wilson di7 irons

Wilson Staff’s DI7 Irons are designed to help golfers of all levels improve their game and increase their distance. Featuring a unique cavity-back design, the DI7 Irons offer maximum forgiveness without sacrificing distance or accuracy. The progressive head design helps players hit more consistent shots throughout the set, with higher lofts in the longer irons for increased trajectory and control. With a muscular yet sleek look, the DI7 Irons are sure to inspire confidence at address.The Wilson Di7 Irons are a set of irons designed by Wilson Golf to give golfers maximum performance and a consistent ball flight. The Di7 Irons feature an ultra-thin face construction that is forged from 1020 carbon steel to produce a soft and responsive feel. The irons also feature progressive offset, which helps increase the clubhead speed for longer shots. The head shape of the Di7 Irons is optimized for stability and forgiveness, while the sole design works to reduce turf drag and create more consistent contact from any lie. Additionally, the Di7 Irons have a traditional blade length with minimal


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The Wilson DI7 Irons are an excellent choice for the mid- to low-handicapper looking for a club with great feel, control, and workability. The DI7 irons feature advanced technologies like Power Holes and Uniflex shafts to give them an edge over other clubs in the same class. The club also offers a great value for the money, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a quality set of irons without breaking the bank. All in all, the Wilson DI7 Irons offer a great combination of features and