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what putter does rory mcilroy use

Rory McIlroy is one of the top professional golfers in the world, and he puts his trust in a specific putter. Rory McIlroy currently uses a TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter. This putter is designed to give players maximum control and accuracy on their shots, making it the ideal choice for professionals. With features like a precision milled face and an adjustable sole weight, this putter provides Rory with the confidence he needs to make every shot count.Rory McIlroy currently uses a TaylorMade Spider X Chalk putter.

Rory Mcilroy’s Putter Brand

Rory McIlroy is a professional golfer who has been dominating the PGA Tour for quite some time now. He is known for his signature golf swing and incredibly accurate putting. When it comes to putters, Rory McIlroy has been playing with one brand in particular: Odyssey Golf. Odyssey Golf is a subsidiary of Callaway Golf and has been making some of the best putters on the market since 1991.

Rory McIlroy’s signature putter is an Odyssey White Hot Pro #7 model, which he has used to great success on the golf course. This putter features a classic blade design with an offset hosel, as well as a white-hot insert that gives Rory excellent feel and control around the greens. The Odyssey White Hot Pro #7 also features a toe hang design that allows Rory to easily manipulate the face of the putter at impact for more consistent results.

Rory has had great success using his Odyssey White Hot Pro #7 putter, winning numerous tournaments and even claiming two major championships with it. He also endorses many other models from Odyssey’s lineup, including the O-Works Marxman and O-Works 2-Ball Blade, both of which feature innovative designs that help golfers improve their accuracy on the greens.

Overall, Rory McIlroy’s choice in putters speaks volumes about how much he trusts in Odyssey Golf’s products. He is constantly testing out new models and experimenting with different designs to find what works best for his game. No matter what model he uses, though, it’s clear that Rory believes Odyssey provides him with some of the best equipment on the market when it comes to putting.

Overview of Rory Mcilroy’s Putter

Rory McIlroy is an outstanding golfer, and his putter is a big part of his success. He relies on his putter to get him out of tricky situations on the course and to make sure he keeps his score even or even better. His putter is one of the best in the business, as it has helped him win multiple major championships. The putters that Rory uses are all custom-made and designed for him specifically. They are designed to make sure his technique is optimal and that he can get maximum distance and accuracy out of every stroke.

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Rory prefers a traditional style blade putter, but he has experimented with different designs in the past. He has used mallet-style putters as well as more advanced designs such as counterbalanced models. He also experimented with different materials such as carbon fiber and stainless steel in order to find what works best for him. Rory’s current putters feature a combination of materials, which help him achieve maximum performance on the course.

Rory’s putters are also designed with specific weighting systems, which help him control the clubhead during his swing. This helps him ensure that every stroke is consistent and accurate, giving him an edge over other players who don’t have access to this technology. The design also ensures that he can take full advantage of any break in the green or any slight miscalculations in order to make sure his shots stay true.

Rory’s use of a custom-made putter gives him an edge over other golfers who use off-the-shelf models. His equipment is tailored specifically for his technique, allowing him to get maximum distance from each stroke while improving accuracy at the same time. It also helps him maintain consistency throughout rounds, which is essential for top level performance on the golf course.

Rory Mcilroy’s Putter

Rory Mcilroy’s putter is one of the most impressive pieces of golfing equipment that has been released in recent years. It is designed to provide a stable and consistent stroke, with a low center of gravity to help the golfer achieve greater accuracy. The face of the putter is also designed to reduce spin, which leads to better ball control and a more reliable outcome. The lightweight design also adds to the ease of use, allowing for a smooth motion during a round.

The design of Rory Mcilroy’s putter is extremely modern, making it an ideal choice for players who want to improve their putting game. The grip on the club is comfortable and provides good feel for the golfer, while the shaft is lightweight and responsive. This helps provide consistent contact with the ball while also providing a consistent roll on each shot. The head shape also allows for more control over spin and direction, which can be beneficial when trying to make long putts or getting out of difficult lies.

Overall, Rory Mcilroy’s putter provides golfers with a great tool that they can use to improve their game. The design helps provide accuracy and consistency in each stroke, while also providing excellent feel and control over spin and direction. Whether you are an experienced golfer or just beginning to learn the game, this putter will help you take your putting game up a notch.

Pros of Rory Mcilroy’s Putter

Rory Mcilroy has been using the same putter for over a decade now, and it has served him well. It is a testament to his skill and dedication to the game of golf that he is able to make use of the same putter with such success. One of the biggest advantages to this putter is that it is well-balanced, allowing for consistent and accurate strokes. This translates to improved performance on the course, as Rory can rely on his trusty putter for reliable distance control and accuracy when lining up shots. Additionally, this putter has proven itself to be durable and reliable over time, which means that Rory does not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

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Cons of Rory Mcilroy’s Putter

While there are plenty of pros associated with Rory’s putter, there are also some cons that should be considered. First off, since he has been using the same model for so long, it may start to feel like an old friend. As a result, it could be difficult for Rory to switch over in case he wants to try something new or improve his performance in other areas. Additionally, this putter may not have all of the latest features or technology that newer models have. While this may not affect his current performance drastically, it could prevent him from capitalizing on potential improvements in the future.

How to Choose a Suitable Putter

Choosing the right putter for your golf game is essential if you want to make the most of your shots. Putters come in many shapes and sizes, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Here are some tips on how to choose a suitable putter that will help you improve your performance on the green.

First, consider the type of putter that best suits your style of play. If you are a beginner, then a blade-style putter may be best for you as it is easier to control and more forgiving than other types. If you are more experienced, then a mallet-style putter may be better suited as it offers greater control and accuracy.

Next, consider the weight of the putter. Generally speaking, heavier putters offer more stability and accuracy than lighter ones. However, if you have a slower swing speed then a lighter putter may be more suitable as it will help you make faster swings and generate more power.

Finally, consider the shaft length of the putter. Shorter shafts are generally easier to control but can lack power while longer shafts offer more power but less control. It is important to find a shaft length that works for your particular swing speed and style of play so that you can maximize your performance on the green.

By following these tips on how to choose a suitable putter, you should be able to find one that fits your game perfectly and helps improve your performance on the green.

Where to Buy Rory Mcilroy’s Putter

Rory Mcilroy is one of the most successful and renowned golfers in the world, and his putter has been a key part of his success. It’s no surprise then that many golfers are interested in buying the same putter used by Rory. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can purchase Rory Mcilroy’s putter.

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The first option is to buy directly from Rory himself. He has an official website where he sells his own line of putters. These putters vary in price, depending on the model and features, but they are all designed with Rory’s input and expertise.

Another option is to purchase a replica of Rory’s putter from a golf retailer or online store. This is a great choice if you want the same look and feel as the original without paying full price for it. Many retailers also offer customization options so you can make your replica even more personalized.

Finally, you can also find used or vintage versions of Rory’s putter on sites like eBay or Craigslist. This is an affordable way to get your hands on an authentic piece of golfing history without breaking the bank. Just be sure to inspect any used clubs before making a purchase.

No matter which route you choose, purchasing Rory Mcilroy’s putter is sure to give your game a boost! Whether you opt for an authentic version or a replica, it’s sure to bring some of Rory’s winning style to your game.

Price Range for Rory Mcilroy’s Putter

Rory Mcilroy has been using the same putter since 2019, and it is becoming increasingly popular among golfers. The putter is a Scotty Cameron Select GoLo 5, and it comes with a price tag of around $400. However, if you’re looking to buy a used version of the same putter, you can find them for much less. On eBay, used versions of the GoLo 5 have sold for as little as $200. If you’re looking for a new version, you can expect to pay closer to $400.

The GoLo 5 is one of the most popular putters on the market today and is being used by some of the best players in the world. It has a unique look with an aluminum face insert that helps provide increased stability on off-center hits. It also features a tour-inspired shaft that helps improve accuracy and consistency from any distance. The club also comes with several adjustable weights and can be fine-tuned to fit your individual playing style.

Overall, Rory Mcilroy’s putter is an excellent option for golfers looking to improve their putting game. If you’re looking to purchase one, expect to pay anywhere from $200-400 depending on whether you want a new or used version.


Rory McIlroy is one of the most successful golfers in the world, and it is evident that he puts a lot of thought into the clubs he uses. He currently plays with the TaylorMade Spider X Putter, which is noted for its high MOI and extreme forgiveness. The putter also has a slightly heavier weight than what McIlroy is used to, which helps him generate more distance and accuracy on his putts. The combination of these features make this an ideal putter for players looking to find an edge on the green.

Overall, Rory McIlroy is a great golfer and his choice of equipment reflects that. He has clearly done his research in selecting what he believes to be the best putter for him, and it has certainly paid off in terms of his success on the course.

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