who makes vice golf balls

Vice Golf is a premium golf ball company founded in 2012. Vice Golf designs and manufactures custom golf balls for players of all skill levels. From their headquarters in Germany, Vice Golf produces high-performance golf balls, featuring advanced materials and construction processes, to deliver superior performance on the course. With their renowned attention to detail, Vice Golf offers exceptional quality in every ball they produce. Their product range includes golf balls for tour professionals, recreational players, and everyone in between. From superior distance to maximum spin control, their selection of golf balls provide performance for any game situation.Vice Golf manufactures Vice Golf balls.

Origin of Vice Golf Balls

The origin of Vice Golf balls dates back to 2014 when two German entrepreneurs, brothers Stefan and Maximilian Resch, decided to create a golf ball that not only looked stylish and modern, but also had superior performance. With the aim of revolutionizing the golf ball industry, they created Vice Golf—a company that is dedicated to making high-quality golf balls at an affordable price.

Vice Golf has since gone on to become one of the most popular golf ball brands in Europe. Their success can be attributed to their commitment to quality and innovation. Vice Golf balls are designed using advanced technology and developed with input from golf professionals around the world. This ensures that each ball is designed for maximum performance and consistent spin rates.

Vice Golf balls are made with a unique two-piece construction that offers superior distance off the tee as well as a softer feel around the green. The outer layer consists of a thermoset urethane cover which provides excellent spin control and allows for more control when putting or chipping. The inner core is made from a low compression material which ensures maximum distance while providing a soft feel on impact.

Vice Golf has become one of the leading golf ball brands in Europe due to its focus on innovation and quality materials. Their commitment to creating premium products at an affordable price has made them popular with both amateur and professional golfers alike. With their commitment to excellence, it’s no wonder why Vice Golf balls are becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Vice Golf Balls Technology

Vice Golf uses a range of advanced technologies in their golf balls to create a superior playing experience. The proprietary Vice Golf ball core is designed to provide maximum distance and control, while the dimple pattern provides stability and a soft feel. Vice’s six-layer construction combines a soft inner core with an ultra-thin mantle layer, providing a mix of distance and spin that gives players more control on the course. The outer cover is made of highly durable urethane material, which helps protect against scuffs and cuts.

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Vice also uses advanced manufacturing processes to ensure each golf ball is consistent in shape, weight, size, and performance. By using computerized machine vision technology to inspect and measure each ball, Vice ensures that no two balls are exactly alike and provides consistent performance across all their models. Additionally, the golf balls feature laser etching technology for improved visibility when playing in low-light conditions.

In addition to these technologies, Vice also uses proprietary materials to create its golf balls. The company has developed a unique blend of rubber compounds that provide maximum distance while still maintaining soft feel on the green. This rubber blend is used in all of their golf ball models, giving them an edge over other brands who only use one type of rubber compound for all their models.

Overall, Vice Golf balls provide players with an enhanced playing experience thanks to the combination of advanced technologies and proprietary materials used in their construction. With these features combined together, players can be sure they are getting the most out of their game when using Vice Golf balls.

How Does Vice Compare to Other Brands of Golf Balls?

Vice golf balls are designed to provide superior performance and distance compared to other brands. The Vice Pro Plus and Vice Pro Soft golf balls feature a low-compression core that allows for greater distance and a softer feel. The Vice Pro Soft also includes a unique dimple pattern that helps reduce drag, creating more lift and reducing spin. Both models feature urethane covers for improved durability and control. Additionally, the Vice Pro Plus offers a slightly firmer feel than the Pro Soft, making it ideal for players seeking maximum spin control.

Compared to other golf ball brands, Vice offers superior performance in terms of distance, feel, spin control and durability. The low-compression core of the Vice Pro Plus and Pro Soft golf balls provides more distance off the tee while the urethane cover delivers increased spin control around the green. Additionally, the dimple pattern of the Pro Soft helps reduce drag for even more distance while providing great feel on approach shots. Finally, both models feature strong covers that offer excellent durability so you can get more out of your game without worrying about replacing your golf balls after every round.

Vice Golf Balls: The Benefits

Vice Golf balls offer golfers a unique combination of performance and style. With their premium construction and distinctive designs, Vice Golf balls have become one of the most popular choices for amateur and professional golfers alike. The benefits of choosing Vice Golf balls include improved accuracy, increased distance, better feel, and greater durability.

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The innovative design of Vice Golf balls provides maximum control and accuracy off the tee. The dimple pattern on each ball is engineered to create a consistent flight path that helps players hit their targets more accurately. This is especially beneficial for players who are looking to reduce their handicap or improve their scores on the course.


Vice Golf balls also offer increased distance thanks to their low spin rate technology. This helps reduce drag and increases ball speed, allowing golfers to hit longer shots with less effort. This makes it easier for players to get extra yards off the tee or reach par 5s in two shots.


Vice Golf balls provide an outstanding feel that golfers can trust when they address the ball on their shots. The soft core construction ensures that each shot feels smooth off the clubface, while the urethane cover provides a unique blend of spin and control around the greens. This allows golfers to have complete confidence in every shot they take on the course.


Finally, Vice Golf balls are designed with durability in mind so that they can last through multiple rounds of golf without losing performance or feeling too beaten up after multiple shots. With proper care and storage, these quality balls can provide years of reliable performance on the course.

Is There a Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Vice Golf Balls?

When it comes to golf balls, there is a lot of debate as to whether there is a difference between men’s and women’s golf balls. While some believe that the differences are minimal, others claim that the differences in construction and design can make a huge difference in a golfer’s performance.

Many golf ball manufacturers claim that women’s golf balls are designed with a softer core and cover, allowing for more spin on shorter shots, as well as providing more distance off the tee. On the other hand, men’s golf balls are usually designed with firmer cores and covers for maximum distance off the tee.

Another difference between men’s and women’s golf balls is the dimple pattern. The dimple pattern is an important feature of any golf ball because it determines how much lift and spin is generated when you hit the ball. Men’s golf balls usually have larger dimples than women’s to generate more lift on their shots. Women’s golf balls usually have smaller dimples to create more spin on their shots.

Finally, many manufacturers also claim that their men’s and women’s golf balls are made from different materials. Men’s golf balls are typically made from firmer materials such as urethane or Surlyn, while women’s golf balls may be made from softer materials such as ionomer or polybutadiene. This can also affect performance on the course by making it easier for female players to control their shots better than male players.

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Overall, there can be significant differences between men’s and women’s golf balls depending on how they are constructed and designed by the manufacturer. While most of these differences may not be immediately apparent to casual players, they can have a big impact on performance when playing at higher levels of competition.

What Is the Price Range for Vice Golf Balls?

Vice Golf Balls offer a wide range of prices for golfers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Vice Golf has an option to fit your budget. Their entry-level models start at around $25 per dozen and can go up to $50 per dozen for their tour-level models. The higher end balls are designed with advanced technology and materials to provide superior performance on the course. Vice Golf also has golf ball sets that come with multiple dozen balls at discounted prices, making them ideal for golfers who want to stock up on balls without breaking the bank.

Special Features on Vice Golf Balls

Vice Golf offers a variety of golf balls that are designed with special features to enhance your game. The balls are designed to provide maximum distance off the tee and improved control around the green. They feature a low-compression core for increased feel and distance, as well as an aerodynamic dimple pattern for improved spin and accuracy. The soft urethane cover ensures a softer feel while providing excellent durability. Additionally, Vice Golf also offers specialty golf balls such as their Tour Pro Plus ball, which is designed for serious players who demand maximum performance from their equipment. This ball has a 4-piece construction and an advanced dimple pattern for improved spin and control in all conditions.

Whether you’re looking for added distance off the tee or more control around the green, Vice Golf has a golf ball that will suit your needs. Their innovative designs provide superior performance so you can take your game to the next level.


Vice Golf is a German-based company that specializes in producing and distributing golf balls to golfers of all levels of skill and experience. Their golf balls are made with top-notch quality materials, and their patented Vice Dual Core technology ensures that every shot is precise and accurate. Furthermore, Vice Golf offers a wide selection of colors and designs to choose from, which makes them an attractive choice for any golfer. In conclusion, Vice Golf is a great option for any golfer looking for high-quality golf balls at an affordable price.

Vice Golf has gained popularity among many professional golfers for its superior performance and great value. With the help of their innovative technologies and design features, Vice Golf has become one of the most recognized names in the golfing industry today. Their commitment to providing the best possible products to their customers has earned them a reputation for excellence, which will continue to make them a top choice among golfers for many years to come.