why do i hit my irons so high

If you are struggling to hit your irons higher, you’re not alone. Many golfers find themselves hitting their irons too low, resulting in shots that don’t make it as far as they could. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help get your iron shots up in the air and improve your distance and accuracy. Understanding why you hit your irons high is the first step in gaining control over your game.1. Poor Swing Path: A common problem that can cause golfers to hit irons too high is a swing path that is too upright. When your club approaches the ball on an overly steep angle, it has a greater tendency to hit the ball higher than normal.

2. Inadequate Weight Shift: Weight shift is an important element of the golf swing, as it helps to create power and control the height of your shots. If you fail to shift your weight correctly during the backswing and downswing, you may find that your iron shots are flying too high.

3. Too Much

Improving Your Swing Technique

Improving your swing technique is essential if you want to improve your golf game. Taking the time to analyze your swing and figure out what areas need improvement can make a huge difference in your golf performance. Here are some tips to help you improve your swing technique:

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First, make sure that you use the correct grip when gripping the club. A good grip helps ensure that you have good control over the club and that you can hit the ball with maximum power and accuracy. Also, be sure to practice with different

Analyzing Your Setup and Stance

Before you start your golf swing, it is important to take a few moments to analyze your setup and stance. This will help you determine the best way to execute your swing for maximum power and accuracy. The key elements that should be considered when analyzing your setup and stance are: ball position, club selection, posture, grip, and alignment.

Ball Position

The position of the ball relative to your feet will affect the trajectory of the ball when hit. Generally, the ball should be


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Hitting your irons high can be beneficial in certain situations, but it’s important to understand why your iron shots are so high before attempting to correct them. There can be a variety of reasons, such as incorrect club loft, poor setup and swing path, or even a weak grip. It’s important to find the root cause of the issue and address it with the help of a golf instructor. With some patience and practice, you can learn how to hit your irons lower and more accurately.

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