that sets Vokey wedges apart is their length, which provides several benefits to players looking to maximize their performance.

First and foremost, Vokey wedges are designed with a longer shaft in order to increase shot accuracy. The increased length allows golfers to have greater control over their swing and generate more power behind each shot.

Understand the Loft and Bounce Options

Choosing the right length of Vokey wedges is an important decision for any golfer. It is important to understand the different loft and bounce options available when selecting the right length for your Vokey wedges. The loft angle of a wedge affects how high you can hit the ball, while the bounce angle affects how much spin you can generate when hitting shots. Knowing these two factors will help you determine which length is best suited to your game.

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Consider Your Swing Type


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Vokey Wedges are designed to help golfers hit the ball more accurately and consistently. The length of the wedge is an important factor in determining a golfer’s performance on the course. Golfers should take into account their swing speed, body size, and skill level when selecting the proper length of Vokey wedge for them. Longer wedges are typically easier to hit with less spin, while shorter wedges allow for more control and spin on shots.

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