what in the bag dustin johnson

Dustin Johnson is a professional golfer who has been competing on the PGA Tour since 2008. He is widely regarded as one of the best golfers in the world and has won numerous tournaments, including the U.S. Open in 2016 and the Masters in 2020. Johnson is known for his consistent and powerful drives, which have earned him the nickname “Big Daddy” from fellow players. In his bag are some of the most advanced clubs and gear available, allowing him to take his game to new heights on the course.Dustin Johnson’s bag usually includes clubs such as a driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and a putter. It also contains golf balls, tees, a golf glove, and other accessories such as sunscreen and a towel. He may also carry an umbrella and rain gear in case of inclement weather.

Dustin Johnson’s Golf Clubs

Dustin Johnson is one of the most successful golfers in the world, and he has achieved this success by utilizing the latest technology in his golf clubs. Johnson has been playing with TaylorMade clubs since 2013, and his current bag includes clubs from both TaylorMade and Titleist. His driver is a TaylorMade M5, and he also carries a TaylorMade M6 fairway wood. For his irons, Johnson uses the Titleist T100 4-iron through 9-iron. He also carries a PXG 0311T 3-wood and a Titleist Vokey SM7 wedge for approach shots. Additionally, Johnson carries a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter. All of these clubs have been key to Johnson’s success on the course.

Johnson’s bag setup emphasizes distance off the tee while still providing him with an excellent short game. His driver offers maximum distance, while his fairway woods are designed to help him hit longer shots off the turf. The T100 irons provide consistent ball flight in all conditions, while his wedges give him plenty of spin around the greens for better control. The putter is designed to help him make more putts inside 10 feet, which has been key to Johnson’s success on Tour. With these clubs in play, there’s no doubt that Dustin Johnson will continue to be one of golf’s top players for many years to come.

Preferred Golf Ball

World number one golfer, Dustin Johnson, has been playing with TaylorMade golf balls since 2011. It is no surprise as the TaylorMade golf ball range provides a great combination of spin, distance and feel for any golfer. The Tour Preferred line of golf balls are used by Johnson and other top players in the world. These balls feature a softer, urethane cover that helps to generate more spin around the greens and gives a softer feel on full swings. The Tour Preferred also features a low-compression core which helps to maximize energy transfer at impact for greater distance. The construction of the ball also helps to reduce drag for greater performance in windy conditions. Johnson’s preferred ball is the TaylorMade Tour Preferred X which offers maximum spin and control on short game shots while still providing maximum distance off the tee.

The Tour Preferred X has been designed with an advanced aerodynamic dimple pattern that reduces drag and increases lift off the tee. This allows Johnson to get more distance from his tee shots while also maintaining accuracy in windy conditions. The low-compression core helps to increase ball speed off the clubface while also providing a soft feel at impact. The urethane cover ensures that Johnson has plenty of spin around the greens when needed as well as great feel on full shots.

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Overall, Dustin Johnson’s choice in golf ball is no surprise: he chooses TaylorMade’s Tour Preferred X model for its combination of distance, spin, control and feel it provides him with each shot he takes. With this combination of features it is no wonder why this is his preferred choice when playing out on tour or just practicing on the range.


One essential part of Dustin Johnson’s pre-shot routine is visualization. He takes a few moments before each shot to visualize the perfect shot he wants to make, and then executes it. He also uses this time to look at the course and analyze the terrain, wind direction, and other elements that could affect his shot. Visualization helps him focus and stay in the present moment, allowing him to hit the ball with precision and accuracy.


Dustin Johnson also has a set routine that he follows before making any shot. He always takes a few practice swings with his club to get a feel for the stroke. He also takes several deep breaths to relax and center himself before taking aim. This helps him stay focused on the task at hand and avoid letting any distractions interfere with his performance.


In addition to visualization and a set routine, Dustin Johnson also focuses on each shot before taking it. He spends a few moments visualizing the perfect outcome for each shot he takes, then begins his backswing with confidence knowing that he can execute it. This helps him stay in control of his body movements throughout his swing, resulting in consistent results on the course.


The last essential part of Dustin Johnson’s pre-shot routine is trust. He trusts that he has done all of the necessary preparation for each shot he takes and that he can make it happen. This trust helps him relax as he steps up to every tee box or green, allowing him to stay focused on what needs to be done in order to make an accurate and powerful swing.

Dustin Johnson’s pre-shot routine is essential for producing consistent results out on the golf course. By following these steps before each shot, he can ensure that he is staying focused and trusting himself throughout his swing. Visualization, having a set routine, focusing on each individual shot, and trusting yourself are all important aspects of Dustin Johnson’s pre-shot routine that help keep him at peak performance every time he hits the links!

Essential Accessories in Dustin Johnson’s Bag

Dustin Johnson, the talented American professional golfer needs no introduction. He has won numerous tournaments and is a multiple major champion. From his equipment to accessories, Johnson is known for using the best of the best in the game. His golf bag is no exception as it contains some essential accessories that help him stay at the top of his game.

The most important accessory in Dustin Johnson’s golf bag is a pair of golf gloves. Golf gloves are an essential tool for any golfer as they provide comfort and grip during play. Johnson’s choice of glove is always top-of-the-line with an emphasis on comfort and durability. Another important item that he has in his bag is a golf towel. This allows him to keep his clubs clean and dry while playing, which helps improve accuracy and control when hitting shots.

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Another key accessory in Dustin Johnson’s bag are tees. Tees help with ball positioning, and Johnson believes they can make a difference between good shots and bad ones. He always has plenty of tees available so he can use them when needed on the course. Another important item that he carries around with him are divot tools. Divot tools help repair divots caused by club impacts during play, which keeps the greens looking pristine and keeps rounds moving quickly.

Lastly, one of the most underrated items in Dustin Johnson’s golf bag is sunscreen. Spending hours out on the course can be hazardous to your skin if you don’t take care of yourself, so sunscreen is essential for any golfer looking to stay safe in the sun while playing their best round ever!

In conclusion, Dustin Johnson’s golf bag includes all of the essential items needed for a successful round of golf such as gloves, towels, tees, divot tools, and sunscreen – all helping him stay at his very best while out on the course!

Other Important Items in Dustin Johnson’s Bag

Dustin Johnson is one of the most successful professional golfers in the world, and his bag is a testament to that. While we may not know exactly what’s inside his bag, there are some items that have become staples for him over the years. These include a variety of golf balls, tees, and gloves that are designed to help him get the most out of every shot. He also carries several clubs, including a driver, fairway woods, wedges and putters. Additionally, he carries a rangefinder to help him measure distances accurately on the course. Other important items in his bag include a golf towel for cleaning clubs and keeping them dry between shots, sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun and glare from other players’ shots, and a range of clothing items such as hats and rain gear. Finally, he also carries snacks such as energy bars or trail mix to keep him energized throughout the round. All these items come together to provide Dustin with everything he needs to be successful on the golf course.

The Benefits of Using Dustin Johnson’s Gear

Dustin Johnson is one of the most successful golfers in the world, and it’s no surprise that he uses some of the best gear available. Johnson has been using his own brand of clubs, golf balls, and other gear for years, and it has helped him become one of the best players on Tour. But what makes Dustin Johnson’s gear so good? Here are some of the benefits that come with using Dustin Johnson’s equipment.

One benefit of using Dustin Johnson’s gear is that it is designed to help you maximize your performance on the course. All of Johnson’s clubs, balls, and other equipment are designed to give you the best possible performance when you’re out on the links. The technology used in his gear is top-notch, so you can be sure that you’re getting a great product when you purchase something from him.

Another advantage to using Dustin Johnson’s gear is that it can help you improve your game quickly. With all the features and technology packed into his products, you can be sure that your game will improve with each round. Johnson also offers tips and advice through his website to help players get better every day. With this kind of support, it’s easy to see why so many golfers trust in Dustin Johnson’s equipment for their game.

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Finally, using Dustin Johnson’s gear is a great way to show your support for one of golf’s greatest players. As one of the most successful golfers ever, having his name associated with your equipment can be a great way to show your admiration for him and what he has achieved in his career. Plus, by supporting him through purchasing his products, you’re helping him continue to be one of the top players on Tour.

How to Recreate the Perfect Bag Setup for Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is one of the best golfers in the world, and he has an amazing bag setup that allows him to maximize his performance on the course. Here’s how you can recreate the perfect bag setup for Dustin Johnson.

First, you’ll need to make sure you have all the clubs he uses. Dustin carries a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 3-iron through pitching wedge, and a sand wedge. He also carries two different putters – one for long putts and one for short putts – as well as a hybrid club and a lob wedge.

Next, you’ll need to make sure you have the right grip size for each club. Dustin prefers a slightly larger grip size than many other players because he likes to feel like he has more control over his shots. It’s important to make sure that your grip size works well with your swing so that you can hit shots accurately and consistently.

Finally, you need to make sure that all your clubs are fitted properly for your body type and swing speed. A good fitting set of clubs will ensure that they are optimized to help you play your best golf. If you want to recreate the perfect bag setup for Dustin Johnson, it’s essential that you get fitted properly at a qualified golf shop or pro shop before making any final decisions on which clubs will be in your bag.

Recreating the perfect bag setup for Dustin Johnson isn’t easy but if you follow these steps then you should be able to get close. Make sure to get fitted properly so that your clubs are optimized for your body type and swing speed and then go practice with them until they feel like an extension of yourself on the course!


In conclusion, Dustin Johnson is an incredibly talented golfer who is a great inspiration for aspiring golfers. His success on the course has been remarkable and his confidence and determination have been key ingredients in his rise to the top of the game. He has achieved impressive results in the majors, winning both the US Open and The Masters, and he continues to be one of the sport’s biggest stars. His bag is full of all the essentials that help him play his best game. From his trusty driver to his wedges, putter and irons, Dustin Johnson has everything he needs to be successful. He also carries some extra items such as range finders and a rain suit to ensure he’s ready for any type of weather. All in all, Dustin Johnson’s bag helps him stay at the top of his game and is a must-have for any serious golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

Dustin Johnson is truly an incredible athlete who has earned every bit of success he’s achieved on the course. His bag speaks volumes as it contains all of what he needs to succeed at a high level. With this knowledge it is clear why Dustin Johnson’s bag should be on every golfer’s list when looking for items that will help them reach their goals on the course.