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what starts the backswing in golf

The backswing in golf starts with the takeaway. It is the first motion of the backswing and sets up the entire swing. During the takeaway, the club is moved away from the ball and brought back to a position where it can be swung through to hit the ball. The takeaway should be smooth and fluid, with no jerky or abrupt motions. The club should move straight back, rather than on an angle, for a good start to the backswing.The starting point of a golf backswing is the address position. At this point, the golfer’s feet should be shoulder width apart and their weight evenly distributed between their feet. The arms should be extended down and slightly away from the body with the club held in front of them. The shoulders should be square to the target line and the hips slightly open. Finally, keep your head still and focused on the ball throughout this part of the swing.

The Benefits of Starting the Backswing Properly

Starting the backswing properly is one of the most important elements of an effective golf swing. It sets up the rest of the swing and can have a significant impact on ball flight, direction and distance. Taking the time to ensure that you start your backswing correctly can help to improve your game and reduce your score.

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The first benefit of starting your backswing properly is that it helps to create a powerful, controlled swing. When you start your backswing correctly, you will be able to generate

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Backswing

Starting your backswing correctly is one of the most important parts of the golf swing. A good backswing will ensure you can generate maximum power and accuracy in your shots. However, it’s often the source of many mistakes that cost amateur golfers strokes. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your backswing is set up for success.

One mistake to avoid is getting too steep with your backswing. It’s important to remember that a good golf swing will have a


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The backswing in golf is an integral part of the entire golf swing. To start a backswing correctly and the right way, it is important to focus on proper setup, body posture, alignment of the club face, and a smooth takeaway. The takeaway should be initiated by rotating your shoulders and arms away from the ball while maintaining your spine angle. The arms should remain in a connected position throughout the backswing to ensure a full turn of the body and club head for maximum power and accuracy.

The backswing is a key component of

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