weight on heels in golf swing

Golfers often rely on the weight of their heels as a key factor in their golf swing. The weight on heels in a golf swing can have a major impact on the accuracy and consistency of the shot, as well as providing stability and power for more difficult shots. By understanding how to best use the weight of your heels in a golf swing, you can improve your performance and consistency on the course. This article will explore how to best use the weight of your heels during your golf swing.Adding weight on the heels during the golf swing can be beneficial because it helps to create a stable base, which can improve balance and power. It also helps to encourage a wider stance, which promotes better weight transfer during the swing. Additionally, adding weight on the heels encourages a more rounded backswing and a lower center of gravity, which can result in more consistent contact with the ball and increased accuracy. Finally, since the weight is concentrated on the heels during the backswing, it can help keep your arms and shoulders more relaxed at impact, resulting in smoother swings.

Optimal Weight for Heels in Golf Swing

The optimal weight for heels in a golf swing is one of the most important aspects of a successful golf swing. The weight of the heel can have a significant impact on the overall performance and accuracy of the shot. Too much weight on the heel can cause the golfer to lose control of their swing and cause them to slice or hook their shots. Conversely, too little weight on the heel can result in an inconsistent ball flight and poor accuracy. Finding the optimal weight for heels in a golf swing is essential for any golfer

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Balancing the Weight on Heels and Toes

Balancing the weight on your heels and toes is an important skill for anyone looking to improve their stability and overall body mechanics. Properly balancing your weight can help you become stronger, more efficient, and improve your posture. To begin, you should focus on shifting your weight from heel to toe, while keeping your hips centered over your feet. When standing, make sure that the forward part of your foot is slightly elevated off of the ground. This will allow for better control of your balance and alignment.


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Weight on heels in golf swing is an essential part of an effective and accurate swing. It creates a stable foundation which allows the golfer to maximize his or her energy transfer to the ball, resulting in increased club speed and distance. In addition, having weight on your heels encourages a full shoulder turn and helps ensure that your upper body does not get ahead of your lower body during the downswing. Furthermore, weight on the heels improves balance, prevents swaying, and is key to preventing injury.

Overall, having weight on your heels during the