what is top golf

Topgolf is an interactive golfing entertainment franchise that combines the sport of golf with a restaurant/bar atmosphere. It has become one of the most popular activities for groups, families and friends to enjoy. Players use real golf clubs to hit balls at targets spread across a large field while experiencing a unique twist on the traditional game. Topgolf features high-tech, climate-controlled hitting bays and delicious food and drinks from its scratch kitchen menu. With its mix of fun gameplay and social atmosphere, Topgolf stands out from other forms of entertainment.Topgolf is a sports entertainment complex that combines the game of golf with interactive and technology-driven entertainment. It features point-scoring golf games for all skill levels, climate-controlled hitting bays, an impressive food and drinks menu, private spaces for groups of any size, HDTVs to watch the big game and a music selection that will make every visit feel like a party.

What Facilities Does Topgolf Offer?

Topgolf offers a variety of facilities for all levels of golfers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Topgolf has something for everyone. The facilities include a driving range, putting green, and indoor simulator bays. The driving range is equipped with over 200 targets for players to practice their shots. There are also putting greens available for those who want to work on their short game. Indoor simulator bays allow players to play golf in the comfort of their own home or office while tracking their shots and playing against friends and family. Topgolf also offers lessons from certified PGA professionals, group events, and corporate outings. All of these facilities provide a fun atmosphere for golfers of all ages to enjoy the game.

In addition to the traditional golfing activities, Topgolf also offers food and drinks at its locations. The restaurant serves up tasty snacks such as sliders, tacos, nachos, and more. The bar features a selection of beer, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst after a round of golf. With all these options available, it’s no wonder why Topgolf is becoming increasingly popular among golfers around the world!

Playing Rules of Topgolf

Topgolf is a game that combines the enjoyment of golf with the excitement of a competitive sport. Players hit golf balls from a tee into targets on an outdoor range, aiming to score points by hitting targets with accuracy and precision. The rules of the game are designed to ensure fair play and safety for all players.

In order to play Topgolf, players must be at least 6 years old and must have their own set of clubs. Each player takes turns hitting golf balls from the tee into one of the 11 targets on the range. The targets are labeled with numbers ranging from 1-11, with 11 being the most distant target. Points are awarded based on accuracy and distance; for example, if a player hits target number 3 from the tee, they will score 3 points.

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Players can also earn extra points by hitting special colored targets that represent bonus points. These bonus points can be earned by hitting any target in a certain area or by making a hole-in-one on one of the designated holes in the course.

The game ends when all players have had their turn or when all targets are hit. The player with the highest score at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Safety is an important factor when playing Topgolf; all players must wear protective eye wear while playing and should be aware of their surroundings at all times to avoid injury or damage to property or people nearby. Additionally, no alcohol is allowed while playing Topgolf as it can impair judgment and increase risk of injury.

Overall, Topgolf is an exciting way to enjoy a day out with friends or family while practicing your golf skills in a fun and competitive environment!

What Is the Cost of Playing at Topgolf?

The cost of playing at Topgolf varies depending on the location, time of day, and day of the week. Generally speaking, it costs around $25 per hour to play at Topgolf. This includes bay rental, club rental, and unlimited golf balls. There may also be additional fees for food and drinks while you are playing. Some locations also offer cheaper rates during off-peak hours or on certain days of the week. It is always best to check with your local Topgolf location to get an exact price for your visit.

Topgolf also offers a variety of packages that can help make your experience more affordable. For example, you can purchase a package that includes unlimited gameplay for up to six people along with food and drinks for a discounted rate. There are also special events and promotions that may offer discounted prices or even free playtime at certain times during the year.

Advantages of Playing at Topgolf

Playing at Topgolf offers a wide range of advantages for golfers of all ages and skill levels. For starters, the game is designed to provide an enjoyable experience for players of all abilities. Players can choose from a variety of golf games, such as traditional golf, driving ranges, mini-golf, and other variations. Additionally, the environment is relaxed and family-friendly, making it a great place to take the whole family for some fun.

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Topgolf also offers several amenities that make it a great destination for golfers looking to improve their game. The facility features high-quality practice facilities and equipment that are designed to help players hone their skills. Additionally, there are several private lessons and clinics available that can help players refine their technique or even learn new skills.

Furthermore, Topgolf also provides an array of social activities that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. There are several different bars and restaurants onsite that offer food and beverages to enjoy before or after a round of golf. There are also several arcade games available for those looking for a more interactive experience.

Overall, playing at Topgolf provides an enjoyable experience for all level of golfers in an environment that is both relaxing and entertaining. The wide range of activities offered makes it easy to find something fun for everyone in the family while still honing your skills on the course.

Making a Reservation at Topgolf

Making a reservation at Topgolf is easy and convenient. First, go to the Topgolf website and enter your zip code. This will bring up a list of all nearby locations. From there, select the location that best suits your needs. You can then view all available times and book a reservation right away. It’s as easy as that!

Once you have chosen your location, you can pick the perfect time for your group. You can even reserve multiple lanes to accommodate larger groups and parties. When booking multiple lanes, you may also be able to take advantage of special rates and packages for larger groups.

Before confirming your reservation, make sure to read through all the information carefully. This includes any special instructions for check-in and payment methods accepted by each location. It is important to follow these instructions in order to ensure that your experience goes smoothly.

After you have made a reservation at Topgolf, it is important to arrive on time with your guests in order to get the most out of your experience. Make sure everyone in your party brings their own clubs or rent them from the pro shop at the location before playing. Enjoying some delicious food and drinks from the restaurant is also highly recommended!

Food and Beverage Options at Topgolf

Topgolf offers a variety of food and beverage options for guests to enjoy. The menu includes a wide selection of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, entrees, desserts and snacks. Guests can also choose from an extensive selection of beer, wine and cocktails. There is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds!

The appetizer menu features fan favorites like wings, nachos, loaded potato skins and shrimp cocktail. Sandwiches include classic favorites like burgers and chicken sandwiches as well as more creative items like the Cuban sandwich. Salads range from traditional Caesar salads to more creative selections like the Thai chicken salad. Entree options range from steak and ribs to seafood options such as salmon and shrimp scampi.

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For those looking for something sweet, there are plenty of dessert options including cheesecake, ice cream sundaes and strawberry shortcake. For those just looking for a snack or small bite to eat while they play golf, there are items such as chips & dip or pretzels with cheese sauce.

In addition to the food menu, Topgolf also offers an extensive beverage menu featuring beer, wine and cocktails. The beer list includes both domestic and craft beers on tap as well as bottled beers. Wine lovers can choose from a variety of reds and whites by the glass or bottle. Cocktail lovers can enjoy unique signature drinks like the Topgolf Margarita or Topgolf Mule made with vodka or tequila respectively. Non-alcoholic beverages such as soda, juices and tea are also available.

At Topgolf guests have plenty of food & beverage options to choose from so that everyone can find something that they enjoy!

Safety Precautionary Measures Taken by Topgolf

At Topgolf, the health and safety of guests and Associates is top priority. Topgolf has implemented enhanced measures and protocols to ensure a safe environment for its guests. These include:

• Temperature screenings for all Associates before they enter the facility.

• All Associates must wear masks while at work.

• All guests must wear masks when entering the facility, and when not actively playing in their bay.

• Social distancing measures are in place where possible, including seating arrangements in the bays and throughout the venue.

• All bays, golf clubs and other high-touch surfaces are sanitized between each use.

• Hand sanitizing stations are available at the entrance of the venue as well as throughout for guest convenience.

• Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place throughout the facility to ensure a safe environment. This includes additional cleaning of high-touch surfaces like door handles, restrooms, counters and more.


Topgolf is a revolutionary concept in the world of golf that has been embraced by golfers of all ages and levels. The combination of technology, social interaction, and competitive play makes it an appealing experience for everyone. It also provides a great opportunity to learn, practice, and improve one’s golfing skills in an entertaining setting. The fun atmosphere, delicious food and drinks, and variety of activities offered make Topgolf an ideal spot for friends and family to gather for a day of fun. With its innovative approach to golfing, Topgolf is sure to be around for many years to come.

For those looking to try out something new in the sport of golf or just wanting to have some fun with friends and family, Topgolf is highly recommended. The unique experience that it offers will make any outing enjoyable for all involved. So grab your clubs and head out to your nearest Topgolf location for an unforgettable day!