what ball does xander schauffele use

Xander Schauffele is a professional golfer who relies on quality golf equipment to help him stay at the top of his game. He is currently using the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, which is designed to provide maximum distance and consistent performance for all levels of golfers. The Pro V1x has a soft urethane cover and a spherically tiled 328 dimple design that helps the ball fly straight and far. The ball also features a multi-component construction for precision control, as well as soft feel around the green. With such an impressive array of features, it’s no wonder that Xander Schauffele has chosen to use the Titleist Pro V1x!Xander Schauffele uses a Titleist Pro V1x golf ball.

Xander Schauffele’s Preferred Ball

Xander Schauffele is one of the most talented golfers in the world, and his choice of ball is no surprise. The American professional golfer has been playing with Pro V1 balls since he turned pro in 2015 and has been using them ever since. He believes in the performance and quality of the Pro V1 balls, which is why he prefers them over any other type of golf ball.

The Pro V1 balls are known for their incredible spin control, distance off the tee, and soft feel. They also feature a patented dimple pattern that helps reduce drag and increase lift. This helps players achieve greater accuracy and control their shots better.

The Pro V1 balls are also extremely durable as they are constructed with a multilayer core that prevents cutting or tearing during play. This allows players to get maximum mileage out of each ball, which is great for those who play regularly or compete in tournaments.

Overall, Xander Schauffele prefers Pro V1 balls due to their superior performance and quality compared to other golf balls on the market. He believes that it gives him an edge over his competitors on the course, which is why he sticks with it no matter how challenging tournaments may be.

Xander Schauffele’s Golf Ball Selection

Xander Schauffele is known for his meticulous approach to golf ball selection. He spends a considerable amount of time researching and selecting the perfect golf ball for each round. Schauffele believes that selecting the right golf ball can make or break a tournament, and he does not take this decision lightly.

Schauffele typically selects a golf ball with a low spin rate and high launch trajectory for maximum distance off the tee. He also prefers a softer feel, which helps him with his short game. Additionally, he looks for a golf ball that provides excellent greenside control as well as good spin control on approach shots.

Schauffele has tested out many different types of golf balls in order to find the one that suits his game the best. He is constantly testing out new balls to see if they offer any improvements over his current model. After extensive research and testing, Schauffele often chooses Titleist Pro V1x as his go-to ball due to its combination of long-distance performance, great feel, and reliable control around the greens.

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Schauffele’s approach to golf ball selection is one of the reasons why he has become one of the best players in the world today. His attention to detail and dedication to finding the perfect golf ball for each round ensure that he always has an edge over his opponents when it comes to distance, accuracy, and control on every shot.

Xander Schauffele: The Equipment He Uses

Xander Schauffele is one of the most successful professional golfers on the planet. He is renowned for his accuracy and consistency in the game, something that can be attributed to his mastery of the tools of his trade. In this article, we will take a look at what equipment Xander Schauffele uses to achieve his incredible success.

At the core of Xander’s setup are the clubs he uses. He currently plays with a full set of Callaway clubs, including a Callaway Epic Flash driver, a Callaway Rogue 3-wood, and a set of Callaway Apex irons. He also carries a set of Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedges. All of these clubs have been specifically designed to maximize distance and accuracy for players like Xander Schauffele.

In addition to his clubs, Xander also uses a variety of different golf balls. He is currently playing with Titleist Pro V1x golf balls which are renowned for their ability to provide maximum control and distance off the tee. Xander also plays with Titleist AVX golf balls which feature an ultra-low compression design for added distance and spin control.

Finally, Xander relies on an array of other accessories to help him stay focused and consistent on the course. His bag includes various training aids such as alignment sticks, putting mirrors, practice mats, and weighted grips to help him work on any aspect of his game that needs improvement. He also keeps some tees, gloves, towels and other miscellaneous items in his bag for convenience.

All in all, Xander Schauffele’s equipment setup is tailored specifically for him so that he can perform at the highest level possible. By using top-of-the-line clubs combined with precise training aids and golf balls with optimal spin characteristics, he has been able to become one of the PGA Tour’s best players in recent years.

Xander Schauffele and His Signature Golf Ball

Xander Schauffele is a professional golfer who has made a name for himself on the PGA Tour. He is known for his consistency and skill, as well as his signature golf ball. The Xander Schauffele Pro-V1x golf ball was released in 2020 and is designed to give players the ultimate performance on the course. The ball features a dual core construction that provides maximum control and spin, as well as a soft cover that allows for more spin and accuracy on approach shots. The Pro-V1x also has a proprietary alignment aid which helps players line up their shots more accurately.

The Xander Schauffele Pro-V1x was designed to meet the specific needs of golfers looking for maximum performance and control out on the course. It is constructed with a two-piece core that offers enhanced distance with less spin, while providing exceptional control around the green when needed. The soft urethane cover provides added spin on approach shots, allowing players to hit more accurate approaches into the green. The proprietary alignment aid also helps players line up their shots more accurately, allowing for better accuracy off of the tee box.

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In addition to its performance benefits, the Xander Schauffele Pro-V1x also offers an aesthetic appeal to golfers who are looking for something unique out on the course. It has a white finish with bright blue detailing that stands out against any course backdrop. The ball also features Xander’s signature logo prominently displayed on its surface, making it easy to identify out on the course or when purchasing in stores or online.

The Xander Schauffele Pro-V1x golf ball is designed to provide maximum performance and control both off of the tee box and around the green. Its two-piece core gives it distance with less spin while its soft urethane cover adds extra spin when needed most. Its proprietary alignment aid ensures better accuracy from tee box shots while its white finish and blue detailing make it eye-catching when out on the course or in stores or online purchases. With its combination of performance benefits and aesthetic appeal, it’s no wonder why so many golfers have made this their signature golf ball of choice!

What Brand of Golf Ball Does Xander Schauffele Play?

Xander Schauffele plays Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. He has been playing them since 2018, when he signed an endorsement deal with Titleist. His Pro V1 golf ball of choice is the 2019 model, which is designed to give players more control and spin around the greens. It also has a softer cover for improved feel and more distance off the tee. Schauffele has seen great success with this model, winning two PGA Tour events in 2019 and 2020. He also finished second in the FedEx Cup points race in 2019.

Schauffele is a big fan of Titleist’s golf balls, citing their consistency and performance as key reasons why he uses them on the course. He also appreciates that Titleist offers several options for players to choose from, allowing him to find the best fit for his game. As a result, he has stuck with Pro V1 since signing his endorsement deal with Titleist and has had no plans of changing anytime soon.

Xander Schauffele’s Golf Ball Preference

Xander Schauffele is one of the most successful professional golfers in the world today. He has won multiple tournaments including the 2019 U.S. Open and 2020 Masters Tournament. As such, it’s no surprise that he has a very specific and well-researched preference when it comes to his golf ball of choice.

Schauffele prefers to use a Titleist Pro V1x golf ball for all of his shots. This ball is designed for distance, control, and spin control off the tee as well as on approach shots into the green. The Pro V1x also gives Schauffele great feel and feedback when he is hitting shots around the green, which is an important factor for any golfer looking to make precision shots.

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The Pro V1x also provides Schauffele with excellent accuracy on all of his shots, which is a must if you’re looking to compete at the highest level in professional golf. On top of that, Schauffele believes that this particular ball helps him maintain consistency during tournaments due to its resilient construction and consistent performance regardless of weather conditions.

Overall, Xander Schauffele has found great success with using a Titleist Pro V1x golf ball for all of his shots on the course. He believes that it gives him the best combination of distance, control, spin control, feel and accuracy needed to compete at the highest level in professional golf today.

Xander Schauffele’s Golf Balls

Xander Schauffele is a professional golfer who has achieved great success on the PGA Tour. He is known for his precision and accuracy with his golf shots, and he relies on the best equipment to help him reach his goals. One of the most important pieces of equipment for any golfer is the golf ball, and Xander Schauffele has been using Titleist Pro V1 golf balls since 2017.

The Pro V1 is designed to provide golfers with high levels of control, spin, and distance. It has a soft cover that provides excellent feel, as well as a responsive core that helps generate maximum distance off the tee. The Pro V1 also features an aerodynamic design that reduces drag during flight, allowing it to fly farther and more consistently than other balls.

In addition to providing great performance, Xander Schauffele’s Pro V1 golf balls are also incredibly durable. The cover is designed to resist scuffs and dings, while the core is designed to retain its shape even after repeated impacts with a club head. This makes them perfect for players who are looking for long-term performance from their golf balls.

Overall, Xander Schauffele’s choice of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls has proven to be an excellent one. The combination of control, spin, distance, feel, durability, and aerodynamics make it one of the best performing golf balls on the market today. If you’re looking for a ball that will give you consistent performance round after round, then Xander Schauffele’s Pro V1 should definitely be at the top of your list.


Xander Schauffele is an avid golfer and he uses a variety of clubs to help him achieve his best. According to his most recent PGA Tour profile, he uses the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball for most of his rounds. This golf ball is designed for players who are looking for maximum distance as well as control with their shots. Its advanced core technology provides a low spin rate off the tee, while its soft urethane cover provides excellent greenside spin and control. With this ball, Xander Schauffele is able to maximize his performance and consistently deliver top-notch scores on the PGA Tour.

In conclusion, Xander Schauffele uses the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball to help him achieve maximum performance on the course. Its advanced core technology and soft urethane cover combine to provide low spin rates off the tee and great greenside control. This helps Xander consistently put up top-notch scores on the PGA Tour, making him one of the most successful players in the game today.