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who makes pxg golf balls

PXG golf balls are produced by Parsons Xtreme Golf, a luxury golf equipment and apparel company based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company was founded in 2014 by golf enthusiast Bob Parsons, who has been passionate about the game of golf for over 30 years. PXG golf balls are designed with advanced materials and technologies to provide maximum performance and a unique feel that is unparalleled on the course. PXG pays attention to every detail in their golf balls to ensure they help players get the most out of their game.PXG Golf Balls are manufactured by Bridgestone Golf.

What Materials Make Up PXG Golf Balls?

PXG golf balls are comprised of several materials that work together to maximize performance. The core of the golf ball is made from heat-treated polybutadiene rubber, which provides maximum energy transfer from the club head to the ball. The cover is made from a proprietary thermoplastic urethane formulation, which gives PXG golf balls superior spin and control in the air. The dimple pattern on PXG golf balls is designed to increase lift and reduce drag, resulting in longer distances with each shot. Finally, PXG’s proprietary “Triple Track” technology ensures that each ball tracks better in the air, giving you more control over your shots. With all these features combined, it’s no wonder why PXG golf balls are some of the most sought after on the market today!

Standard and Soft Feel PXG Golf Balls

PXG golf balls offer two different models to choose from—standard and soft feel. The standard ball is designed to deliver maximum distance with a low, penetrating ball flight for enhanced control and accuracy. It is constructed with a three-piece design that combines a highly resilient core, a soft mid-section, and an ultra-thin urethane cover for exceptional feel. The soft feel model offers a slightly softer compression core for increased spin and launch angle with better accuracy off the tee for golfers who prefer a softer ball. Its two-piece construction consists of a soft polybutadiene core and an ionomer cover which provides excellent spin around the greens.

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Both models offer excellent durability as well as superior performance in all weather conditions. The standard model is best suited for golfers who want to achieve maximum distance off the tee while the soft feel model provides more spin and accuracy for those who prefer to hit approach shots into the green. Both models provide excellent control, feel, and accuracy so it just comes down to personal preference when choosing between them.

How Does the PXG Golf Ball Compare to Other Brands?

The PXG golf ball is a technologically advanced golf ball that offers superior performance and distance as compared to other brands. It features an advanced core design that provides more spin, increased accuracy and softer feel. The ball is designed to be more efficient in the air, allowing it to fly further and straighter than other balls. Additionally, the urethane cover of the ball provides a soft feel while ensuring maximum durability.

The PXG golf ball also features dimple technology that increases lift and decreases drag, resulting in higher launch angles and longer carry distances. It also has a thicker outer layer which helps reduce spin on shots struck off-center, improving accuracy. Furthermore, the low compression core of the PXG golf ball offers a softer feel than other brands without sacrificing distance or accuracy.

Overall, the PXG golf ball stands out from other brands due to its superior performance and unique design features. It offers more spin, increased accuracy, longer carry distances and softer feel than other balls on the market. With its advanced core design technology and dimple pattern technology, the PXG golf ball is an excellent choice for players looking for improved performance on the course.

What Benefits Does the PXG Golf Ball Provide?

The PXG golf ball is designed to provide a variety of benefits to golfers. It features a larger core, a softer cover, and a lower spin rate than traditional golf balls. The larger core allows for a higher launch angle and increased distance off the tee, while the softer cover helps reduce drag and maintain ball speed. The lower spin rate gives players more control over their shots and helps keep the ball on line. Additionally, the PXG golf ball is designed to be durable enough to withstand long games without losing its performance. This makes it an ideal option for players who want to get the most out of their game without worrying about replacing their golf balls often.

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How Much Do PXG Golf Balls Cost?

PXG golf balls are some of the most advanced balls on the market, and they come with a price tag to match. PXG golf balls typically cost between $45 and $55 per dozen, depending on the type of ball and where it is purchased. The company’s latest offering, the PXG 0311, costs $50 for a dozen. While this might seem expensive compared to other golf ball brands, PXG balls offer exceptional performance and feel that make them worth the extra cost.

Players looking to get even more performance out of their PXG golf ball can also opt for a personalized version. These balls feature custom logos or text chosen by the buyer, and come with a price tag of around $65 per dozen. The personalized balls also come with a unique serial number that can be used to track lost or stolen balls.

Overall, PXG golf balls are an excellent choice for players looking for maximum performance from their equipment. While they may cost more than other brands, their superior feel and performance make them well worth the extra money.

Where Can You Buy PXG Golf Balls?

PXG golf balls are available in a variety of different retailers, both online and in-store. PXG golf balls can be found at most major golf retailers, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golfsmith, and Golf Galaxy. They are also available at many specialty golf stores, like Edwin Watts Golf Shops and Roger Dunn Golf Shops. Additionally, PXG golf balls can be purchased directly from the company’s website.

For those who would like to purchase PXG golf balls online, Amazon is a great resource. In addition to offering the full range of PXG products, Amazon also has a large selection of customer reviews that can help potential buyers make the right decision. Customers can also take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping options for larger orders.

Finally, consumers looking for the best deals on PXG golf balls should consider checking out eBay or other online auction sites. eBay often has listings for used and new PXG golf balls at discounted prices. It is important to read the descriptions carefully before making any purchases to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want and need.

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Is There a Warranty on PXG Golf Balls?

PXG golf balls are designed for maximum performance, with no compromises. The company stands behind their products and offers a warranty on every PXG golf ball purchased. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, ensuring that your golf balls will perform as expected. If you find any defects in your PXG golf ball after purchase, contact the company to get a replacement set.

PXG’s warranty is valid for one year from the original purchase date. If you have any issues with your golf balls during this time, you can reach out to the company for a replacement set. For international customers, the warranty may vary depending on where the product was purchased. Please check with your local supplier for more information about their specific warranty policy.

PXG also offers an extended warranty program for their golf balls. This program provides coverage beyond the one-year period and can be purchased at an additional cost. If you want to take advantage of this program, contact PXG directly or visit their website to learn more about how to enroll. This extended warranty covers manufacturing defects as well as normal wear and tear from use.

At PXG, they are committed to delivering quality products that stand up to your expectations of performance and durability on the course. With their comprehensive warranty policy, they ensure that customers get the best possible experience every time they use their products.


PXG golf balls are some of the highest quality golf balls available on the market today. They are designed and manufactured by a team of dedicated professionals who have years of experience in golf ball technology. PXG golf balls are designed to provide both distance and control, as well as spin and accuracy. The combination of these features makes them one of the most sought after golf balls for both amateur and professional players alike. PXG’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their product, from the ball’s construction to its performance when used on the course.

Overall, PXG golf balls are a great choice for those looking for top quality performance while still maintaining a reasonable price tag. With their attention to detail and commitment to providing a superior product, it is clear that PXG continues to be an industry leader when it comes to producing high-end golf balls.

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